Welcome to Quizlet, Ben!
Please join us in welcoming Ben Chin to the Quizlet team! Ben comes to us all the way from Imperial College London where he is currently studying Computing. He'll be interning at Quizlet for the next 6 months, working on improvements and new features for our website. In his spare time, Ben enjoys h…

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Welcoming Julie to Quizlet!
We're happy to announce a new member of the Quizlet leadership team: Julie Thompson! Julie joins us as our VP of Product, which means she'll be developing our product team and pushing for Quizlet to be even more powerful for all users, across all platforms. Julie grew up in Glendora, CA, and has a…

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Welcome to Quizlet, Miguel!
Please join us in welcoming Miguel Flores to Quizlet! Miguel grew up in Maryland and went to Eleanor Roosevelt High School before attending MIT. He graduated with a degree in computer science, and pre-Quizlet was working for Amazon in Southern California. He loves traveling, trying new foods and re…

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We ran out of conference rooms at the office so we built a yurt. Ingredients: 1 ladder, 40 Quizlet shirts, 1 couch, 1 ping pong table, and 1 big tablecloth.

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Mr. Palomo, a French teacher at Notre Dame des Victoires, recently taught the Quizlet team about syntax and conjugation using a fun, hands-on activity!

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Welcome to Quizlet, Jaclyn!
Please join us in welcoming Jaclyn Chen to the Quizlet team! Jaclyn is an iOS engineer and will be working on making our mobile app even more powerful for users on iPhones and iPads. Originally from Taichung, Taiwan, Jaclyn went to National Taichung Girls' Senior High School. For college she attend…

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Quizlet team playing Taboo during our Mandarin study class

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Jeff, Jen, and Arun are at the MIT xFair today. They're looking for great engineers to work at Quizlet!

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Welcoming Stephen to Quizlet!
We're excited to introduce the newest member of the Quizlet team: Stephen Reichling! Stephen hails from Corte Madera, CA, where he went to Tamiscal High School. He attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for undergrad, graduating with a major in Computer Science and a minor in German (he's fluent!). A se…

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Welcome to Quizlet, Arsham!
Please help us welcome Arsham to Quizlet! Arsham will be working with us for the next 4 months, as part of the Waterloo University Co-op program. Originally from Aurora, Ontario, he went to Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. As a member of th…

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Here's the Quizlet team looking fresh with new hoodies and headphones!

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Our lead Android developer, Arun, giving a talk on the many UI challenges he faced while building Create Set for Android. Thanks KeepSafe for hosting!

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Thank you to everyone who has been giving us feedback on the new Create Set page! Here's a photo of some of the Quizlet team after a feedback session with users from CCSF.

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We had a great time visiting Notre Dame des Victoires in San Francisco today - thanks to Mr. Palomo and his 8th grade French class!

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Welcome to Quizlet, Jen!
We're happy to announce that Jen Liu has officially joined the Quizlet team! Jen graduated from college this past May, and has already interned with Quizlet twice before. She hails from Newton, MA, and went to Newton North High School before getting her degree in Computer Science at MIT. In her spa…

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Video shoot today at Quizlet HQ!

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Welcoming Jeff to Quizlet!
Please help us give a warm welcome to Jeff Chan, who is starting full-time at Quizlet this week! Growing up in San Jose and Taiwan, where his mother is a language teacher, Jeff has always been passionate about education and has already interned for Quizlet three times. He just graduated from MIT (l…

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Bug Day at Quizlet
With the pressure of shipping big projects always on, finding time to fix the small things that go wrong on Quizlet sometimes falls through the cracks. But making sure that the Quizlet experience is as good as it can be for all our users is hugely important. So for 24 hours last week, the entire eng…

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Welcoming Roger to Quizlet!
We're excited to welcome to Quizlet an awesome summer intern, Roger Chen, who just started this week. Roger grew up in Walnut, California, and attended Walnut High School, before heading on to study Computer Science at Berkeley. Roger has managed to do a ton of substantive work and independent proj…

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Welcome to Quizlet, Olivia!
We're happy to announce that Olivia Watkins has joined the Quizlet team! Olivia grew up in Oak Park, IL, and went on to Kenyon College to earn her B.A. in English and Anthropology. She comes to us with years of experience at Twitter, where she led recruiting marketing initiatives, managed special p…

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