Wired magazine is in our office, currently interviewing Anand!

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The Quizlet app now has full landscape support to make it easier to use on an iPad. Update your app!

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What do you all think of the updated design? The site is now resizable and should work on phones as well!

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Just fixed a bug with uploading animated gifs to sets.

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We're working on upgrading the dashboard section today. Suggestions?

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New iPhone update! Classes, Study Feed, and Profiles are now available in the app!

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Just updated class invites: Now it shows who sent you an invite in the sidebar of Study Feed. You can also see all the email addresses you've sent class invites to!

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Just made the tool for selecting profile images simpler. Also, Facebook users can now customize their icon.

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What feature would you most like to add to the iPhone app?

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Half a million people used the iPhone app today!

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Just launched comments on smaller posts (not just blogs). Hello Quizlet!

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The quizlet team is settling in for our first company retreat.

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Working on that Android app everyone's been waiting for!

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Fixed a bug from yesterday that prevented some people from signing up and made Quizlet less flexible for usernames with different CaSe SenSitiVity.

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Setting up some brand new machines for January interns

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Final in-office Starcraft game of 2012

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Calling all SF Bay Area Quizlet Users
At Quizlet, we always test what we build with real students and teachers to make sure that what we build solves real problems. This January, we're cooking up some awesome new things and we'd like to get as much info from our users as possible. Live in the SF Bay Area and use Quizlet? If you're in…


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Sorry for the downtime! We had some bad database queries running. Everything should be fixed now.

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The first ever baby in a Quizlet onesie

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Sketches for the app update

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