The Scatter release was rocky initially (sorry guys!), but it seems to have been a general success. Looking at my statistics, it looks like people are spending hours at a time on Scatter. Nice :)

Now that Scatter is done, I want to find out what I should work on next.


In the last poll, "Creating an API" won the most votes. It's tough, but I'm working on it.

If you'd like to discuss something personally, I'm available through your Private Messages (see "Andrew" on the dropdown). Later!


  1. Shrill

    Tried to "Add an answer" but then couldn't select it. I was going to add "More indicators of self-achievement (timed records, awards, personal statistics)".

  2. Andrew

    Hmm, strange. The newly-created input didn't allow you to focus on it?

    BTW, got your suggestions, will reply soon.

  3. Shrill

    Nope, I couldn't select the newly created radio box. Am using IE7 not sure if that would have anything to do with it.

  4. Ned

    What does "Embeddable Test and Familiarize pages" mean?

  5. Andrew

    @ the recently added poll choice: Test and Learn page should now save your test settings. That was added with the recent blog post. Doing square brackets shouldn't be too tough :) - I'm working on a new model for ignoring stuff, with possibilities of having multiple correct answers, etc.

    @ Ned - "Embeddable" means that you can put Quizlet's functionality inside of your own website. So instead of coming to, people can study Quizlet's words straight from your own site. The Scatter page currently has a little box with an "Embed Code" that you can paste into your own site's HTML and it will display Quizlet's Scatter feature. I could make the flashcards and Test pages work the same way...

    @ Shrill - I'll check out IE7 soon. Thanks.

  6. NeilKelty

    I'd like to see one of two things:

    1) Multiple Answers for Terms (although, this is probably something that needs to be carefully considered as it could be a HUGE undertaking and cause lots of code issues.

    2) This is the easier solution of the two - I'd like to see more "accents" - but not really accents but rather addition characters. Such as the option for subscripts and superscripts (say for chemistry).

    Also, about your current method of integration - how about some sort of "fade in" text box with the whole box of code - rather than that little line. That is how things are on the Odeo website and I hate that method. I like to see the whole box of code. You could then insert instructions for those who are not "HTML-inclined".

  7. NeilKelty

    Ahh, forgot one thing. I think more games like scatter are the real future of Quizlet. It's one thing to have a good time studying - it's another to have a GREAT time studying. I was honestly having a fabulous time playing scatter and I can knock down those chemistry elements twice as fast as I could before. You may be able to integrate some sort of "timing feature" into the Learn mode. - I think that "beating" my own record really pushes me to continue battling towards that goal of perfection (although, how do you achieve perfection on Scatter :P.

  8. Registered99

    Perfection is achieved when you can complete a game before the javascript timer starts.

  9. NeilKelty

    Unless of course you've turned of JavaScript :), then its cheating.

  10. Andrew

    <blockquote>Unless of course you’ve turned of JavaScript :), then its cheating.</blockquote>

    Good luck with that. How do you intend to DRAG your terms without javascript?

    The real way to cheat is pretty simple. Just set a cookie:

    key: scatter-{ID OF QUIZ}
    value: number of tenths of seconds for your record time.

    Et voilà!

  11. NeilKelty

    <blockquote>Good luck with that. How do you intend to DRAG your terms without javascript?</blockquote>

    Greasemonkey, that way I can disable only your timer - but would I really want to do that? Heck no! That would be too much work.

    There's more important things, like reading this, or spending 2 hours trying to beat my high scores. :)

  12. Andrew

    Fixed the IE7 checked-box bug.

  13. HEwhoisnameless

    Japanese/Chinese/Russian/Hebrew etc. entry boxes, aka a virtual keyboard

  14. Lani

    I put my vote in for multiple definitions since I've been asking for them for so long, but better categorization of sets for browsing would be nice, as would what HEwhoisnameless said.

  15. Andrew

    I'm perplexed that the current winner of the poll includes a feature that already exists in Quizlet... :/ Adding square brackets will be easy enough though.

  16. Dominik

    Well I think the improvement doesn't only consist of squared brackets but on all those minor things with a huge influence on the usability of Quizlet. Multiple answers are one of these things. I don't know how Quizlet is implemented but couldn't that be realized with terms separated by a semicolon? Another thing I'd like to see is a field for hints.

  17. Chris

    I'd like to see _manual_ scoring for quizzes. I can't use Learn mode, because my terms and definitions all contain extra information beyond the core meaning, and in any case Learn mode can't record whether or not I remembered how to write the kanji correctly. It would be nice to be able to record right/wrong answers for future review based on manual tagging as right or wrong, rather than having to type my entire (long) definition.

  18. Chris

    (And the parentheses ignorer should just trigger on anything with the parentheses Unicode character class -- that way I wouldn't have to worry about whether I used roman, hankaku or zenkaku parentheses.)

  19. HEwhoisnameless

    I put a vote on Chris idea, a short def, and a long one.

