We’ve loved all your #ShareTheShirt submissions so far — thank you for sharing your stories! We reached out to our first round of winners today, so make sure to check our blog, Twitter, or other social channels on Monday, 2/29, to see who they are.

New to the #ShareTheShirt contest? Each week we pick winners from the stories submitted about your Quizlet heroes and how their Quizlet sets made a difference in your life. To enter, simply tag the story and photo or video using #ShareTheShirt, like these entries here:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.23.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.22.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.14.44 AM.png

We can’t wait to see more of your #ShareTheShirt submissions. Keep them coming, and good luck!


  1. power27


  2. DeezChestnuts


  3. ragenmorris

    Nice :))

  4. Hope_Erman

    3rd..... place
    -Hope Erman

  5. The_Geekette PLUS


  6. Soul--

    i got the 4 thanks and am 7


    8th comment. ;)


    This is really cool! :D The whole #Sharetheshirt thing is an awesome idea! :D Too bad my Quizlet story isn't interesting! XD My mom showed me the website and ever since then I've gotten 100%'s on all of my Latin Vocabulary quizzes! :D Quizlet games are the main reason for the straight A's. ;3 Thanks again, Quizlet!!

  9. power27

    I also got the 2nd high 5

  10. piano3103

    10th comment :)

  11. emilymulva

    BOOM new record 12 high five :)

  12. emilymulva

    @power27 lucky

  13. maddiestigman

    Hey 12th comment! Boom Clap hey hey

  14. wes60

    this was cool : )

  15. Dawson_Bowen

    cool :)

  16. hamyo

    hey aMALya

  17. raddaddy

    hey Amalia... it's me. just thought id swing by and say ham is doing great

  18. hamyo

    ham here. just hammin around haha. good job tho

  19. AndyLeeButler

    21st!!! BEST YET!!

  20. raddaddy

    did you know corn has 23 chromosomes?

  21. Agha_Haider


  22. silvershadow777


  23. thewintersoldier01

    go quizlet

  24. thewintersoldier01

    and go bucky

  25. Maryssleisy_Aguilera

    that nice

  26. HurtleSquirtle

    26th high five 30th comment!

  27. HurtleSquirtle

    Pat on the back for Quizlet Heroes also check out my class "TLC Quizlet Sets"

  28. blucilles

    swag swag swag money!

  29. DiamondMaster870

    Got 1st in Lord of the Flies Chapter 6-8 Vocab Scatter Mode!!!!!! :)
    Good luck trying to beat me! ;)

  30. Liam_Collins75


  31. carolina_panthers_88

    2 posts in less then 24 hours! Awesome Quizlet! I don't get the whole t-shirt thing though.

  32. Melanie_Jensen

    The tshirt thing is for whoever posts a true and touching story on how Quizlet changed their lives

  33. Melanie_Jensen


  34. pkfranco

    yeah! love your shirts, guys! :)

  35. Jackiechan123444


  36. pkfranco

    i don't really get it, though

  37. Jackiechan123444


  38. plotthoundsrule

    44th comment

    GREEN DAY and KORN!!!!!

  39. plotthoundsrule

    only allowed to comment twice, eh? interesting

    Plott Hounds look em up

  40. bossman5001

    45th comment!!

  41. bossman5001

    best yet and 53rd comment!!!!!!!

  42. amazingpizza5

    Good job people! #Sharetheshirt #coolandawsome

  43. jw812703

    swag yolo

  44. catswag7

    48th comment

  45. sapphireava

    Does it REALLY matter who's first or second?

    The world today, god

  46. jc_da_boss_


  47. jc_da_boss_


  48. Isaiah_Fluit


  49. ksoccerawesome

    cool i want one pls

  50. CarolineTreanor

    OMG! I really want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Lu_Rob

    Wow, I really want one of those shirts. Quizlet, did you get my feedback?

  52. awsome_minecraft

    best shirt ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Lu_Rob

    The best game for the Xbox One is Star Wars: Battlefront.

