Salut, Quizleteurs! Two weeks ago we brought you Quizlet in German, and we are proud to announce the launch of our next Quizlet language. Now you can study on Quizlet in French.As with the German user interface, if your browser language is in French, you will already see the translation. However, if your browser is in English and you’d like to give French Quizlet a try, just look for the language dropdown menu, and select Français:

A huge thank you to our team of volunteer translators:

  • Sylvia Krieg
  • Lina Ta
  • Kate Hanske

And also to our translation testers:

  • simonbazart
  • mariepierregraf
  • Stephane-METRAL

Remember that the user interface will be in English when you read the blog... Just select French from the language dropdown and navigate to any other page on Quizlet to get started!

We’ve got a few more languages almost ready to go, so stay tuned as Quizlet goes international!

Want to learn more about the translation project? Want to see Quizlet in your language? Or better yet, want to get involved? Check out our FAQ page or send an email to We’d love to hear from you!

Étudiez bien!


  1. ctyonahl



  2. Ourse Rouge

    Fantastique! Oui Dogue!

  3. molly

    i no espeaky french hablo

  4. heyy


  5. heyy

    now all we need is latinnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hi

    c'est fantastique!

  7. Michelle

    @coocoo for coco puffs:

    If you can't be serious don't even bother to comment on this stuff.

    Good job on the languages, Quizlet!

  8. josh

    great job! i cant wait until it comes in spanish too! thanks for all you do quizlet!

  9. ^^ i agree(:

  10. The Benevolent Guava


  11. Hollister

    Thats's awesome!!! I do think though that if you come to America that you should learn English. But if this website is popular in other coutries then like I said before, thats awesome!!!!

  12. ellen

    thanks! now i can really study my french in french!

  13. Latin...Latin...and...more Latin

    LATIN!!!!! LATIN!!!!! LATIN!!! They need Latin now!

  14. catchmeifyoucan

    now all we need is Indonesian!! :D

  15. Panther

    How long for latin and hindi?

  16. Virginia A. Adams

    Why would we want indonesian?!:)lolz

  17. mh7493

    cool now i study better <3

  18. Veta7

    Really good job!
    And I'll be waiting for russian:)

  19. Angham

    What about arabic??? Is that coming any time soon???

  20. ScoutFinch

    Merci beaucoup, Quizlet!

  21. eatpie14

    go france!

  22. Kalki

    Oui, j'aime ce site de web. J'etudiais beaucoup avec ca.

  23. SeductiveLizard

    :D vous devriez vous faire chinois prochaine.

    chinois est le meilleur! mais peut-

  24. Gigi

    Spanish by any chance?? :)

  25. Caribbeanboy

    Espanol? Donde esta el espanol y Arabic.

  26. somedudenamedmilan

    more games

  27. claybuilder

    yo no comprendo

  28. HarryPotterRocks

    Maintenant, tout ce dont nous avons besoin sont japonais, espagnol, fran

  29. Sara

    I really would like to see one in italian!!!!!

  30. ARABIC :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  31. yankeefrog

    Nice start, but you should replace the recording of the word "vide" (pronounced in English!!!) with the correct term "blank". Or better yet, fill in the gaps with an example.

  32. Ann8642

    Merci Beaucoup!!!

  33. someone


  34. Jo


  35. Debora


  36. Stephanie

    Ah! C'est Genial!

  37. Samoil

    Parle vous francais?

  38. StarGazer2012

    Merci! Now it'll be easier to study for french!

  39. G6

    cest trop cool jaime!

  40. HarryPotterRocks

    En ce moment, dans quelle langue va sortir la prochaine? J'esp

  41. HarryPotterRocks


  42. ~~~

    j'adore Quizlet!

  43. Kathy

    The internet is not limited to one country or language. This is thankfully recognised by the team at Quizlet. A lot of us are here to learn another language. I am an anglophone learning French is my preference is to use the French interface to provide even more renforcement in the langage.

  44. Rebecca


  45. G6

    cest trop cool James

  46. LATIN

    put latinnnn pleeeasseeee

  47. EtHaN???

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGG :) :) :) :) i cannot believe this...

  48. FilleAuFrancais

    YAAY!!! Je attendez pour le Quizlet en francais! maintenant je suis tres heureus. :)

  49. aga

    merci !:)

  50. luv2shop

    merci beaucoup! j'adore!!! :)


    yes latin latin! :D where would we be without latin?

