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Quizlet celebrates its fourth birthday with a CEO and 20 million impressions per month.

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Four years ago I created Quizlet in my living room as a way to study French more efficiently. Today, it's easily world's largest flashcard studying site (despite what others say :) ), with over 1 million unique visitors per month and the world's largest database of flashcards, with over 42 million terms entered into 1.5 million sets. We also have visitors from 215 different countries every day, and literally thousands of testimonials from happy users. Above is our original logo.

Some of the highlights along the way:

  • On March 13, 2006, I wrote:

Woohoo! Quizlet is about to pass 50 users. It's great that 16 of you guys are in my French class :). I've been weeding out little bugs here and there...

  • A month and a half later, I wrote:

Quizlet feature development is coming to an end. It has been successfully demoed for a lot of people and may be reaching its release stage in the next stage.

  • Of course, Quizlet feature development has never stopped and it still took another 9 months to launch the website in January 2007. Here's the blog post from launch day. Below is a screenshot of an early version of Quizlet (it still looks pretty similar!)
  • Screen shot 2009-11-28 at 4.09.41 PM

The time we raised $1,080 for low-income schools across the country in our Quizlet Queries for Quid campaign.

Now, an announcement. Yesterday I signed on Dave Margulius, who has been working with me on Quizlet as an investor and advisor for the past couple years, to be CEO of Quizlet. We now have an office in San Francisco with a few people working on Quizlet every day. It's great to have Dave on the team to help grow Quizlet as a business and a great piece of software. Quizlet has great plans for improvement and growth in the next year, so stay tuned.

Alright, that's all for now, hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

-Andrew Sutherland, founder of Quizlet


  1. Allison

    I like the original logo better!

  2. Anne-Marie

    Well done, Mr Sutherland and congratulations Mr Margulius. This is a fantastic tool. Really: brilliant! Keep up the good work.

  3. Phil Freo

    Congrats Dave! :)

  4. Christian

    Happy birthday, Quizlet! Lol, it's weird wishing a website happy birthday.

  5. soccergirl

    happy happy b-day :)

  6. ESL Teacher

    Thanks for making your site available to schools! I've been using it with my students in several classes for over a year and recommend it to other teachers, too.

  7. vicpo

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much, your website has been and still is extremely helpful. You're website has so many helpful features, it makes learning even the most difficult subjects 10x easier!

    Congrats, and keep up the brilliant work. :) Despite what others say I still like the updated logo.

  8. Tamweh

    Happy Birtday!

  9. Peter Kaminsky

    Congratulatons! Andrew. I saw your Youtube Morning Show video. Awesome! I am a college sophomore with a dual major in Physics and Mathematics @ University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  10. Some Kid

    Congrats Andrew!! Thank you for making it much easier to study!! Our english teacher uses quizlet to post the vocabulary words, and to not waste paper. Quizlet makes it fun to study the words with the space race and the learning

  11. anonymus


  12. Helwing Villamizar

    Congrats Andrew! I am an evangelist of Quizlet! As an English instructor, cultural studies professor and futurist, I try to use and recommend only the best and most effective tools for learning. But what is so great about your site is that it lets students of all sorts of fields become active learners, enabling them to use and Quizlet for practically anything they want to learn. If anyone needs a real-case definition of what Web 3.0 is, this is it. Quizlet is one of the most gratifying collective learning experiences I've had. Thank you!

  13. Seven Hills Student

    this is totally awesome. how do you do the smileys though? happy bday!

  14. Maria

    Thanks so much Andrew! You make life SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL!!! I actually have time to do stuff!!! Happy birthday quizlet!!!

  15. hello!!!

    now make the iphone app

  16. Yarmouth Student

    I use quizlet for most of my classes. If this becomes a large website with a location, staff, etc. will it still be free? Will there be more ads?

  17. thankful

    Congratulations! I love Quizlet- it helps me learn and makes my studying so much easier. I cannot imagine a world without Quizlet- it has changed my life!
    Thanks a billion- Happy Birthday!

