Hey all. It's been awhile since I last posted - sorry about that. Just want to give a status update...

Perhaps you've been noticing some intermittent slowness when using Quizlet. I've been noticing it too - 30 second load times for each page are no fun. Sometimes it's nice and snappy, sometimes it's agonizingly slow. I believe this is an issue with Quizlet's host, and not any "growing pains" within Quizlet. Their site is slow at the same times that Quizlet is slow.

Apart from that, I've been making changes here and there to improve performance and fix bugs. There was a fiasco with smileys a few days ago, but they're back up and usable again. There's nothing epic to say here in this post...Sorry :)

[UPDATE May 29th, 2007] I just twiddled with some settings a bit and improved some mysql settings - these slowness problems should be fixed. You should notice some extra snap in the page loads now. I especially helped out the Quizmarklet, which is AT LEAST 15x faster now. It's now very enjoyable to use. Yay.


  1. Margaret

    It's alright :)

  2. Dancin_Cats_9

    One problem that came up is that your private messages don't delete right away. You have to go to another page then go back to your private messages for the message to be deleted.

  3. Magee

    its ok. i experienced those problems at first, but its fine now on my computer... whatever! :p :) :D :lol:

  4. vanillaandchocolate


  5. :) i love quizlet and don't mind the slowness :P

  6. alicia

    Quizlet will always rock no matter how slow it gets!! ;)

  7. anonymous

    that's ok i love Quizlet and i don't care how slow it is i love it!!!:lol:

  8. Guk

    I'd suggest you to change host and go for WebNX. Search "WebNX" on webhostingtalk.com and check out their offers. I have been with them for two years already and never experienced any slow time or network problems.

  9. VJ

    yeah i can tell when i reply to messages it takes 34 minutes!!! ok, im used to slow, but 34 minutes???? that's quite a lot

  10. sam

    I can not spot the difference, its not slow on my computer, or maybe its just me but whatever.

  11. Katie

    I have something to tell you...
    when i am "learning" something on Quizlet, if i mistype and write
    Wyomingg instead of Wyoming, it is marked wrong. I think that you should be able o go back, since on your browser it says that the page has expired.

    Thank you!

  12. alana

    omg i totally agree katie! i have to keep track of how many i have wrong and right on my own.i say that when we make sets, we can put variations of the answer. just an idea.

  13. Katie

    that would rock

  14. 2ndGradeRox

    okey i loove qizlet buut i am aa badb tiper adn spple thinngs rong. i luvv yer ideea pleese look att ity Andrue.

  15. Katie

    are you in 2nd grade?

  16. Andrew


  17. Michael


    Just curious -- what exactly fixed the problem? Inefficient queries? Or did you enable query caching or something like that?

    Love Quizlet :)

  18. Andrew

    Michael, a couple of things:

    First, my hosting company had a few problems with some hacking activity, which they've now contained.

    Second, last night I boosted some of the query caching and key buffer size vars in my mysql configuration. And I added a couple of extra indices on key tables - one index especially helped the quizmarklet response time go from about 800ms to 140ms. That's good :)


  19. genova

    geez my computer is just as slow as my brother's

    and no matter how slow quizlet is i still love it
    (i would wait till the end of the world so i could on quizlet!)

  20. genova

    yo andrew dont be so logical!

    How do you put da faces?

  21. Michael


    Ah, yes, indices help a LOT in cutting down common SQL queries. Thanks for the info!

  22. amricasnxttpmdl

    yeah it was really slow at my house, but it was really slow and i hated it so i didnt go on for a while but now i go on. yay! :)

  23. meme453

    thanks ;)

  24. M

    YES!!!!! thank u so much. :P

  25. Chocoa

    yeah! its ok, QUIZLET ROCKS!

  26. scratchmyitchxoBABE

    yeah i don't think i ever had that problem but i don't know. i dont even know how to use the smileys. if anyone wants to tell me. send me a message or somethin.

  27. Sarka

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  31. Michelle

    This Rocks:!::mrgreen::);):?

  32. Michelle

    This Rocks:!:

  33. Michelle

    The smilies don't work.

  34. Michelle


  35. smart guy


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