  52. What about Spanish????

  53. Oui, Je l'aime beaucoup!!! :)


  54. language

    korea is awsome! :)

  55. language

    korea is da bomb

  56. i am not sure they would put Latin since it is dead

  57. Janice

    Les imbeciles. Nous parlons du Quizlet en Francais (qui est tellement fantastique! je peut pratiquer mon francais maintenant!) et tous ce qu'ils peuvent dire... est "Donc? On l'a en espanol?"
    Blague a part, merci beaucoup aux personnes qui ont cree le Quizlet en Francais.

  58. YAY! :D

  59. Ron Weasley ;)

    I take french. Now I can test my skills! ?
    PS- All Harry Potter fans: Ron's birthday is March 1. Start throwing your Ron parties!!! GO RON!!!!

  60. its fun that you could copy anybodys name in here :) :) :) :) :)

  61. :p :O :@

  62. Muigai

    What about Chinese or african

  63. if you want it that much volunter

  64. o my god this is french noooo waaaaaaayyyyyyy love love love it would marry it

  65. elena

    :) mon amour, en francais...maintenant nous avons besoin de l'avoir en espagnol....quizlet = parfait !

  66. Somebody

    Thanks a lot Quizlet, but can someone make an adjective set that show how to make them plural, feminine, and masculine feminine. Also please let there be more games!

  67. ur fav girl

    THIS I WANNA SEE!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  68. imcoolareyou

    I think I can speak French

    Hio Whato Monkeyo Byeo

    There is french

  69. imcoolareyou

    Was that French Someone make French cards plz

  70. bloodinred

    oui! maintenant, je peux apprendre le fran

  71. go on

    NO, quizlet can you make one for spanish and koren because I want to go on quizlet studying spanish without having to actually make cards and studying. French is not the good but spanish is lets go spanish people and korean people are cool go korean people. :) hehe

  72. GirlyGirl01

    mon dieu! J'ai tres excitee! lol thx quizlet ur the best!

  73. GirlyGirl01



    ni hao, wo de jiao ming zi OCEAN BLUE. (zhong wen- ji ji boa) zai jian! <3 ni!

  75. ur fav girl

    i wanna learn french and so be it!!!!! thx quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Haitian Creole!!!!!!! I need help learning Creole so when I move to Haiti to open up an orphanage I dont have to have a translator!!!

  77. A

    yay.....j'aime francais!!!!!!

  78. un gar

    merci beaucoup.

  79. Luluducky

    Ah, finally.

    fyi, if you don't speak french, no point in commenting... (3. molly)


  80. censured info

    mes parents son francais mais je parle l'anglais aussi

  81. ILikzCheez

    Cool! I need to learn French for my Drama monolouge, because I need a French accent. This helps a lot. Thanks a bunch!

  82. charlotte

    c'est trop cool j'aime bien! je vais le dir a tout le monde. je suis avec Luluducky 79. there really is NO ppoint in commenting hun(3.molly) thats just annoying
    spanish: yo estoy con Luluducky 79. de verdas hay no puntu en escibiendo algo si no hablas frances.

  83. c'est super! matinent nous peuvons regardons Quizlet en francais!

  84. mkatz0331 (Melanie)

    awsome do u have it in canadian french cuz that would be sooo kool

    :) :lol:

  85. Isabella

    I disagree that we need latin

  86. jd

    I Disgree We don't need latin

  87. josette


  88. Gibby

    How lovely! What a grand celebration! I cannot wait to study! Too-da-loo!

  89. claire

    Oh oui! oui merci beaucoup!! Maintenant mes amis peuvent utiliser Quizlet comme moi puisqu'ils ne parlent pas le francais..

  90. janna

    Comme c'est cool! Et @claire, pourquoi est-ce que tes amis utiliseraient Quizlet en francais s'ils ne le parlent pas?
    mais merci a tous pour cette nouvelle addition

  91. UDR! c'est magnifique! je peut etudier en anglais!! c'est super!

  92. denmarksir

    Latin would be nice but what of the Danish?

  93. jd


    I Disagree

  94. jd

    1'm The 94th comment

  95. Myself

    I love French. Right now I am learning French on Mango Languages.

  96. Myself

    I am on the 95 and 96 comment. Awsome.

  97. FYI, the delta north american test says knoxville tx, it should be knoxville tn


  98. Alex

    Anonymous, what exactily what does what ever u said on the 97th comment mean. I don't understand whatever the language that u used.

  99. k

    C'est g

  100. k

    Quel est le point de parler fran

  101. k

    Ainsi, le fran

  102. k

    how do you translate lol to french, by the way? ; )

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