This summer, we made some big changes to how users view the terms they're studying and how they see their progress over time. We've just launched a new design for the set page (as well as some useful new features) and now we want your feedback! The set page has been a core part of the Quizlet study experience for years and we want to make sure that any changes we make only improve your experience. Please tell us what you think!

  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Do you find the new features useful?
  • What (if anything) would you miss about the old set page?
  • Are there other features that would improve this page for you?
New Set Page

What's New

Most missed terms – Your new set page will automatically reorder your terms to show the ones you need to study the most at the top.

Most Missed Terms

Progress tracking – See your progress in Quizlet's different study modes. A high score in Scatter, half-way through Speller, or an A+ in Test will now show on your set page.


Star a subset of terms – A few months ago we added the option to star terms in Cards and now you can take those starred terms into any other mode. Star terms directly from the set page or within cards mode.

Study stars

Multiple formatting options – Study your terms in grid view or list view. Grid view is great for sets that use images.

Grid View

List view works well for sets with longer text.

List view

Set activity – See who's studying right now, who has studied in the past, and who's at the top of the Scatter and Race leader boards.

Studying now
High scores

How to get the preview

Try it

If you are using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, click the link at the top of your set page to "Try the new set page." Note: the preview is not yet available in Internet Explorer but will be soon!

Tell us what you think

We would love to hear from you. Drop us a note in Feedback and let us know what you think about the new set page. Please be honest! We really appreciate your help in making Quizlet even better.


  1. EnglishRose98

    WOW! I am so impressed!
    I had tested out the new set page, but not notice ALL these new features! I really like them!
    My one complaint (and yes, I did already write you about this in Feedback) is that I really miss seeing the index-looking note cards that you can easily flip through (and also have the option of seeing both sides, term first, or definition first). If you were to add the index-looking note card feature to the set page (surely that can't be too difficult, can it?), I would be so thrilled with your new design!


  2. LuckyG

    Yeah same thing like EnlighRose said... the old flashcard page was honestly easier to study with then the new flashcards... any way you can add a config so we can set up sets to have the new or old flashcard design?

  3. M1039213

    3rd comment!!!

  4. Masalman17

    4th Comment

  5. Masalman17

    hah and 5th comment

  6. JFQwillrocku

    I love it! It's great how you can study just your star cards, or everything!

  7. AgentDKB

    EnglishRose98, If you go to the section labeled cards you should see an option on the sidebar labeled ``Classic Cards.`` If you click on it you should be able to have access to the index - like cards.

  8. dallasbz

    Looks Wonderful! Everything isreally improved and a lot easier to understand and navigate! Thank you Quizlet Team!

  9. Purgly

    Awesome tool. Congratulations to all the team!

  10. mcadamsjoey PLUS

    Your improvements look like they will help my son a lot.

    I would like to be able to have file folders to categorize instead of a general list to scan down.

  11. yoyo26

    @tTaylor_Burns0618 - the "More" button should drop down additional tools, including "Combine", seems like that is not working for you. Could you email me ( and let me know what web browser you are using, and any additional details about what's not working. Thanks!

  12. hannah4horses

    It wont let me do the scatter on my sets. :(

  13. Rock270

    I have no problems with the new page.
    14th comment

  14. yoyo26

    @hannah4horses Sorry about this! Could you write into feedback ( so we can troubleshoot this with you?

  15. hope4ever

    It's a bit confusing, but really neat! It would be nice if the comments/ chat was like normal, though.

  16. Karis256

    I love it! Thanks, Quizlet!

  17. to-remember

    Do I have to be using Quizlet Plus to try the new set page?

  18. to-remember

    If not, why can't I find the link. It's at the "Your Sets" part right or what?

  19. artygirl

    It's really good. I like that star cards now work in all modes, and the extra detail of activity is nice. I'm just curious about something; where is the discussion box? It might just be that none of the sets I've been on recently had any comments though, so I will have to look at some more popular ones. Also, the your sets page is no longer glitchy on Kindle Fire; the updating must have temporarily done something to it. Thank you for all you hard work!!!

  20. katewasacz

    Why do we only get a preview??????????!!!!!!