  18. Alice Barr (SEEDLings podcast)

    Happy 4th Birthday Andrew! My students use Quizlet often and really benefit from your work. Thanks so much for creating such a great tool. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

  19. Comment

    Andrew Sutherland is a genius, creating a website so people can learn.

  20. dante

    thank you for making quizlet it helped my vocab grades go up and my studying better this site is the greatest thing ever thank you Andrew for making this

  21. Anonymous

    Okay, are we going to have to wait 9 months later, or till your 5th birthday to see an iPhone app?!? Jeez... why'd you announce it if you weren't planning on making it a priority! Make a version, then release updates... it's not that hard.

    By the way, great site.

  22. this website is so awesome!!! i dont know how they can get this webiste better, except they can try to make quizlet an app if they didnt already

  23. beck912

    Perhaps a vintage logo for 5th anniv?

  24. I am so, so grateful for this website, I mean, from the very first week I started using quizlet, my grades in Spanish went from Fs do Bs.
    I'm telling you, QUIZLET is fantastic!!
    Thank you so much Andrew Sutherland!! You make my life (and my GPA) a lot better :D

  25. RandomPersonWhoYouDon'tKnow

    Happy B-day! Quizlet is awesome!




    By the way, i think the logo should be AWESOME!!!!!! WHO IZ W/ ME!?

  28. Theloverofquizlet

    Come on make a iphone application!!! I like the old logo better you should change it back.. Please use my advice thanks

  29. TheNeverEndingCynic

    Great. A CEO. And now quizlet is a "business", with an office. All of this usually precedes someone charging money. So, the question remains: How much?

  30. Anonymous

    Great job, great idea, great site!

  31. Hassan

    Thanks for investing your time and effort into this site. Wish you the best of luck!

  32. Googly

    Quizlet is such a great site for memorizing large amounts of information in a short time. It really makes sure you know the definition of the word instead of just a vague idea of the definition. Quizlet has helped me in so many ways.

    I kinda liked the old logo better though... :)

  33. quizlet user

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Quizlet, thanks for all your help! And Andrew, congratulations on the success of Quizlet! I can't wait to be able to upload images to study for my art history classes!

  34. calvin

    yeah, you guys definitely need to stay with the old logo.
    the new one looks like it was the old one, lol.

  35. calvin

    eeeh, spoke too soon, the new one looks better. SORRY!

  36. Maria

    how many quizlet users are ther now?

  37. that person

    Happy belated b-day!!!

  38. Randy Domolky

    Congrats on the new hire. Sounds like a good choice. -Randy

  39. Marquisha

    Well happy birthday quizlet!!!
    Its been a journey and a half eh?
    I dig the changes and the new hire.
    Sounds like awesome stuffs.
    Good Luck on the road ahead.

  40. Queen T?

    happy bday quizlet!!!

  41. romello haynes

    i love quizlet it helped me learn spanish

  42. romello haynes

    i go to rockwood valley middle school

  43. soccergirl

    i love quizlet

  44. romello haynes

    hell yes this rocks

  45. unknown

    man quizlet is the show of life

  46. romello


  47. romello

    i can't wait until christmas

  48. Cody

    really nice cite I use it at home to study history

  49. george

    awesome site dude i love how you let us make flash cards you rock :)

  50. $$$$

    If quizlet has it's own office and building, where do they get the money from? Oviosly bussinesses like Quizlet get their money from somewhere. Is it the ads? Or are you going to make us pay to use quizlet? If so, how much?

  51. Yuechen

    I don't think Andrew would ever make us pay. :) If he does, he knows his many users would murder him in his sleep.

  52. DDrox316

    Quizlet is amazing, you are my HERO

  53. aron7628

    the only problem with that is if we have to start paying to use it or we have to wait 1 minute for some annoying ad to finish(i say this because you stated that you got together with someone that wants to promote... it , but we dont know how yet,), but other than that congrats.

