¡Feliz cumpleaños, Frida! Today marks the 110th birthday of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Born in 1907, the artist spent most of her life in her family’s home in Coyocoán in Mexico City with her parents and three sisters. After a streetcar accident left her hospitalized for weeks, she began what would become a long and renowned painting career. She married Mexican muralist Diego Rivera in 1929, and the two traveled around Mexico and the US as Rivera showed his work; Kahlo was also able to create and showcase her own work during this time. Two later exhibitions in the US and France brought her international attention.

Kahlo’s story extends far beyond her universally recognizable unibrow or the monkey she kept as a pet. Her works, many of which are stoic self-portraits, draw from elements of Mexican popular folk culture and express a sense of deep isolation and questions of self-identity, gender and race that characterized Kahlo’s life. Since her death, she has become an icon of feminism and the Mexican artistic tradition.

Test your knowledge about Kahlo’s biography, influences and methods, and get a crash course in some of the most famous artists throughout the past several centuries.

Image courtesy of Flickr.