We just launched Speller, a new study mode where you type what you hear.

Speller works well for a number of studying needs:

  • Foreign language vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Learn how to spell difficult words.
  • Familiarize yourself with a list of terms you don't know very well.

Listen to a term or definition and type in the correct response. If you make a mistake, Quizlet will show you which letters you missed so you can try again. With audio now in 18 languages Speller works automatically with almost any flashcard set.

Let's use a French Food vocabulary set as an example.

Speller shows you the definition and says the correct term. In this case the answer is "lait." If you type it in correctly you move on to the next question. If you make a mistake, Speller shows you which letters you missed.

In this example, the term was not spelled correctly. "Laee" was entered rather than "lait." Speller shows that the the first part of the word "la" was spelled correctly and then highlights in green the proper letters to spell out the rest of the word. Speller then speaks the term again, "lait," and spells out the correct spelling word letter by letter: "l", "a", "i", "t".

You must spell the word correctly to move on to the next term.

Speller asks 7 terms per round. In between rounds you receive a Progress Checkpoint to see how you're doing. You must answer each term correctly twice in a row for it to count as Fully Learned.

Speller is complete once you've Fully Learned each term. On the results page you can see the percentage of answers correct and which words you missed. You can repeat Speller again or move onto other Quizlet study modes like Learn, Test, Scatter, or Space Race.

Give it a try and let us know what you think either in comments below or via feedback.


  1. HarryPottrerRocks

    I tried it out with Korean and could you maybe have the speaker say each individual letter instead of the whole syllable? Also, there's no way we'll be able to ace the Korean version without the Korean symbols to help us.

    P.S. First! WHOOP WHOOP!

  2. HarryPottrerRocks

    For example seonsu(romanization) should be spelled out with the Korean letters' names and not the syllables' sounds.

  3. ctyonahl

    You've done it again Quizlet! I (almost) want summer to end!

  4. This is a wonderful development! Thanks Quizlet.

  5. Dru

    Great addition, thanks crew!

  6. Jim

    Good idea but my audio seems to be a mix of Spanish & German? Is there a settings button for preferences?

  7. will

    Please write into feedback and we can help with this. If you have both Spanish and German in the same term, then only one language will work with audio.
    Quizlet Staff

  8. Someone who's in love with quizlet

    You know, this idea is awesome!!!

  9. fayekoss

    Merci! I am thrilled to see a new game. Looks like this is a good one!!

  10. Actius

    This is interesting...it doesnt quite work for Latin. The words blow by way too fast.

    For example, when i try to do "Celeritas Celeritatis F" it sounds like "celeras tatis f" and I get it wrong because the automated voice speaks too fast and not precise. Otherwise, a great way to memorize. Hearing it while typing it is a great addition to quizlet!

  11. R

    Sounds good. I'll try it!

  12. UHM

    NOT GOOD QUIZLET removed the option of showing the definition first or vice versa and also took away the options for no audio, debilitating its versatility, BOOO restore that option!

  13. UHM

    OK Good they restored the feature! Way to go!

  14. luckycat10

    i tried it out on my vocab workshop sets and it helps me memorize terms better! thx quizlet!

  15. Phil Freo

    @Actius - Latin audio is not supported at all, sorry

  16. waitingforhotwater

    I've just tried it, and it works well! Nice little use of the youtube video at the end!
    Now all we need on quizlet is something to test our pronunciation of words!

  17. bicyclingbonnie

    I love SPELLER! I especially like using it as the introduction to a new to me quizlet. I get practice writing what I hear and can see the definition at the same time.

  18. irinchukhray

    I love the new Speller game. I just turn off the volume and try to spell as well as remember the word that corresponds with the definition. I am memorizing words very quickly thanks to this game. GRE, here I come!

  19. silvercat

    luv it!! thx quizlet!!!!

