There are a lot of things I'm working on simultaneously, and I thought I'd let you know what they are and how they're doing.

New Learn Mode Since I posted a preview of the new learn mode, I've been playing with it a lot, and taking feedback from all of you guys, and I've decided that design is a little too flashy. It looks really cool, but it's not quite as useful as the current version. While I'm on the subject, I'm aware that the current learn mode has been having some data errors, and so it is among my first priorities to rebuild the learn mode, mostly to emulate the current version but in a more reliable way.

Quizlet Queries for Quid A few months ago I started a project to donate. Together we raised more than $720 dollars for schools across the country. Wow! If you visit the project page, you may notice that the total looks less than that. This is because one of the projects we funded got canceled by the teacher, and my donation of $400 was detached from the project, along with a couple other Quizlet donors. It still went to a good cause though - DonorsChoose just redirected the money to other projects.

The other day I got a packet in the mail from a school in Louisiana that had received 7 Scrabble boards because of our donations. It had 30 letters from thankful students and some great pictures of Scrabble action. It was definitely cool to see the direct result of our donations, so thank you all! If I get time I'll try to post some of the letters.

Reliability and Uptime I admit, the last 3 weeks haven't been the greatest in terms of reliability on the site. Since I posted about needing a Systems Engineer, I've gotten some good responses. I'm in the process of interviewing several of them now, but I'm also still taking applications. Here's the craigslist ad. In the meantime, I've implemented some improvements to the MySQL architecture that seem to have stopped the daily downtime temporarily, but we still need some robust long-term solutions in place before I'll be happy.

Advertising You may have noticed some changes in the advertising displayed on the site. It is my goal not to detract from the quality and message of Quizlet, while still making enough money to support it. I've recently banned the "When will you die?" ad, due to user complaints. Please understand that Quizlet has to have ads to stay up, but if you think any of the ads cross the line, please let me know via the "feedback" link in the top right corner.

Press Quizlet is in several current and upcoming stories in the press. I recently did an interview with PC World that will appear shortly. The reporter has already posted a transcript of the interview on his blog. By the way, I'm 18 now (as of December), not 17 as a few people have reported. I also recently spoke on a panel at SMX West, a search marketing conference. Pictures are here

Translations Translation of the Quizlet interface is going extremely well. Translations for German, Spanish, and Albanian are all about 80% done, and other languages are in progress as well. Right now I don't need any more translators, as I want to get the first revision of the translation software live and usable to you before I find more translators.

...And that's all I have for ya now. There are a couple things I can't talk about just yet but hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some special announcements. :) -Andrew


  1. Neil Kelty

    Nice to see an update!

    Looks like we'll be seeing improvements in the coming weeks/months.

  2. mannyisnice

    Wow, I simply can't wait to see Quizlet in a few years. Hopefully it will be super successful.

  3. RJ

    Thanks for removing the "When will you die" ad, it really went over the line.

    Can't wait to hear the "special announcements"!

    Andrew, maybe you could allow users to switch between the new learn mode and the old one--or would that be to difficult?

    Also, are you going to do another Quizlet Queries for Quid fund?

  4. mightaswellbeclara

    So excited for the special annoucements.

    I didn't think we needed the new Learn mode.

    Too many bells and whistles.

    Keep up the good work, Andrew!

  5. allie

    Quizlet is having great progress!

    when ru gonna put the "on" button things back onto the site-the green things that tell you whether or not the person is on or off-i really like those

    r they every gonna come back?

  6. allie


  7. Andrew

    allie: good question, I forgot to address that. Yes, I fully intend to get those back as soon as possible. Hopefully the sysadmin can help with that.

    RJ: Allowing a choice wouldn't be too hard, but I'm not sure it's the best solution..I'll do another round of QQQ if I get around to it, yes.

  8. Simon in CHina

    Hi Andrew good update,

    When you need help with the translation to CHinese. send a message.

    Also on the learn mode I was wondering if you could put in a give hint mode button. Where the program would tell you the first letter, or first word, or first character of the answer. (just an idea) (another option if possible would be to recycle the wrong questions sooner, perhaps after 4 or 5 words.

    In learn mode I had some issues with my CHinese sets I think it wasn't ignoring the punctuation.


  9. i seriously love ajaxxxxx

  10. Dave

    "…And that’s all I have for ya now. There are a couple things I can’t talk about just yet but hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have some special announcements."

    Andrew, would that include the new game that you told me you were working on in my thread? See it at the following link:

  11. Xatu

    Theres one ad that says are u emo? Could u ban that?

  12. Flamingo4

    Hey ya'll join my group Talking 24/7!

  13. hughlori

    what? I was really looking forward to the new learn mode...

  14. Xatu


  15. Xatu

    Andrew, please ban The are you emo ad. My 5 year old brother uses quizlet and i dont want to have to explain 2 him what emo means.

  16. Mintstick

    Yeah!!!! improvements!!!

  17. dab

    Please help me! When yo google quizlet it has the home page and then under it has like "sub results" and then >more results from quizlet.... how did you do that?

  18. KK

    Do you think putting a Spell check on the create a set page would be too hard? I sometimes spell words completely wrong and dont catch it.. it would be a big help, and some of my friends hope that a spell check will happen too.
    Thanks! :)

  19. chacko2

    firefox has a spell check and it works in the "create set" page

  20. Anonymous

    Im grateful and all but i have come to depend on quizlet and EVERY time i have a test quizlet either has downtime or goes INSANELY slow. i know it isn't my computer because I have tried more than one. Is there any way you can fix that so instead of getting stress by using quizlet i lose it? please fix it!!!!!

  21. Andrew

    Anonymous: Yeah, it was terrible today. My apologies. The good news is that I've found a solid sysadmin, with whom I met this afternoon and will again tomorrow morning. It's the beginning of the end...

  22. :-(

    Andrew, I googled my quizlet name and found that you could access my sets and comments. I am not happy with that at all!

  23. Anonymous

    Thank you for fixing it Andrew!

  24. :-(

    Well I don't like people being able to access my info, its a violation of privacy loser! (hello)

  25. -_-'

    although quizlet has let me down multiple times now even though ive been using it less than a month i still appreciate wat this site aims to accomplish. i simply wish it had fewer, if no, glitches. also, i appreciate the work u put into this site. thank you.

  26. bssportskid22

    Please work on the ON buttons and the new updates.

  27. Tower212

    I am new to the site, and extremely impressed.

    I have looked for a couple on-line flashcard forms, and there is something special about this.

    I read an article about you Andrew, keep up what you are doing. You are helping many people in many ways.

  28. JSonneville

    We are having numerous problems at our school. We cannot login to your site anymore. When we try to login, it just hangs. Has anything changed in the last week or so????

    jsonneville at williamsoncentral dot org

  29. gbryananderson

    I think this is a novel idea, to have a page dedicated only to advertisers. It could be an entire page by itself in the Dashboard. Only if people are interested they could go to that page.

    I wouldn't mind a banner on the homepage, as long it was in good taste, and would help greatly defray your costs.

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