It's been a full two years since I first had my little "inventor's moment." I was pacing around my living room, having my dad call out vocabulary words and responding with their definitions. It was an inefficient and tedious. It hit me that I could make the process more fun and much faster by creating a computer program to replace my dad. So I built a prototype. It worked beautifully, so I passed it around to a few friends, and soon enough I was spending all my free time building the site.

Fast forward two years, and Quizlet is a worldwide operation. More than two million terms have been entered and studied on Quizlet. Right now there are 61,763 registered users. I find it hard to wrap my head around that number. If all the Quizlet users got together, we'd fill Yankee Stadium and still have a few thousand people left over. And on recent weekdays, close to 1,000 people have been signing up per day. That's like my entire high school registering itself every day. So to celebrate Quizlet's birthday, I added an oft-requested feature to the site: online status. If you've been on Quizlet in the last five minutes, a little "on" icon will appear next to your username on these pages: Dashboard, Group, Private Messages, and Set pages. Here is what it looks like: online.png. If you're offline, no icon will appear.

If you would prefer not to show your status, I've added an option to the Preferences page. If you uncheck the "Show online indicator" box, no one will ever be able to see whether you are online or not. By the way, you can always access this page by looking in the top-right corner of the page for the "(prefs)" link.

And unrelatedly...

On Sunday I'm taking off for a college visit to MIT and Harvard. My first application (MIT early action) is due in 13 days! I'll be getting an inside peek at the two schools, as I'll be staying with current students and attending classes. If anyone is in the Boston area and wants to meet up (i.e. show a California kid around!), send me a message! I fly back Wednesday, so it's not a big time window...

Lastly, together we've raised $510 for school supplies with the Quizlet Queries for Quid program. It's a decent sum, but I know we can do better. So don't hesitate to donate right here, right now.

Unfortunately, one of the proposals (the one to give vocabulary cartoon books to students in Chicago) has expired because it didn't get funded in time. People who have already donated should now have the option of redirecting their funding to other proposals. To replace that one, I've added a great new one that will buy the world's greatest game for different students in Chicago.

Also, the proposal to buy an LCD projector for a school in Mississippi (the proposal closest to my heart, and the one to which I donated $400), only has 18 days left to raise $911! If we all work together I have no doubt that we can pull that together. If you're a student and don't have a credit card, ask your parents if they can help you out. Any donation, no matter how small, helps a lot!

Thank you, everyone. Quizlet is the greatest adventure I've ever been on, and you're all a part of it!


  1. Ann

    Happy Birthday, Quizlet!

    I can't wait to see where it will go next.
    I'm so pleased to be a part of it!

  2. Paul

    I know these have probably been said like a thousand times, but these are two features that would really make Quizlet a much more useful tool for me and many others.

    1. The addition of categories and rearranging. It would make life so much easier if you could put your sets in categories in your dashboard. It would also be great to be able to rearrange the order sets are in on your dashboard.

    2. Being able to remove cards in "Familiarize" part of studying would be great. I mean to be able to take out the cards you get right.

    Just suggestions, but we'd really appreciate them.

  3. BananaizaFunnyFruit

    The online status things are so cool!
    I'm trying to get my parents to donate for the quizlet queries for quid, and i think i may be able to donate within the next week!
    good luck and happy birthday!

  4. Grant

    Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday dear Quizlet...

    Why am I singing happy birthday for a website?

    Online status! Great! It's nice to know that Quizlet is constantly updating.

  5. a_monkey

    andrew thank you for putting the ON switch on because it tells you whos on THANK YOU

    andrew could you like make a little logo telling people its your birthday?

  6. Lucy

    Happy Birthday

    I am a new member and i already love quizlet. My scores have improved and all my friends have them. we talk and do homework.

    i can't wait to see what will happen next!!!

  7. lisette

    happy bday
    thank you
    i'm so glad quizlet has been saving our hands (and our paper) for two years! yay!