  21. AbigailBaldwin

    I like it. At first it was a bit crowded, but after I played around with it, I learned to love it! :D Keep the ideas coming. This website has helped my studying sooo much!

  22. myxsm

    Like it :) Since I'm so used to the old version though, please keep it around. In other words, don't switch to the new version completely yet. Thanks!

  23. keetonmartin

    26th comment. meh

  24. Jomave


  25. Sundeep_Singh

    Wonderful. All features like Most missed terms, Progress tracking, Star a subset of terms, Multiple formatting options, Set activity are all beautifully designed. I congratulate the designers for their innovation.

  26. marshmallowdragon

    OOOOO This is sooo cool! I can't wait until its permanent! Wonderful design, guys! Keep up the great work! :D

  27. Linda_Li

    That is so amazing!!😁
    I love it!

  28. Stephenjayamani

    This makes learning interesting. I am glad I found this.

    Thank you people for your creation!

  29. Collin617

    I love that new page it is awesome

  30. EstherEstela

    I really appreciate it!
    Thank you so much!

  31. amingre

    Please add the term number in cards..So that we can navigate our position..

    Thank you

  32. rishma1280

    yea it is good to see page in new format.

  33. Johngoo123

    Love it

  34. Johngoo123

    but i cant try new set page even though im using google crome

  35. HowHaveYouBen

    I really like it actually

  36. aspappas17

    Yeah I'm using this already; I already sent y'all a message. It's really cool and useful, just hard to navigate. That may be because its new though. LOVE IT

  37. nrogersqwerty

    Please let us see the high score before we try to beat it.

  38. moezartgal

    It is awesome! Thanks Quizlet!

  39. computercp

    thanks quizlet

  40. BrandonGallego

    It was a little confusing at first.

  41. BrandonGallego

    You should put a copy feature, like the original

  42. danielsnyder24

    Love Quizlet more and more each day
    My French class is becoming very competitive with Scatter and is using it is class as a study tool
    Thanks again,

  43. whunterscott

    Looks great! About time Quizlet learned some awesome, modern graphic design! Nice job guys!!

  44. sailax

    An amazing idea!! I absolutely loved it!! Thank You SO SO SO SO much!!!1

  45. AgentDolly

    Wonderful! Quizlet has changed so much since when I started using it in 2012. It's so awesome, you know!

  46. OanhVM

    I really like it. That's amazing =)))

  47. lareuter

    It's pretty cool!

  48. lareuter

    It's pretty cool!

  49. Korit

    I love it! As a new quizlet user, I find it's much easier to decipher than the page you had before!

  50. starr-light

    I love the new features! :) However I prefer the old notecard look. Thanks!

  51. betslou

    I would like a program for pc's so you don't have to always be connected to the internet to use on pc. Small christian school no internet but in office.

  52. JCeeR

    I love the changes! Makes Quizlet even easier to use!

  53. phuocminh27

    The above-mentioned changes makes Quizlet more useful

  54. Shousa

    It's amazing! :D

  55. iOS_613

    is there a way to improve the "Your Sets" page?

  56. khc2803

    The biggest thing needed is a way to tag whether or not you got the card right during the study feature or not, and a program to reshuffle in the cards you got wrong while taking out the ones you got right. This is the only feature missing that gflash and others have that are superior.

  57. santiago555555555

    89th coment!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. damason7


  59. higneyLA6

    I LIKE IT!

  60. sebastianzhizn


  61. shimmeremi

    At first when you updated I was used to the way it was before so I had to re-learn to use quizlet. But now that I know how to use it and where everything is I realize that it is way better and easier than before! PEACE <3 QUIZLET

  62. AgentDolly


  63. Lizlax19

    (1/2) I'm not 100% about the new page. I absolutely agree with alot of what is being said but i also have my own opinion. I think the new page looks a little too busy and overwhelming. i have a little brother in 5th grade that absolutely loves Quizlet, he's passed so many tests because of this site. He wasn't able to navigate through the page as well after it was updated as i think he wanted to, however. i think it would be so much easier if you add the old page and have an option to go to the new page in addition to the old one. Like how you can, on the old page, go from the home with the flashcards to the speller that helps you learn how to spell the cards. It just takes a click or two but the two pages are completely different. I believe that if you had the option of switching back and forth between the old page and the new page it would make Quizlet 100 times better than it already is (witch is a really hard task to achieve).

