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Quizlet for Elementary School Teachers


Quizlet's audio and image features make words come alive for elementary school students. And since Quizlet's open to students of all ages, all your students can create Quizlet accounts.

Here are some ways to use Quizlet in the Elementary School Classroom.

Sight Words

Create a set of Sight Words for your students to practice. They can use Speller with audio-support to learn vocabulary with letter-by-letter corrections.


Bring the alphabet alive with images added from our improved Flickr search. Or add your own images with Quizlet PLUS.

Hands On

Create a set of flashcards on Quizlet for your 4th grade class and then use Quizlet's printing options to hand out review sheets or make real flashcards for a game of Go Fish.

Accounts for Students under 13

Students of any age can sign up for Quizlet so that they can track their progress and create their own materials. Students under 13 must sign up with a parent's email address and their parent must confirm the account.

Let us know if you have any questions or tips you'd like to share about using Quizlet in your classroom. We're here to help at Quizlet Feedback.


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    Ummmm, I like the creative ideas...... FIRST CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENT!

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    @cara-ghost are you saying that Quizlet for Elementary School Teachers is not useful?

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    yeah. twelfth.

  11. imkrazy100 this is about quizlet opening up for all ages... you should be talking about things quizlet can do to get better, not what rank you are in with comments....


    wow Quizlet is really opening up to every one now

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    This is pretty good!

  14. sarah_maloy1

    What a great tool for a team of teachers. Each teacher could load their subject and share the workload. It would also help eliminate human error when making tests and creating a uniform set of expectations. If you give the studeents all of the flashcards, then there is no question when you generate the test from the flashcards. Kudos.

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    Sarah, that would be great if we were only testing the lowest level of thinking. Let's get past that, please. I know we have to start there, but we need to go beyond that.

  16. MrAReyes TEACHER

    Yes it is true that quizlet is mainly used for the lower level thinking skills like remembering facts. However, it can be used as a springboard to interest a young elementary or middle school student in more complex topics like learning a new language. Currently I am trying to introduce my GATE 6th graders to some basic latin. They are becoming very interested in latin and how it relates to modern languages. It helps to expand conversations and is a springboard for inquisitive students to explore other things like languages or even applying their knowledge of math to word problems found on quizlet.

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    How do you become an admin?

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    Yea! I'm in 5th grade!

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