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  1. abiddlebug

    1st comment and high five

  2. TigerdingoDeatheater


  3. sorryfortakinguproom

    3 rd comment

  4. SteveOpp


  5. TigerdingoDeatheater

    This feature will help me.

  6. SteveOpp

    I mean....4th

  7. abiddlebug

    This will not help me but.....hey its cool

  8. Anthony1E

    8th comment!

  9. Mrt3345


  10. Jaren_Bond

    Good job quizlet workers. Glad to see improvement.

  11. tyeman678

    awesome thanks for the info!!!!!

  12. Irishfeet123

    12th comment 9th high five! This sounds cool!

  13. dsaxman1


  14. htimmo

    14th comment! (i've done better) :)

  15. htimmo

    plz join my classes!!!!
    if any one likes quizlet, post a comment that says this:

  16. xx10000

    15th comment !

  17. JonahBoing


  18. AnviB

    17th comment! Personal best

  19. kishore17

    18th... Damn

  20. Joy__Wells

    21st High Five!
    19th Comment!

  21. Gloria-Peterson

    22nd comment high five and 20th comment. (personal best) And that is super cool quizlet :)

  22. Ravza_Aykan

    Love the new "upload your own picture" update!
    (Also 21st comment)

  23. Trinity_Cutting

    #quizlet #ilove #goals #tumblr "quizgoals #schoolgoals #selfie #hashtag

  24. Wizards321


  25. Wizards321

    24rd comment

  26. Julesgarr

    Yay! So happy about this!

  27. slacker247

    26th comment.... Hold on, crossing this off my bucket list...

  28. slacker247

    this feature seems interesting...

  29. BertieB

    waste of time guys.... can we make quizlet more of a intuitive learning experience rather than just trying to add gimmicks... come on...

  30. davidleerocks

    yeah come on ........couldn't agree more BertieB.......get a life you guys at quizlet
    honestly have you got nothing better to do than waste time setting up dumb features??.....seems not..... u seem to have completely forgotten what quizlet is really for....come on guys sort it out
    is this clear?????

  31. BertieB

    thanks for agreeing DavidLeeRocks...
    you will also notice that all these people try to comment first after this has been put on??!? seems like everyone else has forgotten what quizlet is really for as well...I mean if you haven't got anything better to do than just look out for new posts on quizlet...then I must say that going outside and watching the grass grow must be an enthralling experience...!!!
    quizlet is a learning site...not a cheap and nasty time wasting session... come on... sort your priorities out guys...

  32. ncs3149

    I disagree. Quizlet is just as it has always been. Why not have some fun and take a short break from studying by trying to comment first? Why not play the QuizletLive ga,e in class to review? Studying can't be just sitting and memorizing, you know. It is NOT a waste of time!! And NOT nasty! It is perfect to review and learn new terms, and great for tests!

  33. ncs3149

    Correction from my last post: game, not ga,e

  34. Coowhip

    I, like many others no doubt, agree wholeheartedly with BertieB
    pink_horse...your arguments are significantly weak, why on earth do people need to comment needlessly on these blog posts by quizlet staff?? If that is your idea of fun then.....well.....oops!!
    I definitely agree that studying should not be sitting and memorizing...but why not do something constructive as opposed to wasting time online??
    BertieB is making the point that quizlet is wasting time by encouraging people to upload selfies "on the go" when they could be doing valuable revision!!
    however I am a loyal quizlet user to the death and don't agree with this invaluable resource being described as nasty because it is most certainly not that.

  35. Coowhip

    DavidLeeRocks... Mr_Sizzle_22 is do doubt referring to the Goulburn Farmers Union (GFU) set up in 1885 to deal with rising discontent amongst outback farmers about tariff laws that the Australian government was enforcing from 1883...
    It is a common Australian abbreviation...surprised you were not aware of this

  36. Josiah728 PLUS

    That's nice

  37. CDCM_Fass

    Cool! :)

  38. wenti PLUS

    37th my best

  39. tenrec8

    38th comment 51st high five

  40. LittenFire

    39th comment!

  41. RowletGrass


  42. PopplioWater

    for the last time, guys. STOP. FIGHTING.

  43. LittenFire

    lol I beat both of u

  44. RowletGrass


  45. Fennekin9

    42nd comment. omg guys, ur so annoying!

  46. chespin9

    xD this is funny!

  47. Frogadier9

    at least only popplio can comment again!

  48. PopplioWater

    I just wasted my last comment lol

  49. chimcharLOL


  50. PiplupDaPenguin

    Yay! 46th comment!

  51. TurtwigDaTurtle

    47th :)

  52. danieltan431



  53. danieltan431


  54. atharvadesai8

    49th comment! Oh yeah

  55. daisyduck062502

    50th comment

  56. heartsophia

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!!!!!!!! Awesome product!

  57. scorrea9

    52th comment. Awesome that is great!!

  58. hamiltonstudent30


  59. Moonrat4


  60. BurtonBraam

    55th commrnt!
    Cool, this new stuff

    Please join my class

  61. Johhhhn

    please put comment sections on sets

  62. Doidomango

    bertie b/coolwhip/david lee rocks....I sooooo agree......this is not an online platform that should be abused by just wasting time!! it makes me wonder what quizlet are playing at and why they have added such an option where users can post unnecessary comments! - focus and get on with some work and actually use it for what its meant for!! furthermore a selfie is an unnecessary picture of yourself - quizlet is not a website to try impress people but advance your knowledge to excel in later life!