    The best game for the Xbox 360 is Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

  54. susan_lee_elliott

    64th! personal best!

  55. This-Name-is-Taken-2

    how do you post stuff on quizlet.

  56. This-Name-is-Taken-2

    I also love the shirts

  57. luluwhatsup

    76th high five!!!!!

  58. awest_1738


  59. lions-tigers-n-bears


  60. SAMthree


  61. am0110

    whoo hoo!

  62. am0110

    86th high five!

  63. Ace_flyer


  64. Mr_Sizzle_22

    Cool except it isn't

  65. ZlatanPSGIbrahimovic


  66. paulyu


  67. lulawinner


  68. Anthony_Garcia04

    yay 91st!

  69. Anthony_Garcia04


  70. lulawinner

    I am not even going to try to count the comments... 93rd high five BTW

    That's so cool!!! I wish I were old enough to do it! Could y'all do this next yr toooooo??

  71. lucy94103

    I think 94th comment!!! And 96th high five!!! :D

  72. lucy94103

    And I won't even try to do this contest, no chance of winning

  73. vinh457


  74. The_Cool_Mule

    97th! Whoo hooo!

  75. Jrhee7

    98th! comment 103 high five
    cool article

  76. AmandaIp1

    Congrats for the shirts! Y'all did great! :)

  77. AmyFelton


  78. Xobomboi1537


  79. heartsophia

    88th Comment, awesome shirts!!!!

  80. Simon_Luchini7

    alles klar

  81. LOL820


  82. Lauren_Draetta

    Nice shirts!!!

  83. BatGuy59

    102 comment!! :D

  84. maddieradkee


  85. maddieradkee

    tbh i want one

  86. ajlospalluto


  87. htimmo

    105th comment! so that we don't have to count every comment, quizzlet should have the comment box SAY what comment u are like 15 or 399. those shirts are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! i love da blue!!!!!! it REALLY rocks!
    quizlet REALLY helps me study! it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!
    i love it ALMOST as much as star wars... it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo helpful! i love da shirts!

  88. htimmo

    my quizlet hero is Jesus! He came to save the world!
    John 3:16

  89. vbman100

    Jesus is the quiz let hero

  90. IceColdHemmo1996


  91. IceColdHemmo1996

    @DARTH_VADORrules This isn't church

  92. Ylimelight

    God is omnipresent and therefore is everywhere

  93. Ylimelight

    So yeah, this isn't church. But Jesus is just as important on a Saturday.

  94. alipiggy

    151st high five peoples

  95. alipiggy

    last comment

  96. sahilprabhakar03


  97. edtd74

    last comment

  98. emeraldisc PLUS

    i love quizlet.
    1st i start with multiple choice test because its faster then i use Learn..
    what an effective way to encode info to your Brain!!!!!

  99. marshmallowdragon

    Seeing this was inspiring Quizlet. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  100. pieface108

    Excuse me I am the queen. Bow down. I have approximately 283928393829238932892398 sets. <333

  101. garoogle

    Join my class and learn the 1 times table!

  102. sfonseka PLUS

    Go Share a Shirt,
    Go Share a Shirt,
    Everyone come gather round and go share a shirt,
    Post the picture on social media
    Post it on social media
    Gather round and post it on social media
    Share your story with photo
    Share your story with the photo
    Everyone come on and share your story with the photo.
    Maybe win a shirt,
    Maybe win a shirt,
    Come on everyone and go SHARE THE SHIRT!!!!

  103. sfonseka PLUS

    Okay, since we weren't welcoming anyone, I made up a song. Don't judge. And please don't copy this one. :)

  104. James_beckam

    200 High five whoop

  105. awsome105

    Quizlet is the best website

  106. xpreudhomme2


  107. dariojimenez

    goes to college

  108. animalmusic


  109. WattsMc


  110. sageola


  111. ashcubes17

    Awesome quizlet... keep the updates coming :-)

  112. Herobrine9007

    209th!!! I'm so good at this

  113. Kenta_Hagiwara

    I won!!!