  20. Mme Thomas

    @irinchukhray-what you described by turning down the volume is actually the "learn" mode. You can do learn mode w/ and w/o volume, as well. I love the Speller mode too

  21. afsg81

    WOW, great tool which can help me with my spelling mistakes. Thank you so much QUIZLET

  22. For an independent study foreign language student, this feature is GLORIOUS!!! I tried it out and really enjoyed it. However, there seem to be a few things that are bothersome:

    1. The tab in the typing box gets in the way if there is a term or word that is somewhat long (many of those long terms and words are in German, I know); same with the little blue dots that mark progress.
    2. The speaker speaks very fast. Could there be an option where you may select a speaking speed?
    3. Is there a way you can select to have JUST the speaker give you the prompt for the term, instead of having the term show up in words, too?

    Thank you Quizlet! This addition has been awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  23. Phil Freo

    @irinchukhray Look for the "Don't Speak" option in the dropdown also!

  24. HarryPotterFan30

    Also I like the Spelling Thing it helps me study my spelling bee

  25. Majjood

    Awesome!! Thank you guys , keep the good work up.

  26. IndpndntSpnshStdnt

    GREAT tool. Awesome addition to the site. Just one hitch, that it doesn't let you turn on/off the need for punctuation, capitals, etc. the way Space Race does. When it speaks "tratar de," it really wants "tratar [de...]," and that throws me every time. That said, keep up the good work!

  27. Fantom

    Very great and useful
    ,Big step !!
    Thanks !!!!

  28. HarryPotterFan30

    can you make it a little more sensitive because it kinda doesn't know

  29. Go Quizlet!

    Speller is very cool and useful! thanks a lot quizlet!!

  30. amw871211

    for studying medical terminology it can gert very confusing, because i learned how to say the word differently than how the computer says it so im spelling something completely different than how the computer says it. and if it would have said it the way i believe its supposed to be said i wouldnt get it wrong.

  31. I heart quizlet


  32. totes my goats

    wish it could do more than 7 in one round
    but i love it anyways!!!

  33. Anonymous2

    This is a great addition because so many spelling and vocabulary quizzes in school incorporate the teacher saying the term and the students spelling it. This is a nice way for kids to learn, especially those who learn through audio. So, despite the fact that the "voice" pronounces words incorrectly sometimes, it is a neat tool.

  34. Michael


    Another great addition that will increase what I can learn and speed up my learning process

  35. kookykaramel

    This is awesome! But..how does it improve your vocabulary skills? It doesn't help me learn the definition of the word but it helps fix my spelling mistakes. You have done it again, quizlet! Amazing game!


    I love playing this game

  37. TianaJRP

    hey... I keep receiving "Stackover Flow line 64" error

  38. ljk

    Generally good, but would be better if there was an option to do more than 7 per round, as with long lists it becomes a pain to have to keep renewing rounds. Perhaps there could be a "stop" button if someone starts a long round and wishes to end it sooner. I do like it, though.

  39. Don't want to say my name

    I like speller, but i agree with ljk

  40. jyching

    This is a good way of learning language too.
    Anyway, why last time when speller first introduced, it have the choices for mandarin character, user only have to choose, but now have to type? I like the previous.


  41. Hatty

    I LOVE it! And I am the last commenter so far!!!

  42. Andrwe

    @TianaJRP -- sorry, that's fixed
    @ljk, you can press any key to continue on the end-of-round screen. maybe that would make it less painful?

  43. nleone31

    I found this to be soooooooooooo helpful wen i was trying to learn my new german words.

  44. Carolyn

    OMG this is awesome! Thank you Quizlet!!!!! PS it would be nice if there was a way to skip a question or see teh answer if you're absolutely stuck on a word.....
    Keep it up, keep it free!

  45. Mintleaf

    nice upgrade! thx quizlet!!!!

  46. Carolyn

    Ok, I got it- I just hit enter- BUT, I woudl love to have Speller with the option to ONLY hear & not see the other term at all. Excellent for increasing foreign language listening skills.

  47. Carolyn

    OK, please make it so it will ignore stuff in parenthesis & stuff like this:
    cursist/ e
    DANK U!!!

  48. honestabe

    Please move learn to left, where it used to be. By habit I click that button and now it's 'speller'. I could see 'speller' being on the left if it was used more, but I'm pretty sure 'learn' is the predominantly used option.