  63. kester1

    guys ur an absolute waste of time - how petty can u get trying to get frigging first post......wth are u wasting time like this for? #get a life!

  64. kester1

    quizlet is a useful tool but is becoming a complete waste of time - this is not a social media site...

  65. thomas_crouzet


  66. Elijah_P_66 PLUS


  67. Elijah_P_66 PLUS

    meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
    FORE FORE FORE FORE FORE FORE FORE get it; golf cats


    88 high five. ;) I never care about making the first comment or high five so don't judge me. xD Yeah, it seems like a lot of people are overreacting here. Changing your Quizlet photo to a selfie doesn't have to be a bad thing. Quizlet's all about making learning fun and helping things actually stick in your head! The Quizlet team obviously knows their goals. But if somebody out there finds it encouraging to have a selfie as their photo... whatever floats your boat! ;) Its just another little fun feature we've got so let's just continue to learn and stop sweating the small stuff!! :D

  69. Colin_Kelley1



  70. nabilaz

    90th high-five! :)


    I LOVE THIS UPDATE! I absoluetly have to check it out! :D

  71. NerkaMargret PLUS

    I love that all the people who are saying that commenting "1st!!!" is a waste of time are now using their time to debate this. Just sayin'

  72. PurpleDragonUnicorn

    Not the first high five, but definitely the first imaginary unicorn!

  73. tigerlilly11

    YAY quizlet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 95th hi 5

  74. tigerlilly11

    this will help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

  75. doggie10

    YAY QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. doggie10


  77. Ryan_Irvine27

    anyone voting for trump??


    @Ryan_Irvine27 NO!

  79. rnjmitchell1

    booooooooooooooo trump. boooooooooooooooooo clinton.

  80. eatsleepswim1073

    all of those who have a kitten / cat as their profile are #amazing #blessed

  81. eatsleepswim1073


  82. TButtino

    I like big books and i can not lie :)

  83. jrichenthal

    Im a banana. dude

  84. Word-Buster

    nice work qizlet

  85. Van_Nguyen24

    Selfi 📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😦😦😦😦😧😦😧😧😮☹️😡😰☹️😰😫😫☹️😰☹️😯☹️😪☹️☹️😯😣😧☹️😱☹️😪☹️😥😦☹️😡😧😞😞😞😠😠😐😐😐🤔🤔😙🤓😙😙😙🤑😙🤑🤗😎😙😶😚😛😏😙😑😍😑😙😚😛😑😙😑😙😏😙

  86. JRunion

    110 High five, I have no idea what number comment I am.

    Nice job Quizlet!

  87. Van_Nguyen24


  88. CaptianTacoCupcake5

    BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!

  89. viyang

    It's about time! Thanks for adding this cool feature!

  90. SaltyRamen

    Nice this is a cool feature, keep on making cool stuff quizlet team!

  91. juno10000


  92. juno10000


  93. anncbrooks

    Comment 102 (I counted from the beginning, some of the comments int he 50's are off) and I might not be exact, but I am pretty close. And 143 high five. I think this is (believe it or not) a record for me!

  94. labrador36

    cool please do this for android 2

  95. AbbyDulak

    can u upload pic on act. flash cards???? or is that only on plus???

  96. paulyu


  97. SaltyRamen

    Also guys please do not argue it only takes away from the amazing community that is quizlet. Thank you :)

  98. FlyingZambonis


  99. Joeweller2

    please do not vote for donald trump or I am going to get kicked out of the country

    sorry my parents just moved here and I want a green card.

  100. Moonrat4

    are you british? I love british slang xD xD

  101. JonesT10870

    longest comment ^^^^^^

  102. MaDe-Of-StArS

    cool idea #iloveQuizlet

  103. achong2

    Pls join my classes everyone!

  104. sarahbel16

    Sounds Sweet!

  105. Yourdictionary

    209 hivefive 308 comment :(

  106. Talullah4life


  107. yoonsuh12

    yes i like it but i think this is very simple

  108. jinwoo11


  109. Bob_Barcelona

    AWESOME!!! This'll be real cool!

  110. achong2

    PLs study my Impossible Set I need more high fives!

  111. atlascaden

    If this took more than 5 minutes it was a complete waste of time.

  112. Tung_Nguyen117

    waste of time!!!

  113. z-a-n

    cool! And it's not a waste of time! Quizlet helped me a lot with learning vocabulary!

  114. z-a-n

    It's much more fun to learn vocabulary with Quizlet than with any other ways :D

  115. JuanCarlosRedBird

    this feature is kinda useless

  116. Teddy_Rogov


  117. dolly2004


  118. abbybeauty


  119. greatgatsbear


  120. craigjac2020

    comment no. IDK

  121. eidguneid

    can i sync from iphone to pc??

  122. Tobias_Jung_Gymlap

    👍🏼Wow, everything is assume!👍🏼😀

  123. Tobias_Jung_Gymlap

    Can you add that at Mac, too? I've also an android Samsung galaxy s3 mini, with android 5.1.1 Lolipop📱 and I'd like to have also the same vocabulary games like at PC. Can you add this? I can't also make sth with my class, because I'm just admin at my smartphone.

  124. ewsonntag

    that nice.

  125. Schmetterflieg

    very nice

  126. menachum

    i love you joanna mangan

  127. thedipper666


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