Here's an easy way to share Quizlet with all your students (and teachers) from the very first day of school.


If your school plans to have Chromebooks next school year, you can ask your school admins to add Quizlet to all the students' accounts.

When a student open the computer, the Quizlet icon is right there. No more mistyped URLS!

It can be preinstalled to be there the very first day of school.

Step-by-Step Instructions

We've made a set of simple instructions for your school admins (such as your principal or technology director) to set up Quizlet for all your students.

And if you don't have a Chromebook but have a Chrome browser, it's easy to set up Quizlet there too.


  1. robaulak

    This is a good way to get students interested in memorizing early.
    Thanks for all your work.

  2. reccos

    This is pretty cool. Hope my school gets chromebooks. (Lol im #2)

  3. PerchSmith PLUS

    Hope our school will buy computers

  4. dunder51

    it would be nice if you had a app for chrome that wasn't just a shortcut to the regular quizlet website. plus i've had this app for 4 months already.

  5. David9876543210

    Oh, yeah, I hope my school gets 'em

  6. Livie2000

    Today virtually all experts that

  7. Jsep PLUS


  8. bobalec1

    i like it just how i like the 77 Mustang II

  9. sciencewiz08

    3 I called it! Awesome job as usal quizlet.

  10. CoolRhino

    #10! I <3 Chrome

  11. psalm8611

    sounds nice, I already have Quizlet in favorites though so it is easy to get to:) .

  12. cuba15


  13. Carina_Madrigal

    This is a easy way to study for your clases.

  14. MrEismysterious

    Quizlet write is not working on my Chromebook. If I get something right, it won't let me move on, if I don't correct it. So when I hit the options button, it turns into a white screen with nothing. Help

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