  20. Ahmet

    Please do not add forums. Actually, if I had to vote for any feature, it would be the complete removal of the private messages and discussion box - they make it impossible for Quizlet to be used in a classroom, as students can use those features to socialize without a teacher knowing, which is counterproductive to learning.

  21. John Spuler

    Socialising is not always counterproductive to learning. You should discipline your class in a way so that they understand the importance of knowing whatever it is they are studying.

  22. Gabe

    I added the option "More options for combining sets." I'm currently learning Lithuanian for my fiancée, and my sets are all works in progress. So I have a set of foods, for example. Once I get those words down pat through Learn mode, I only ever want to use those words in Test mode. However, this means that when I want to add more foods to learn, I have to put them in a separate set for learning, or add them to my existing set and put up with "Learning" the words I already know. It would be great if the set tracked when particular terms were added, so that I could, say, Learn all terms in that set I've added in the last two weeks, without having to track that kind of information myself.

  23. Immer

    How about integration of Leitner algorithms into Sets?

  24. Lani

    I second what Chris and Gabe said

  25. Azim

    Make math signs + - x / a squared

    like you did for accents so we can make cards for say, slope formula or distance formula, or quadratic formula

  26. Nik

    I like Azim's idea. I think that other languages – including math – are definitely something to implement, once you get a chance. I like Wikipedia's system of turning math equations into images, so that they appear like they should. Maybe a more user-friendly version? Something like that's probably available open-source or under a CC license.

  27. Dmitri Rostropovich

    I would prefer increased privacy options. For example, one cannot create a set without it being displayed publicly in the "Past sets..." list. Additionally, one can not test repeatedly on a set without being ranked in the "top users".

    On other websites, such as yahoo and wikipedia, it is possible to be completely unnoticed and invisible (other than what administrators may see), and I find this to be a positive aspect of privacy. So many of the younger teenagers today are either completely alien to or disrespectful of the concept of privacy, and it is difficult to find websites that offer complete privacy.

  28. Andrew

    Thank you Dmitri. The past sets list thing is a bug, which I intend to fix shortly. Thanks for reminding me of that. And I'll give the Top Users list on each set some thought.

    To everyone, I think I'm getting a good vibe on where to go next. I should be able to splice together some Multiple Answers, Customizable Accents, and embeddable tests. And even some of the others probably. The next Quizlet update will problem be a lot of little improvements as opposed to the previous ones like Scatter.

    Cheers, and thanks!

  29. Coqueta


  30. Xerxes

    I think a very useful feature to include would be the option to have a mix of giving the definition or term. Not just one or the other.

  31. Dominik

    My test settings still don't get saved. I can't use "Written" because I can't input Chinese characters in Firefox and the other way round I'd have to enter all the pronounciation things which are for lack of a hint field in squared brackets. So I unselect "Written" and select "Matching" but the next time I start a test it's all restored to default :-(.

    I'd also like to see the possibility to raise the question limit. If I have 14 expressions in a set I'd like to tell Quizlet to ask some of them several times (in different Question types). I would then enter "28 of 14 available terms" (you could change it to make more sense).

  32. Gabe

    Here's another idea related to my previous idea: the ability to permanently (and easily) fold an existing set into another existing set. Example: I have a set of verbs that I added on 2/19/07, and my growing list of verbs that I know well. Eventually, I want to just add the verbs from 2/19 to the main set, once I know them well enough that I don't have to "learn" them anymore.

  33. Tacitdynamite

    Leitner! Spaced Repetition!



  36. Anonymous

    Please put more than one answer.

  37. wmdukes

    Spaced repetition please!

  38. shloemo

    Definitely Spaced Repetition. Probably even with reminders on the phone when more than like 10 cards are due to repeat. It would be definitively achieve the last evolution step to be the one and only contender on the market for flashing cards imo :)

  39. patrickeddy

    Spaced Repetition. No doubt. Pretty much the only reason right now I use Anki over Quizlet.

  40. chodorowicz

    Spaced repetition.

  41. phibeck

    Has to be spaced repetition ...... But otherwise thanks for a great tool

  42. opsb

    Definitely spaced repetition!!

  43. hobbibb4000

    Spaced repetition

  44. matiasobera

    I only recently started using Quizlet and I would like to know if there is currently a way of working with multiple answers. Thanks

  45. ali_tk

    spaced repetition like leitner. thanks

  46. tima_mail

    Spaced repetition. It's the only feature that is not enough for sterling study!

  47. lalhee

    +1 for spaced repetition please!

  48. sharrod PLUS

    Definitly spaced repetition.

  49. Ian_Sama

    Spaced repetition! and please hurry, this so be vital! =D

  50. cubby208

    Spaced repetition would be pretty cool apparently some study (haven't seen it my self could be fake) said that after a lecture if you review the material, a day after it, a week after it, and a month after it it enters long term memory with little struggle. However mostly for me I really Really Really want multiple answers for the "Learning" mode in flashcards.

  51. poselab


  52. Aaron_Kaiser PLUS


  53. mropicki

    Spaced repetition is crucial. I was really surprised to discover that Quizlet doesn't do this. It's what makes flashcards work so well.

