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It's pretty staggering to think about the amount of medical progress made in the past 50 years. From new vaccines, to treatments for cancer to gene therapies, the ways we interact with medicine have altered much about modern life. One particularly impressive achievement? The first heart transplant was performed 50 years ago in South Africa. What's especially impressive about heart transplants is the outcome of the dramatic surgery; 98% of recipients are alive at one year and the five-year survival rate is 78%. Even if you're not a medical professional, there's much to learn about when and how heart transplants are performed. Or, just brush up on anatomy basics, by studying a human heart diagram.


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    I learn something new.

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    This is why i want to be a doctor. I learned something new.

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    This is why i want to be a doctor. I learned something new.

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    Thats really cool about how they were able to do that

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    The fact that most of the donors for the heart-transplants are in there prime (15-35) is a little freaky, because it means that the people becoming brain dead or on life support are younger than those who are recieving the organs. This just goes to show that the pre-frontal cortex in teenagers and young adults, is not fully developed, therefor reducing accuracy with risk perception.

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    Awesome! Medical concepts and technology have come so far! Nice!!

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    Can you add the high five button back to study sets? Also, my account has a lot of Quizlets that anyone could probably look at and learn from :)

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    That's kind of creepy though, how the rate of people living five years later sharply drops. But still...

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    We have come so far since the first heart transplant. As we continue to progress, what big, new, health breakthrough will happen next?

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    That is awesome! I can't believe how far modern-day medicine has come!

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    and btw, i learned something new as well. my grandfather had to go through a heart transplant before and i never knew everything about what they work with or how they do it or anything but your a great writer!!

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    This is very cool! The things that our doctors do for us is amazing!

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    This is REALLY great! My son will be needing a transplant in the next 5 years (possibly) and this is really great to know!

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    my aunt was one of the first people to survive a rubber banded heart. she was only expected to live for about 6 days but she's about to have her 50th anniversary with her husband.

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    This is so amazing!

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    I was the one that they did the transplant on, it was very successful and I now get to enjoy life more than ever!! Thank You!!

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