  49. Carolyn

    Hey- for the audio, can you install a "slow" button? That computer talks really fast! (this is difficult when there a whole sentences or phrases)
    I would like that on Speller & the main list page.
    Hartelijk dank.

  50. anonomous

    amazing! that will come in handy

  51. anonomous

    It sometimes make me spell the word only once before it says completely learned

  52. Chris

    This new program is great, it's helping me alot with my German. But I have a request is it possible to make shortcuts for symbols such as

  53. this is one of the best learning sites I have found! Thank you so much for all your hard work! PLEASE keep it up!

  54. Carolyn

    Hey- how about a "play all" button on the main list page?

  55. u suck quizlet

    This doesn't work. u suck quizlet

  56. milkncookies


  57. smartoneseatme


  58. ejypt

    suggestion for Chris's request:
    Google translate has a drop down keyboard for languages like Spanish, Italian, Swedish and other languages. Maybe Quizlet could do that too?

  59. Lakisha831

    I love it i have all ways wanted to learn spanish and french and this is a great way to learn.

  60. Ray William Johnson

    Cool! I'm going to talk about this in my next video.

  61. u suck quizlet

    EVERYONE SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ava debra kadabra!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!

  62. u suck quizlet


  63. u suck quizlet

    lol jk!

  64. HarryPotterRocks

    the second-to-last comment was inappropriate (to u suck quizlet only)
    keep up the good work

  65. Anon

    Even though I hate how a lot of programs don't have Latin functions, I can tell how helpful this addition will be. I'll use it feverishly for studying while waiting for my favorite study site to come up with some Latin audio support

  66. quizlet user

    thanks for speller quizlet its awesome

  67. Mrs. Barlow

    I'm loving this new feature - more than the matching feature!! Thanks quizlet, you've done it again.

  68. ChristyK

    I sent in a request for this feature just a few months back! Thank you so much! Now I have a great way for my son to quiz himself on his spelling words daily. I had temporarily used an ipod app where I had to record the words myself. This is so much easier and better.

  69. PJ007

    This method works great for me. You are going to force me to pass teh German exam finally.
    Thank you a lot!

  70. Will

    Does the Speller feature not work with Arabic? I only see the option to replay audio rather than reversing terms as I do in other languages.


  71. Gonzalo

    Congratulations quizlet, this method is fantastic

  72. RK98

    This looks really fun and cool! You guys have done it again!

  73. pdimarco

    Really cool. Great way to study and learn a World Language. Grazie, Merci......

  74. aj__

    gracias! :D this is really going to help! :)

  75. Nick Ng

    Its a new Game!
    U know What?

  76. Anonymous

    Super awesomeness is quizlet!!

  77. Veetwo

    cool id love to try speller sometime

  78. Julian

    Anyway we can turn OFF the way that if you get it wrong the voice spells through the word? It can get very annoying!

  79. Chris

    Hey the new speller is great, but its sometimes saying the wrong word. eg. when translating "the ankle" into German, the writing says ankle, but the voice says "das Fieber", which is translated to "the fever". But when I tried earlier in the day, it didn't do this and actually said the correct word. I'm now really confused so could u try to fix this probem up. THX:D

  80. Carolyn

    Julian: Just hit 'enter' and it will go back to the fill in the word part.

  81. My speller was working fine before, but now it's driving me nuts. When I tried to practice French, it was using an American accent to speak the French word. When I switched to practicing in English, it used a French accent when saying the word. It's so confusing. Is there something I could do to make it switch speakers?

  82. Carolyn

    Anony- Is that on the same set or a different one? Did you make sure that the languages were set correctly on the Set Page?

  83. Hatsune Miku

    Yone!!! I now know how 2 spell

  84. Doug

    This is a brilliant addition to an excellent website. Perhaps with Spanish it might be worth adding a Castillian dialect, like they have on google translate. No big deal, but it would be useful to select it, perhaps as a paid feature? I would go for that.

  85. henryfish12

    this is brilliant, I can now spell and know spanish words YAAAA!:)

  86. Alex

    Speller is Great! But sometimes it wont say the word I am supposed to spell, even if I click the replay. Other than that, best spelling study method I have used. Nice addition Quizlet!!!