  54. gnobles PLUS

    Please add some sort of Rating system, 1,2,3,4,5... easiest to hardest. We need spaced repetition!

  55. jgraber

    Spaced Repetition for me too please!

  56. drewudel

    Spaced repetition!!

  57. Tabula

    Another + for spaced repetition! It's the main reason I don't use Quizlet as much.

  58. anatta

    lack of a spaced repetition feature is also the main reason i have not been using quizlet much recently.

    so. im going to add my vote for spaced repetition.

    hope if enough people chime in, something will get done.


  59. Witstone PLUS

    Hoppin on the spaced repetition train!
    I actually make my sets on Quizlet and then shift them to Anki to learn them solely for this reason. If you added spaced repetition, I would stop using Anki in a heartbeat.

  60. justmeat

    Spaced repetition please!
    I've just evaluated both Quizlet and Anki. Though I love Quizlet UI, Anki's spaced repetition convinced me to use it through just a 10 minutes.

  61. Madison_F4

    Any ideas when an option to input multiple answers will be added?

  62. robertomad

    Definitely spaced repetition !!

  63. Justin_Milligan TEACHER


  64. rob_palmer5

    Another vote for spaced repetition...soon, please!

  65. Tim_D_McGrath

    I love the work everyone is doing at Quizlet, but without spaced repetition I barely ever use the app. I would pay for the app again if they added spaced repetition to flashcards and reminders on what to study. This is an essential feature that is missing.

  66. foxworth22 PLUS

    Where can I vote for what is next? I would very much like to see multiple answers in a future update.

  67. Nivi1237

    Yes I would definitely like to be able to have multiple answers!!

  68. roberto8

    Space repetition for sure!

  69. mphelps3

    Multiple answers PLEASE

  70. dammett TEACHER

    Whatever happened to multiple answers? This post was written in 2007, for Chrissakes! Anybody have any answers? I can't find anything online other than this old post.

  71. Canadian007

    please put in MULTIPLE ANSWERS

  72. Alim1236

    Multiple answers please

  73. Mebot2001

    Multiple answers please! Is there a way to do this already?

  74. Orndoff TEACHER

    I have an answer and I do not think it will be common simply because not that many people (even teachers) know about this concept: It is called a Leitner Box. It takes advantage of the OVERWHELMING scientific evidence that the key to PERMANENTLY learning something is spaced repetition over period of time that essentially double every time you get a correct answer.

    I used a Leitner Box when I was taking my French degree and graduated with a vocabulary of about 6000 words. A traditional Leitner Box has 7 layers. Each level has a "review" schedule--meaning a date on which you will look at every card in that box and try to answer it. Each levels date is approx. twice as long between study dates as the prior level. When you get a word correct it moves to the next higher level. You will be seeing it again but at an interval about 2 times as long as the first level. If you miss it then back to 1. When you're through 7 it is "retired" and you WILL know it forever.

  75. Orndoff TEACHER

    ...meant to say a date on which you will look at every card ON THAT LEVEL and try to get it right. If you miss it it goes back to level 1.

  76. manuelleb20

    have Quizlet accept several definitions for one word (example: "daycare centre" in French can be 'crèche' or 'garderie' and it'd be great to enter either the one or the other when playing the games or taking the tests).

    also, have Quizlet deal with the synonyms : like, for example, robber and thief can only be translated by 'voleur' in French so it's impossible to guess which one is 'wanted' when taking the tests or playing the games.

  77. SilverWisp

    Has this been implemented yet?

  78. katherinecardinale

    PLEASE add multiple answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Taylorg30

    I think you should be able to have multiple definitions for one term and multiple terms for one definition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. riccardozecchin TEACHER

    I have comments from my students saying that the responses have to be really exact: missing a question mark will render the answer wrong.
    Could you add a little leniency? maybe by using { } whatever is in between those brackets can be ignored in the answer...
    the question is: what does "cómo estás?" mean?
    Answer: How are you{?} <-- so that the question mark in the answer is not necessary.

    Thank you

  81. Katherine_Li1609

    MULTIPLE ANSWERS PLEASE! When doing languages there are always different meaning to a word e.g. "in" in Latin can mean "in", "on", "into" or "onto" and I just want to put in one of those and get it right instead of having to write out all of them (which I can't always remember).

  82. dlmckenzie

    Seriously, people have been requesting multiple answers to the same question for over a friggin decade. Anyone learning a language knows this is critical. Let's take the word "large". In English, easy peasy, this is one word. In French, however, it can be grand (for singular masculine), grande (singular feminine), or grandes (plural). If I have a flashcard that says "large" in English and I'm expected to translate to French, how am I supposed to know which variation? If I add hints "large (singular, masculine)" or "large (plural)" that is a ridiculous amount of unnecessary typing when translating from French to English, not to mention remembering how I formatted my hints. Did I put the hints in brackets or parenthesis? Did I add a comma or not? Multiply that by nearly every single adjective and a whole slew of nouns and verbs, and it's too much of a PITA to bother to use Quizlet.

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