  64. Lizlax19

    (2/2) One more thing that i would absolutely love is that if Quizlet was able to be downloaded on to the computer or tablet. My family travels a lot for sports and it would be really helpful to be able to study while were on travel instead of having to write out the words and definitions that are already on the computer. That would mean the world for both my brother and I.

    I am a very loyal Quizlet creator. I just wanted to personally tell the staff that they are the reason that i am taking all honors courses this year and that im passing with A's and B's. Both my brother and I absolutely appreciate everything that you do and we both wanted to personally tel you that you are very appreciated.

  65. jinnybean13

    I think that the new page is... very different from the old one and will take awhile to adjust to. Navigating, as LizLax19 said, is somewhat harder, and as many others have said, the simple lined-notecard on the set page itself will be missed. Otherwise, it looks much sleeker, and I LOVE the new activity page! As well as the general layout of everything.

    Quizletors unite! :)


    I really think that the new tab page it TOO fancy. I'm a "plain Jane" please give me something simple. But good Job!!


  67. BicyclingBonnie PLUS

    Sounds grand! Waiting to be able to try it with Explorer.

  68. charlotte_chesney

    I love this layout and I have some helpful advice - why not change the plain background into something a bit better...for example, a giant picture of Moses Beacon? No need to thank me, Quizlet, happy to help ;)

  69. dwishap15

    That's a really beautiful layout but I wish we could have a chat for important thing without a Quizlet plus. That would be so cool.

  70. katerock

    I've been taking French for two years & have wanted an organized setting. I luv it! Keep up the good work!

  71. Sarita517

    I like the new design but 1 question: where did the class discussion box go??? It was really helpful for asking questions about our homework or something. Please bring it back!!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!!! :)
    Quizlet makes it SO easy to study for big tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  72. Enderjordan

    I like it, but I also like the origional look. If you could put in an option to switch between the two that would be great. Keep up the good work!

  73. TShulfer

    I like that I can star ones that I know I need more work on. I like the progress idea too! Thanks guys for making this site even better!

  74. SpaceCast11

    Love it! You guys cleaned up a lot of the unneeded stuff and reorganized the setup, it looks excellent!

  75. LoLoQsik

    I want to be able to follow people so that I can see when they let out new Quizlets.

  76. steve_hill

    Will the autodefine capability be repaired soon?

  77. sandranavarrete2020

    this is so easy

  78. nate2727

    this looks SO cool! (and btw what happened to multiplayer?)

  79. santiago555555555

    113th comment!!!!!!!!!!

  80. linyuc TEACHER

    it looks awesome. Haven't really play around it yet, but it looks simple and very user-friendly. I'm sure I will love it once I get used to it.

  81. Elapanthis37

    This is wonderful! I know you guys are asked this a lot but pretty please bring the class discussions back!

  82. greeneyedevey

    I really like the new page set on the way it looks. I am sold with the list view. It is like looking at from a book to me. Also,I would like to thank everyone for creating sets I have never created any because I just randomly try to learn stuff off of this website. I am so grateful for the work everyone has done into this website, Users , you rock. Thank you so much.

  83. Surfkid

    is it just me or WHERE IS THE "DISCUSSION BOX"????????????????????? evrything else is gr8:)

  84. Surfkid

    WHY ISN'T ANY1 NOTICING IT????????????????????????????? IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!!!

  85. katerussell2

    Disscusion Box?????????????

  86. lkgrier

    I am very upset! I just purchased this to be able to embed items into my website but the items won't embed. When I used the Internet Explorer browser I received a message that I could not embed items into a frame due to security considerations but isn't this how MOST EMBEDDING WORKS? When I used Firefox nothing happened or showed up. It will copy and paste but then it disappears and nothing happens.

  87. lkgrier

    Also, there does not appear to be a way to share the "cards" set.

