Working on that Android app everyone's been waiting for!

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Fixed a bug from yesterday that prevented some people from signing up and made Quizlet less flexible for usernames with different CaSe SenSitiVity.

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Setting up some brand new machines for January interns

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Final in-office Starcraft game of 2012

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Calling all SF Bay Area Quizlet Users
At Quizlet, we always test what we build with real students and teachers to make sure that what we build solves real problems. This January, we're cooking up some awesome new things and we'd like to get as much info from our users as possible. Live in the SF Bay Area and use Quizlet? If you're in…


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Sorry for the downtime! We had some bad database queries running. Everything should be fixed now.

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The first ever baby in a Quizlet onesie

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Sketches for the app update

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We also now look nicer on Retina/High DPI displays like newer iPhones and Androids.

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Just improved the site loading time with some big changes in how Quizlet downloads to your computer. Sorry for the turbulence.

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Highest traffic day ever yesterday with 920,000 different people on the site.

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Testing our new version of the iPhone app for bugs right now! Classes coming soon!

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Inside "Inside Quizlet"
Millions of students and teachers rely on Quizlet everyday. Our feedback center gives our users a direct line to the whole Quizlet team, relating the ups and downs of using Quizlet. But we could also do more and be more transparent about it. So we built "Inside Quizlet" to open up our worl…


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The high five button is now on all posts!

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Closing down the office after an awesome week.

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Brainstorming a new high five button.

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Introducing Thompson Paine
Please join us in welcoming Thompson Paine who has joined Quizlet as Director of Business Operations. A former English teacher in China, he has a deep background in education, technology, and business. Previously he worked on the iTunes team at Apple and at the U.S. Department of State. He is a gra…

Quizlet HQ

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Excited about our brand new "Inside Quizlet" section!

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Nominate Quizlet for Best Education Startup!
Hey Quizlet Users!Quizlet users are passionate about how much Quizlet helps them learn everyday. Tell the world by nominating us for Best Education Startup 2012 for the Crunchies! We think it's a great way to show off all the learning you have been doing on Quizlet and how many dedicated users we…

Quizlet HQ

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The Quizlet App: Now With VoiceOver for Users with Impaired Vision
At Quizlet we're deeply committed to providing powerful and free learning tools to students everywhere, including those with special needs. That's why we're very proud to announce complete VoiceOver support on the Quizlet App for iOS6 and up. VoiceOver VoiceOver is an advanced screen-reading technol…


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