  54. ashley

    what does this mean

  55. ananamouse

    happy bday

  56. bmmurr

    happy birthday quizlet!!!!!!!! quizlet helped me study in easier and funner way!!!!!!!!

  57. bmmurr

    :lol: :o :) :mrgreen:

  58. soccergirl

    :lol: :) :oops: :oops: :razz:

  59. h


  60. h


  61. :cry: :blah: :YOU FREAKIN SUCK DUDE!!!: ::lol: :roll: :mrgreen:

  62. the guy

    i like turtles!

  63. the guy

    happy b-day...

  64. Mirella

    Providence has placed the tumbelr, but only see how fully it provides for the purpsoe of thwarting you, spelling.

  65. rgirls

    happy b-day!!!!!!!

  66. Amy

    So...Andrew...where do you want to go from here? Off to college? Create another business? Take quizlet to the next level? Nothing? Do you have an organization or are you a one man show? I've been in the education industry, on the private side for over 17 years. I discovered your site last year studying with my son. I'm interested in your next steps, your plans and whether or not you are being courted by any of the major players in the industry? I have some thoughts....let me know if you are interested in talking. Good job and best of luck.

  67. Amy

    Just read a few comments immediately above. Quizlet should charge. Bottom line it would be the best money any of us moms and you awesome kids could ever spend. We don't think twice about buying a pizza for $15 or $30 for monthly service for an iPhone or even money for traditional flashcards we all buy at Walgreens so why in the world would we baulk about a little subscription fee?

  68. Some Guy

    :lol; :( Let me tell you:Quizlet doesn't charge. It says on the sign up page: "The Quizlet service is free".

  69. Oyun Sohbeti

    It is fantastic :)

  70. Oyun Sohbeti

    and great :)

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Oyun Sohbeti</a>

  71. Cong

    If I visit MA, I'll definitely come to MIT and says hi to you. Thanks for the site.

  72. thnx

    this makes life so easy in everyway.. thnx

  73. Revengexx1

    hey i really like this site, and what is the point for groups anyway

  74. Sophie

    Yay!! And it's still serving its original purpose for those of us in AP French with Ms Selvin.

  75. pizzadelivery

    Quizlet has helped me get A pluses!

  76. andrew si


  77. andrew si

    this is the site of bad grade

  78. Cass2

    Happy Birthday! Quizlet is a great way to study. :)

  79. Keep up the GREAT work! :) :)

  80. firewood

    Great Job not all of can take a thought and turn other people dreams in to a reality. thanks

  81. Leslie Lanier

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Quizlet has made studying vocabulary fun &amp; easy for my 5th grade son! 100 on every vocab test this school year!

  82. justme

    THANKS so much! I am finishing my bachelor degree &amp; have used it regulary for myself (and pulled it up in class to show everyone as well) AND my 6th grade daughter uses it as well. When she forgets to get on here we can tell 'cause she fails the tests - but with Quizlet its been straight 100s for her.
    FWIW - I wouldn't pay a subscription fee - but I wouldn't mind ads on here as long as I'm not forced to watch them everytime I wanna log on (she oftens studies in the a.m. right before walking out the door - anytime there's a spare 10 mins &amp; an ad would kill that time).

  83. misssunshine

    quizlet has helped me so much! thanks for making this site! Great job!!!!!!

  84. akat10

    quizlet has helped me get straight A's. THANKS QUIZLET. AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  85. a person who you do not know

    i love this website it helps so much happy b day

  86. Sra. K

    This is a fantastic website, and I use it all of the time for my students. What I would really love would be a way to record voice - especially helpful for foreign languages - is that something in the future for Quizlet?

  87. jalenack

    I like it! Brilliant mind you have there Andrew and and Dave. Perfect for collage! :mrgreen:

  88. r.c.

    Quizlet is one of the most efficient and helpful tools on the internet. THANK YOU!!!

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