  87. goQuizlet12455

    i just tried it and it rocks!

  88. Mr lj


  89. mylittlepony!

    its beast!
    thats all i have to say

  90. mylittlepony!

    well quizlet has help me so much and my little pony too so thanks to quizlet and my little pony for helping me get through with life

  91. Brianna

    I like it!

  92. hamiltonsouthcaddo

    I LOVE this feature. Was helping a very young patron use it on her iPad at the library. The Replay Audio button only worked intermittently. What am I doing wrong?

  93. Alineke

    awesome! it works perfect in Spanish and English

  94. charlissa

    i love it it helps u should create new games though

  95. heimank

    Absolutely WONDERFUL XD

    its just so nice to have the word read out to us, but I hope we could toggle with the options soon cause I don't want to have the English term next to the box for tying (so its kind of like an actual dictation/ exam

    Is it already possible? and if not please allow us to do so!

    OH and I'm totally waiting for a new game to come through and as charlissa commented 'u should create new games though'

  96. cool dude

    Speller rocks

  97. EccEPanda

    itt kinda is good but sometimes sux

  98. Becca

    the voice itself messes up and says the wrong thing, which leads to me missing a question i knew was right. can you make the voice pronouce the words better???? pretty please???

    p.s. other than that, i like this sooooo much.... easier for me to memorize my stuff

  99. Nathan

    it was a piece of cake

  100. Nathan

    at first i though i didn,t know it at first but now i got 100% on it.... first try too

  101. ctyonahl

    Haha, I love the clip at the end when you get all of them right!

  102. vlaine

    Could you please make it case sensitive. It's a must for me. Other than that, speller is awesome. I wish you can add the case sensitive option soon.

  103. akif

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  104. This website is wonderful it helped me learn my spanish vocab. But that isnt all it also got me out of class so we could go to the lab. Best website made i dont think there is a better one out there. O and by the way it is a great sourse to use when studing for tests. I hope this comment is useful to others. O and one more thing could you make it so when you are trying to spell the spanish words the puncuation is already on the words it would be a lot easier to spell in the games other wise it is to hard. But i have nothing against hard games they get my working and help me learn. i like learning it is fun but school is not as fun as learning. by by

  105. mossiestbovine

    Awesome blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers? I'm hoping to start my own website soon but I'm a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like Wordpress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I'm totally confused .. Any recommendations? Cheers!

  106. winstrol

    Man k

  107. sierra

    this is sap's to help people learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. dog

    this is sap's to help people learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Lena Morgan

    love it it helps u should create new games though

  110. lina mick

    Congratulations quiz let, this method is fantastic...

  111. Deedee1234

    this doesnt work.. nothing does.. what the heck

  112. whiteblackwhiteblack

    It's not working for me! It was working fine yesterday and now it's not! How am I going to study now?!! It says: unable to load audio, please try again.
    I keep trying and trying but it doesn't work!! HELP ME QUIZLET

  113. whiteblackwhiteblack


  114. apexpredation

    Doesn't vocalize Norwegian words it only gives the message, "Unable to load audio.
    Click "replay audio" to try again."

  115. jessgomezz

    my audio is not working!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. jessgomezz

    please fix it if you can. i have a spelling test tonight :(

  117. amalianc STAFF

    @jessgomezz - Is your audio still not working? Please write in to us about this issue at quizlet.com/feedback

  118. Luke_Minerva

    why cant i start over in the middle

  119. livemusic

    Unable to load audio.
    Click "replay audio" to try again.

    What can I do with this problem?

  120. livemusic

    why opera can't play audio in this site? open firefox and all can playing

  121. mele5

    I do not know to to switch to spelling the terms

  122. nei_nei23--peyton

    Why can't i view the terms on speller? I could with this one set, L7, but now on L9, it won't give me list of the terms. I'm studying Chinese characters as term --> Eng as definition. Can anyone help?

  123. Isabella_Gasparutti

    That's so great! I'm expecting the integration of this feature in the mobile app (I mostly use that rather than pc)!

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