  88. mrsbernard TEACHER

    I liked the old layout better for many reasons. The "index" card look, option to do one language first or not, the student comment box and the side bar list of speller champ/learn mode cp'd and game champions was awesome and helped my students compete.
    Like many here, I would love it if you would keep BOTH styles available, but I'm afraid knowing the way things are, our feedback will be in vain and the new site will go live and be the only one available eventually. I've been a member now for over 2 years and as a teacher I LOVE this site.

  89. clo1949

    It's absolutely fantastic for a beginner like me.

  90. workforschool54

    With Combo sets I don't see the new look :(.

  91. asundar96 PLUS

    I can't see the grid or list features :(

  92. EzequielDelgado

    In Spanish 2 class, I showed the teacher and the class about Quizlet. After the demonstration, they were amazing how easy and great it was. I'm hoping this will increase not just Spanish 2 but other classes that they were having trouble with.

  93. Acts16_31

    Love it so much! Keep it please! Every day that I use it, I find more neat things about it thati didn't see before.

  94. GLopez13

    Excellent site. i use it every day and love creating my own sets to study German. I am completely addicted to Quizlet!

  95. adder18

    i don't find it my brother have found it by his but not by mine.
    Can some one help me?

    (I'm dutch, sorry for my bad english)

  96. avt

    me to i don't have it

  97. blue_42

    Is there a way to alphabetize terms?

  98. blue_42

    Is there a way to alphabetize terms?

  99. smedani

    The old design read the questions and choices during the test. As a teacher, some of my students need the read aloud option. I hope this feature would be returned.

  100. Mercedes_Benz_SL-AMG

    I'm using internet explorer, i hope my comment doesn't take too long to load.


  101. WhiteSwan13

    Awesome! Love it :) On the speller/learn/scatter/race/cards pages, could you move the back button back to the far side? It looks better that way. Also, the send your message button for feedback isn't working on most sets

  102. theINVISIBLE

    just kiding their the best they help me so much thank you so much for exsiting with out you illd be nothing

  103. linda_liao

    Start With - Both Sides -Play
    if can continue Repeat play , it will be better
    (Do not end once every, must press again)
    thank you very much!

  104. MirkwoodMeag

    Great!! Thanks, Quizlet!!!

  105. steelers43

    the new setup is awesome

  106. newtonmaori

    Awesome! I tried it out, but where is the set conversation?

  107. newtonmaori

    Never mind! I found it. The new set page is easy, simple, and is much more effective!

  108. firewolf8

    I like the old flashcards to study from more than the new set page, but other than that, I think you did a great job with it!

  109. firewolf8

    Never mind about my last comment, I found the original cards option after I clicked on cards. Great job Quizlet!! This is perfect!

  110. Dogecoin

    Love it! ツ ☮ ✌

  111. lollu

    That's awesome!!! Very cool!!!

  112. aspappas17

    Please keep the "classic" option on there with the new theme
    Some people find the new cards hard to use
    I like the new cards, but I want to revert to the old one sometimes
    Plus the chat on the set is hard to maneuver
    I like the box thing better
    But you can keep it the way it is if you like

  113. insero1

    I love the new design and how it tracks your progress! Although I think you should still keep the old theme because some people might find that easier to use. However I could not find the preview button, that would be useful...

  114. EvanVolkin

    same thing that EnglishRose98 said..otherwise its great!!


  115. mgrace

    Quizlet... Is there anything it can't do??? Once again amazing update and very useful for language learners...

  116. corr18

    i love the new Quizlet design! it is much more easy to access. i like the way that it tells you what you have got on the score right in front of you. i also like how the options are really big so you don't have to go around looking for them. although it is a little hard to try to access your other sets it is great in all the other things. i also like the way that it tells you if you always got a def. right or wrong that is a good way to be able to keep track on which words you need to study more and which ones you have memorized and don't need to go over anymore. also its a lot easier to navigate which is great. i also like how it highlights the word it is reading and says the words very clearly which is very helpful for people who need the word to be read out loud. over all i like the new format. but one thing i would change is to make the flash cards when who first click on the site a little bigger so they are easier to read. thanks for making this site a whole lot better.

  117. DJHonore

    haven't been able to see it quizlet has saved my hide many times though

  118. One-Winged-Angel

    The new set page is really awesome. It is more advanced. I like it.

  119. One-Winged-Angel

    Wonder how much more advanced it gets.

