Hey all--

We've made a ton of progress so far on our big January push. We're finishing up the last touches on Facebook Connect, the iPhone app is coming along well, and one of our super secret projects is on track to make a big splash.

In order to communicate quickly, I've decided to get a Quizlet Twitter account. Is Quizlet down? Having issues? There's a good chance you'll find some quick info on Twitter. I've been skeptical of Twitter for awhile, but with all the chatter about it these days (see this awesome super bowl visualization, I figured I'd give it a try.

That's all for now, just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Expect some big things in the next couple weeks :)


  1. AM


  2. :)

    Kewlio! :)

  3. vince

    can't wait for the iPhone app... been waiting/ hoping for an extremely long time that you would make one....

  4. Furedei Kun

    Thanks! :)

  5. Furedei Kun

    And for all you forum lovers, the message on the "Help and Feature" section might be something you'll be happy about.

  6. jemiljan

    Now, if only the iPhone could handle Perso-Arabic scripts.

  7. apple

    can you make people under 13 able to be on quizlet first,My brother is pulling his hair out about it!!!:(

  8. octaviusB

    so there you have it, some better news than the horrible message in January. Maybe soon they'll bring the forums back!
    Also, Furedi Kun, what do you mean by in the "help and feature section there will be a message about the forums?" I looked and couldn't find it! I'll look again

  9. Shane

    Is there going to be mobile site? That would be really helpful.

  10. jonasbrothersfan8

    cool! about the twitter thing and stuff. now we'll know when quizlet is having issues or problems and thing like that.:):mrgreen:

  11. jonasbrothersfan8

    srry about the smiley thingys that messed up

  12. colts1887

    #$%*! that sucks

  13. langarts

    gives us bac our private messages n lik our forums

  14. langarts


  15. langarts

    aw that didnt work
    o well!

  16. ?

    Yeah, please! My friends lost their accounts, and we are using it to study for vocabulary! They had over 500 scores each! THey are very upset!

  17. gmoney


  18. ?????

    so does that mean that Andrew is bringing the pm's and forums back, cuz it says that under what you are able to do we are able to sent pm's and talk on forums

  19. private messages

    it would be great to be able to have the private messages back! I loved talking on that! Now everyone has to see what I say! NNNOOO!

  20. quasar

    It is good that all the forums, pm's, etc. are removed. This site was slowly edging away from the idealistic study haven that it was meant to be. Near none of the forums were about anything academic, what they should be. If left alone, this site will become just another social networking site. It is good to see that somebody will try to prevent that. For those who wan't to only talk, this just isn't the site for it: this site was meant to study.

  21. Michael

    I wonder what the 'super secret' project is. I dont think that totally removing forums and pms was neccesary. Possibly the public forums, but not the group forums or pms.

  22. BP

    ipod app

  23. furedeikun

    @ octaviusB:

    Go to the "Help and Features" page located near the top in the brown taskbar. Click on it, and where it says "With a FREE Quizlet Account, you can..." and look at Number 6.

  24. cube37

    i agree w/ forums gone, but private messages are useful. especially if ur teacher has an acc. and u dnt wanna ask in front of every1 in group chat...

    often, in my case...


  25. cube37

    furedeikun- nice observation, needs editing

  26. Michelle

    Thank you so much and great improvement:);):mrgreen::!:

  27. Michelle

    Why doen't it do the smilies?

  28. Michelle


  29. Michelle


  30. Lorleolando

    Quizlet is my MMORPG.

  31. kGarrett12

    Quizlet is not an MMORPG it is not a game at all. If it was a game it would suck because that PM's are gone. In Help and Features it says you can send and receive Private Messages. I have no Idea how we were doing something wrong. You say it was because we were sending spam and other stuff but ANDREW put advertisements on this site too. I am not so sure that very many people use this "Study Haven" for it's original purpose. You said we could send messages in Help and features but it is all a lie. Post a Message That says " I Want PM's Back" if you agree with me and " I Don't want PM's Back" if you Don't. Let's see how many "loyal" quizlet users there are!

  32. "I Don't want PM's Back"
    Quizlet is finally getting back to its orginal purpose.
    I was sad when the forums and PMs were first taken away, but i truly see the reason in Andrew's choice.
    You rock, Andrew! Keep it up! I'm so excited for what is to come on Quizlet!

  33. qbscarlie

    oh, thats cool...
    i agree with bringing back pm's
    and making users under 13 able to access quizlet...
    but i do see your point

  34. wow. this is turning into the same discussion as the other blog thing. u must be either very a)bored b)upset or c) obsessed

  35. anonymous

    i agree that PM's should not be put back on there is no reason for them unless you have a question about homework and you have a landline/cellphone for that. however i do agree that users under thirteen should be allowed again.