  8. Andrew

    @Paul: Noted. Those are definitely good suggestions and they're worth implementing.

    @BananaizaFunnyFruit: Nice work. Thank you!

    @Ann, Grant, a_monkey, Lucy, lisette: It's really nice to see your warm fuzzies :) Thanks!

  9. Xatu

    congrats on the college thing!!!

  10. Margaret


  11. acbulldog57

    Happy Birthday Quizlet!
    Andrew, keep up the good work! Also good luck and congratulations on college visits!

  12. Grant

    About the PM system...

    It might be useful to put enable a title feature, as often the first couple letters in a PM don't give you any idea of what the message contains.

  13. BananaizaFunnyFruit

    awesome the new modes for the sets are so cool i can't wait to try them out :!:

  14. BananaizaFunnyFruit do i enter images:?:

  15. Grant

    I don't think that's a feature, currently.

    Though it's been asked for several times.

  16. Grant

    It might work to allow the <img src= code in the term.

    Though there would have to be a filter to stop malicious coding... Maybe only .png/.jpeg/.gif formats?

    I have no idea if this would be possible, and an image scaling system would have to be implemented...

  17. :!

  18. bArReL rAcIn RoKs!

    hApPy BiRtHdAy QuIzLeT!

  19. Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

    You have done a great job.

    I am not sure were to post this:
    Will you add more alphabets, like those that write from left to write?

  20. hppy b-day

  21. happy b-day to u

  22. alex

    I love quizlet

  23. BananaizaFunnyFruit

    hmmm... thnks grant..
    but i tried .jpeg and it didnt work :(
    well, nm its gone now i think it was only there for a lil bit.
    thnks anyway :lol:

  24. tcchsgirl33804

    i wonder where we will be going next ior i guess we will stay in the same spot as we are now.
    I love you quizlet.

  25. Happy birthday from DAN RIVER MIDDLE SCHOOL

  26. neverendingpi

    ...I wish it was my birthday

  27. firey-fun

    happy b day i wish you a happy one

  28. firey-fun

    happy brth day toyou happy brith day to you happy brithday dear quizlet happy brith day to you and many more on chanel four and scoobydo on chanel two:);)

  29. firey-fun


  30. munchkin

    Happy B-day Quizlet! I wish I could do as much for you as you did for me!;););););)

  31. rachel

    happy b-day quizlet lol its amazzzing!!!!

  32. ribymi

    SWEET its my mom's birthday too

  33. Ryan

    Everyone else focuses in on quizlets 'birthday', but as another high school student, I would like to comment on my jealousy. I can't find time to code at all, let alone and get 'MIT grades'!

    Are you sending code samples with your ED MIT app? Or just a link to quizlet? ;)

    Good Luck with everything Andrew


  34. Becca

    WoW! this site is amazing!
    thank you Andrew! keep
    up the good work! :)

  35. TK Noodles

    Happy BDAY TO QUIZLET!!!


    I think I am going to cry... T~T

    Congratulations on the college thing Andrew!!! :)

  36. BNB222SG

    yppah yadhtrib telziuq!!!!

    Read it backwards....

    i wish i can be as smart as you andrew to create these kind s of stuff... ;) ;) ;) ;)

  37. arrsuhnal95

    happy b-day quizlet
    hope there will be more koolio things on this website!!:)

  38. goats-girl

    happy b-day hope you have a lot more fun for the year and all the years to come:)

  39. goats-girl

    :) :)

  40. Grant

    Hey! I was wondering if there are any Greasemonkey scripts for Weebly?

    (mainly disabling the chat for yourself so you don't slack off while visiting your group page, but without annoying everyone else?)

  41. Yo


  42. Mario (super 64)

    :D I love you quizlet! Thanks for everything!
    English grade: 94% --> 97%
    Thanks Quizlet! :D

  43. firey-fun

    :):):):):) happy b-day i just cant stop telling every one he he he he he :):):):):):)

  44. jessica

    hiiii rock on quizlet you are smarter than all the teachers put together you rule

  45. footballdudet

    whuz up quizlet!!!!! I absolutely luuuv your site. It rox!!!