  120. ashlieblackwell


  121. Doctor_Hobi

    i love u!

  122. mlala9912

    i like it but i miss the flashcard thing that english rose metioned

  123. hockeystar

    there should be a discussion box to the side like on the old one.

  124. hockeystar

    other than that, great!

  125. AlleyCatBird

    This is what I think: IT'S REALLY CONFUSING AND BIG, but it's kool.

  126. DJHonore

    Would love to see the new page but i'm using IE8 right now. :(

  127. dtran156

    for those who were saying at the first comments about not having the old flashcards, they are actually there. There's a link that says classic when you are on the new ones.

  128. tuppenyone TEACHER

    As a teacher, I would like an easy what to know if and how often my individual students are doing the Quizlet revision I set them.

  129. Hanh-le

    I love it!

  130. dooleys1

    I love quiz let its awesome learning

  131. chesshero

    I think this is very good new set page

  132. Luke_Chase

    140th comment 872th highfive lol :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  133. Xtrobelights

    When will these features be available? I'd really love to use the "most missed terms"

  134. natbabyx

    Grid/List view option only shows on 2 out of my 4 sets. Please help me.

  135. jandrachavy

    I love it!!!!!!!!!

  136. susanjpeterson

    I used to be able to access my Quizlet sets on the iPads at my school using the sas flashcards app. Now I can't find any of the sets I made using sas. Am I doing something wrong?

  137. Zaryn

    On Race mode, parts of my cards are under the info bar. I end up missing them because I can't see what's on the card. :/

  138. Pete6

    This is really cool!

  139. Tim_Rossow

    I really love the new set page, but I think that after several years of using the old flashcards, the new cards option does take some getting used to.

  140. gman_awesome

    were is the discussion page?

  141. misscastner TEACHER

    I love being able to sort my sets alphabetically within a class. I wish we could sort them on the "my sets" page. I sometimes need old stuff a year later, and it's really hard digging back for it by timeline.

    Also, I know there are a lot more people using Quizlet for many, many different subjects other than language study. Is there any way that we can have the languages default to English/English and then allow people to change them if they are creating a set for foreign language study? It gets annoying after awhile.

  142. b_davis01

    Great new stuff........ COMMENT #150 BOOYAH

  143. tomiellie

    I am defaulting to classic mode. How do I get back to the new preview mode?

    Please make deleting sets easier. I'd like to be able to click a number of sets and delete all at once. It's very cumbersome now.

  144. ushayeruva

    I love it! You folk are doing a splendid job, keep doing what you do!

  145. picklefish13

    I like it its coolio

  146. desree-thompson

    I <3 this new set page, because it is fun, creative, and easier to use!!! XD ;)

  147. biancafajardo

    It is amazing! Great Job!!!! :)

  148. jasguliani


  149. jasguliani

    well okay but mak cards and put games

  150. pianogirl01

    Hmmm, I didn't like the new set page at first, but the more I use it, the more I like it. I'm starting to like it better than the other page.
    Oh, one more thing...
    Quizlet is absolutely awesome!!!!

  151. ctinkerbelle

    Impresionante! Eso me ayuda mucho! Gracias Gracias Gracias! Ustedes son muy asombrosos! :D
    Me encanta Quizlet mucho mucho mucho!!!

  152. Briana987

    i always wanted to go there, can you send me some more info . on it plese.

  153. yoyo26

    @Zaryn could you send a screen shot of your problem in Space Race to

  154. jamilajennings


    I have been trying to create word wall materials for my K-2 class. After I create my sets, I need to print picture vocabulary in strips - FOUR per page. Please see examples on this website:
    Is there a way to do this on Quizlet?
    Thank you,

  155. corina1395

    AWESOME! CANT WAIT FOR THIS NEW VERSION OF QUIZLET this is amazing i love that theres no fliping cards with can become annoying and its super easier to review! thank u QUIZLET .

  156. Fakeer

    How can I revert back to the old page view?

  157. Fakeer

    Oh got it. Clicked on classic cards and it was done.

  158. melissa_cossel


  159. HeJoanne

    I really dislike this, the other version was so much more organized, and when you changed the group page, I was glad the sets still stayed the same but this is just unacceptable.

