Yesterday was National Intern Day, and whether you spent your day fetching coffee for your colleagues or pitching ideas to the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar corporation, if you’re an intern, you had reason to celebrate.

Internships can take a whole host of forms. And because they typically last for a particular set of time—often a summer or a block of a few months—they can also be a great way to get your feet wet in the working world, build skills and try something new.

Here at Quizlet, we interns juggle a variety of responsibilities, but whatever we’re doing, there’s no shortage of fun around—and outside of—the office. We celebrated the holiday with a pedal boating trip in Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park and delectable dumplings.

Quizlet is a great platform for mastering the knowledge you might need to score your dream internship. Many of our users have created sets laying out the main parts of a cover letter and of résumés, too. But it doesn’t stop there; you can even use Quizlet to review and master content during an internship itself!

Test yourself about some of the key players, ideas, and terms you might encounter in the workforce, and learn what some of the most common abbreviations in a business environment stand for. Even when you're not in a classroom, there's always more learning to do!