  114. peacelove01

    210!!!! lmao

  115. peacelove01

    i love quizzlet btw

  116. greatRYANKING

    211 comment!!!! great job!!!!

  117. greatRYANKING

    I use Quizlet all the time it helps me in all my classes. Thank you for helping me maintain my grades. Quizlet is really awesome!!! I would love it even more if you guys could come up with some more games and more ways to learn all the stuff we have to learn and understand in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Blake_Bidlack73

    My quizlet hero is my step mom because non of me and my fellow students would be passing chemistry without it.



  119. booboothebear07

    quizlet rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Uni04

    good job quizlet!!!! also, does posting on google+ count as social media?


    Quizlet = Good

  122. jocelynwong431

    Finally,255th person to high five you people.

  123. Mark_Yan

    Sick bro

  124. Mark_Yan

    Quizlet is a great learning resource for many people


  125. greatjez46

    Quizlet beats language perfect!

  126. greatjez46

    Your welcome

  127. EsmeCreedMiles

    yayayayayay so wocked

  128. welshboywilliams

    You're doing a great job! You lads are popping off!

    Love the cheeky t-shirts, looking great fam.

    Looking forward to everything else

  129. Michael_Hebes

    Ah buenos días profe

  130. Michael_Hebes

    Yeah great job guys, you are so sick, keep going #quizletarmy

  131. Ju88

    yo Pijenso no

  132. dkthomas17


  133. xUnknown69

    yea like totally I want that shirt :-]

  134. username1258

    so jelly want one

  135. StevenWaldner

    i really like that smiley :D

  136. marsman01

    280 HF GOOD JOB GUYS.......................

  137. Trevorb020


  138. baseball64


  139. daltonschu

    Because of quizlet I get more homework... There is my story, I'm waiting for my shirt

  140. YungLilKweezy


  141. KidAries

    hi C:

  142. WEnright19

    Hello friends

  143. WEnright19

    Aries hello

  144. ncs3149

    GO QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. ncs3149

    Stop fighting, up there!! Quizlet is the most amazing website ever. You should be thankful it was invented.

  146. mynathan15


  147. jtapp19

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  148. apologeticdalton

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  149. leejungchungwoo

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  150. Lajuan_Thompson

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  152. darealLiJungChungWu

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  153. jtapp19

    Wow that's really inappropriate Brycen

  154. apologeticdalton

    Yah, that's too far guys

  155. darealLiJungChungWu


  156. blogannn0

    Quizlet has changed my life majorly. I'm a studious kid

  157. Daltonschu5

    Are we friends now Ross?

  158. kittycatlover42

    Quizlet helps me study for ALL MY TESTS😄

  159. susan_lee_elliott

    Jesus is great!!!!!!!!!!1

  160. FlyingZambonis


  161. Dawson_Bowen

    The moon is my sun.

  162. Imwiththisguy43

    I LOVE quizlet!!! I can study for ALL my tests and it's so convenient! Thank you all for working so hard to help others out :)

  163. PlAsTiCdInOsAuR

    Yah right blogannO and nice tee shorts they are wearing

  164. ImHuman

    hi mom

  165. GardnerRoby

    Wow @callie you should quit quizlet for those comments

  166. jonga26

    wow dude

  167. Tayde8


  168. Tayde8

    good jobs guys

  169. clint120

    i want one

  170. clint120

    happy leap day

  171. AmandaIp1

    Congrats! :D

  172. Ronladoisnuber1

    Quizlet = number1

  173. christiantms

    what comment number is this

  174. MaDe-Of-StArS


    Go Cap thor and bucky my faves!

  175. Zach_Woodruff

    this sux

  176. froglegs1234

    Emma girl and i <3 QUIZLET!!!!!!

  177. hcps-pereiraej


  178. hcps-pereiraej


  179. Gargi_Nandy

    I made the number of high fives 333

  180. boborama

    350 high 5 also last comment!!!!

  181. Peace1031

    Good Job, I know you guys probably worked sooooo hard on this. so congraulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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