  160. MmeThomas TEACHER

    I like the new layout and that I can easily star cards. Please consider a smiley face for the ones known, a smirkey (meuh) face for the ones sort of known and a frowny face for the ones not known. The frownies and smirkies can be together in all learn modes, just like the starred cards are treated now. I know you did those faces for the group game, so it's in the coding somewhere. Thanks!

  161. Zoe_Ferrara

    So far LOVE it! Makes it so much easier to study terms!
    Thanks Quizlet! :-)

  162. swine32

    What happened to the 'Description' option, when you create and view sets? I used that to link to an mp3 of my instructor pronouncing Arabic vocab words, I'd really like to have it back!!

  163. jb10th-sophomore

    this is a good thing i agree to you

  164. jb10th-sophomore

    it is a very good thing

  165. AwesomeAngel1

    It's awesome!!!!

  166. wisepat

    nice layout keep it that way

  167. bookmark8

    Amazing. Please keep like this.

  168. deannabuba

    I love it its so nice to se how long i studied for!!!! its awesome please dont change it!!!

  169. Mig15

    I love the new look. I think it is better for knowing what words I need to improve on.

  170. kameron990

    Really good you did a good job:)

  171. dawnflower800

    It is awesome!!!! I love it! So simple to use and easy to helps you learn the terms better! ;D

  172. fefequatre

    very impressing update! but could you put the list appearance as default for sets with no images because the grid appearance is not very helpful when there is no images but 30-40 terms. Otherwise very helpful to know who and how many people did it and to keep track of what we did.

  173. mathgeek0199

    I love it! It is great! It has really helped me in my french.

  174. jspears0922

    I like it the most because of the organization and accessibility.

  175. Rosie2822


  176. NickB1129

    Change it back to the original change. The newest update isn't as good as the first one.

  177. EvanVolkin

    Wonderful! love the desciption of each study mode

  178. eliana_kaufman

    i think that this set page is really nice, and it has some things that I like, that the other set pages didn't have. Like the most missed, sometimes missed, and never missed lists.

  179. pham_trang172

    I have just started using Quizlet and not yet to explore all the features. However, I found it impressive. I enjoyed it. You did it superb. Keep up the excellent work. Many thanks!

  180. Chewed_Bubblegum

    took me a while to scroll down...THANKS QUIZLET!! Such a big improvement!! Did I spell that right?

  181. Gigi10101

    Cool! I can actually find the discussion box now! (It's on the left when you scroll down.)

  182. jaquelinemoises

    Aaaaaaah! I love it! :-)

  183. leechinese1

    The new page looks great. But I really miss seeing the index-looking note cards that you can easily flip through (and also have the option of seeing both sides, term first, or definition first).

  184. kfoderin

    First glance, probably will be useful. As a Plus user, one deficit is absence of a clear image add button. Am I only able to add images to the set via the old interface??

  185. Devon66h

    Looks great!

    Just wish "My Sets" page could have folders.

  186. king_brendan

    I do with there were folders, but it's still a huge improvement!
    Keep up the good work!

  187. lilahrawlings

    199th comment....OH YEAH! I LUV THE NEW DESIGN! So mod, way trendy! totes à la mode!! Luv luv luv it! U GUYS ROCK!!! i also agree with leechinese1.. i miss the index like cards.....sniff sniff

  188. trueheart_2K16

    I Love It this makes studying easier

  189. AJ98

    Great improvements - much progress :3
    Could I ask please for the ability to print only starred flashcards?

  190. dchawla123


  191. boazclark

    Y'all should have it were you can take other peoples sets and make it your set, where you can edit their flash cards, and add other stuff to it. Or combine multiply sets, incase your need a set that has 3 or more different kind of things you need to learn. For example I am having a final exam and my friend has note cards with lesson 1, then another set with lesson 2, and lesson 3 in all different note card sets, you should have it where you can add all of them together, so you can study all the material in one set.

  192. QuizTakerDj

    I really like this. It is easy to use, you can keep better track of your records, and for the most important part, it makes easier to study. I give it a thumbs up.

  193. kkmo13

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  253. tiffanymdurst

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