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Quizlet Embed: Now Featuring Speller!

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Did you know you can embed Quizlet into any website or blog, including Edmodo?

Well, we just added Speller, too, so you can now embed Flashcards, Learn, Scatter, or Speller anywhere.

How to embed a Quizlet study set

In the upper left corner of any Quizlet set page, click on the "Link or embed" link.

This will display a popup that lets you link to the set itself or any of the study modes:

Copy and paste the link and you're good to go!

For detailed instructions on how to embed with Edmodo, see our Embedding FAQ.


  1. living4christ317

    Yah! Quizlet is an amazing website and this makes it even better that I can put my quizlet's on my website/blog! Thanks Will!

  2. TonyDagher-mazing


  3. schiefm


  4. Masalman17

    Quizlet is the next apple.
    It is the best way to study vocab!
    I use it for my Spanish and English Classes.

  5. hannahvictoria4


  6. magnoliagrace

    Whaaaat??? NO way.

  7. superolly313

    This website is truly amazing !!

  8. LittleButtercup

    This is the best way to learn to spell your vocab and spelling words!!!!!!!!!

  9. RJR2000

    wow 9 comments?

  10. charlote

    love this website

  11. XxILikePie03

    Why I played Space Race and got #1. I signed up and it didn't give me my score troll riot !

  12. Keekee12

    i plaed space race it is great.. i got a 100 on it..

  13. Keekee12

    just studied for the vocabulary word pasted them alll..........!!!!!!

  14. J_crow

    Dang we need this in TXs school districts our school is boring

  15. funsized101

    I like this idea it is a really cool way to learn our spelling and vocabulary words. Before this I practically hated vocabulary and spelling words now it is slot easier to deal with and I have more fun studying my words and I am getting better grades!B-) B-) B-) :-P
    Love quizlets ;-)

  16. Jatonac

    This is the best website I have ever seen

  17. Jatonac

    Mrs. Blackston is the best!!!!!!!!!

  18. lmay13


  19. Stephanie_Curry

    this is great.

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