  46. turtle1222

    thanx quizlet!! u have helped me and my class study 4 EVERYTHING, from geometry 2 spanish 2 science.

  47. firey-fun

    happy brith day even thouth tons of peaple alread told you o well i'll send it any way :):):):):):):)

  48. pinkluver16


  49. firey-fun

    i have sent you tons of mesages o well no one cares:!:

  50. Patrck


  51. Elizabeth

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  52. CaRoLiNe***

    Hey! AWESOME job! I love quizlet and have a HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! Hope u have fun! THANX SO MUCH 4 MAKIN QUIZLET I LOVE IT AND SO DO MY FRNDS! THANX

  53. TayTay

    whooo go quizlet ur 2 years old such and accopmlishment :)

  54. Wyatt Stein

    That is Awesome, but who cares about that in till it's old (10-20). :()

  55. ms

    Happy delayed Birthday! That is so cool. Happy delayed Halloween, also! Quizlet is AWESOME because I don't have to make flashcards anymore. Anyway, HAPPY B-DAY!!!!

  56. PandazRule

    i just entered and i just read that it was that second birthday of quizlet so... HAPPY SECOND BIRTDAY QUIZLET! .:-:. (random dots)

  57. PandazRule

    oh and it's not really 6:17, i just live in a different time zone

  58. PandazRule


  59. Happy b-day quizlet!!! u rock!!

  60. missyc

    Happy B-Day Quizlet! You Are Cool!!!!

  61. Tommy

    Happy birthday
    You are getting to be a grown up now you are what an accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Yazza

    Happy Birthday Quizlet!
    And created by a person our age(teenager)lol!!
    Great work it's soooo handy, very smart invention!

  63. Yazza


  64. PandasRule

    Quizlet rocks! you rock! Ur awesome! :cool:

  65. kmarieo13

    good job Andrew! I just LUV Quizlet

  66. tpatek

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    QUIZLET ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GREAT JOB ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. ChEmWen

    man, happy birthday! I could never figure out how to make a website, seems so complicated. well you rock and happy b day!

  68. Jake


  69. happy birthday

  70. zumiezchick

    happy birthday yays for you!!!!

  71. pudding monkey

    happy late birthday
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you!
    Yay! Funky monkeys

  72. quizlet is :cool: quizlet is one of my most favorite websites :mrgreen:

  73. KKK

    Quizlet is AMAZING!!! :)

  74. KKK

    This is one of my most favorite webstites too! :)



  76. britt362

    hay andrew thanks for making quizlet can u put like a icons list so people will know all the smiley faces

  77. britt362

    happy b-day quizlet

  78. ?

    yaya for quizlet

  79. allie

    Happy Birthday Quizlet! Does anyone know any other faces besides these? :? :) :( :twisted: :mrgreen: :P :D :O ;) :cool: :lol: :?: :!:

  80. :shock: i am in shock that quizlet is such a good sight me and my friends think taht quizlet rocks

  81. allie

    thanks anonymous thats a cool one! :shock: does anybody else know some?

  82. jessica

    :oops: did i do somethin wrong/

  83. allie

    fantabulous jessica! :oops: that one is awesome

  84. Hunter

    Cool. I think it's a nice site, and it will be cool when it's 5 years old!

  85. Hunter


  86. LILLY

    Cogratulations Quizlet!!!!!!!
    I am so excited to be a member on this website!It's amazing..................=)


  87. hamster101

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Anonymous

    happy b day i did nt know quiz let had been here this long

  89. Nicole L

    happy birthday quizlet my birthday is Nov. 2nd YAY!!!!!!!

  90. Rose

    :D............. too bad i just herd of this site :/...... But i love it! ;P

  91. redryder

    Happy Birthday

  92. LittleButtercup

    i love quizlet!

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