MTV has long been intertwined with youth culture in the United States, and the association is not just limited to kids telling each other they got punk’d.

It can be credited with bringing music videos and reality shows to millions of TV screens — many of America’s most recognizable TV stars (including household names like Ashton Kutcher and Snooki) have featured on the channel. When MTV launched on August 1, 1981, it aired broadcast music videos. Over time, the introduction of shows like “Cribs” and “Laguna Beach” led to the channel appealing to a wider demographic, skewing its programming towards reality TV.

MTV is also famous for hosting the VMAs, which have drawn in massive audiences of young adults and have become some of the most coveted awards in the music world. They have recently become a platform for even more entertainment: just last year, Kanye West revealed that he was his own role model while declaring his candidacy for a 2020 presidential nomination.

To celebrate the channel's 36th birthday, brush up on some MTV-related trivia and test your knowledge of some of history's most iconic music videos.