Our Summer HW

While students across the nation were clearing out lockers and emptying backpacks in preparation for summer, we were already considering our summer homework: project: How do we take Quizlet and make it even better for the fall so that more students across the globe have access to amazing study tools that they can use anywhere? Like any good student, we know that finding the answer means asking the right questions and doing some research.

Hello, San Diego!

We took a field trip this week to sunny San Diego’s ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference. We wanted to hear from teachers about how they implement technology in their classrooms and how they want to support their students. We didn’t have to look or listen very hard to find what we were looking for: teacher enthusiasm for student-centered technology flowed through sessions, waxed eloquent on couches and cubes, and even bubbled over into spontaneous sidewalk conversations.

What we learned surprised us. It’s not about the “one app to rule them all”; it’s about what you can create with technology, and how that process of creation can promote collaboration and true engagement. Teachers are less interested in devices and more interested in what it is about technology that engages students: the fact that technology enables students to take ownership of their own learning, collaborate with each other, and create something they can be truly proud of and present to the world.

Lasting Impressions

We are so inspired by this group of amazingly passionate, caring, thoughtful teachers that hailed from all corners of the globe--from Australia to Alabama to Argentina—to learn more so their students can learn more. So from everyone here at Quizlet, we want to give you a huge shout out for your commitment, passion, and innovation on behalf of your students!


  1. nnaditz TEACHER

    At first wgen I notices you gad pistes about ISTE, I thought I had missed you in the exhibit hall. Kudos to those at my favorite study guide app for putting a priority on learning and getting to know the needs of their users first-hand first!

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    Want to come to Canada? I'm your gal!

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    I love Canada? I went a year ago

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    Y'all should visit Charleston SC. It is the most popular place for tourists because of the beautiful history.
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    thank you for inviting me and i have all of my classes!!!

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    8th Comment, but a couple years late!!! You should come to NC! Keep up the good work!

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    Oh, and 304th high-five!

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