  36. Raj


  37. irsmart

    Facebook Connect is great.

    I still think there is something to the PMs, though. Even though quizlet is a study site, students need to connect to each other and not all of us have a facebook account. It was much easier to moderate a group when I could ask people questions and answer questions without searching around for an email/phone number.

    Though the forums were useful, I think that functionality can be replaced with facebook.

    I'm excited to see what's coming up and won't make any judgments until I see the features myself!

    Great job with quizlet.

  38. EmmaCremean

    I would like Quizlet more if it had the PMs again. I was able to do the PMs before and I loved Quizlet but now its just okay.

  39. SpencerM

    Changing the site is great. I am a teacher and now I can let my students use this at school. Thank you, this is a great tool.

  40. langarts

    im under 13, im lik 11
    im allowed on
    mayb cuz im usin mi sista's email!!

  41. sezme

    hope we can use it offline some.
    also hope any Iphone ap works on ITouch also.

    maybe android app also

  42. OMG its jus you

    go narnia! go gaiaonline(dot)com!

  43. John

    Could you please also work on an iGoogle application? That'd be great :)

  44. Jules

    That iPhone app will be amazing when it's ready! A real life saver

  45. Rooster

    what's twitter????? & ?'s iphone app????? HELP

  46. Twig

    The "Under 13" thing is a law. Maybe some basic features of Quizlet should be made available for download, to be used offline.

  47. Fuk u

    When is the quizlet app coming out on the iPhone? I like the thing u r doing:mrgeen: tell me about the iphone app as soon as possible asap

  48. Dance Queen

    Coolio lol

  49. Poody

    I really want private messages back!! i mean the help and features is okay i guess, but i think we should get forums and our private messages back!!! :|______:|Pluzzzz

  50. amk94

    For the curious lay-person, why is it that iPhone apps seem so much quicker to make than do ones for Blackberry or other mobiles? I'll be patient, and thank you for looking out for the good of all students - you're a genuine inspiration, and I'm 3x your age.

  51. Tim

    I dont like this what is the point of haveing it

  52. Tim

    I want to get an i phone

  53. Branden

    i think this program should be terminated and shut down i broke my phone from this

  54. dunkmasterT

    i noticed that there are no more private messages or forums. why?

  55. CTisawesome

    the private messages and forums helped out alot. i can understand taking away forums, ppl were starting to swear and spam ALOT on forums, but private messages were PRIVATE. nobody else could view them. and if there was an "ignore this user" box that would block any messages from that person. i no private messages helped me out alot.

  56. Poody

    I think this whole thing should go back to how they had it before!! with Pms and Forums and ALL that!!!!

  57. can we have a mobile version of this site available? I would love it for my Blackberry. Most of my class has blackberries now that it's required for our nursing classes...so it would be useful.

  58. anonymous


  59. Anti censure

    Andrew please don't censure again my message.

    if you want a nice local software for flash cards studying without needing internet conection, look for parley (for linux).

    People with ubuntu linux:
    sudo apt-get install parley

  60. Antonio


    Just for those people that doesn

  61. omnipsi

    Facebook integration is almost done according to Andrew! Thanks

  62. istbe1251

    To be honest, I didn't even notice that PMs were gone until I read that people were upset. I see no MAJOR reason for them, especially if this is a site designed around studying. I know that we use Quizlet at my school, and I think it was a total waste of time when people used PMs to talk to someone else sitting three chairs down from them in the library. In my opinion, if you want a social networking site, Quizlet is not right for you, but if you want a site that will help you study, then Quizlet is definitely the best.

  63. Confused & Advice Giver

    Well I would still enjoy it if the Private Messages were back. I was able to ask people private questions and no one else could read them. I think it was a good idea to HAVE them. So PLEASE put them back!!!

  64. Cynta Ehrlich

    On your state capitals, I got this answer:
    Hartford ? Kentucky
    INCORRECT: This is true, but you marked it false.

    Not true!

  65. hungry

    hi everyone :) i like pie

  66. julie

    hey we can't send messeges any more to friends? that stinks! That was my fav feature!!!!!!!

  67. dzhou

    As discussed before, the reason private messaging and forums are down is because people abused them. I would personally like them back, but I would still ask people to stop the "I want PMs back" or "I hate PMs" tirades.

    My only problem with the current applications is its compatibility with school. Currently, my school allows us access to Quizlet, but Twitter and Facebook are blocked. This was one of the main reasons Quizlet's forums served a better purpose for me than the new programs.

    I'm just curiuos: are the forums and private messaging gone for good? Or are you trying to make them more user friendly?

  68. Cheese10

    I want a site like a myspace, but with less swearing and more privacy

  69. huh??

    Hold on there. I don't get anything that is going on. Something with a privite message? I'm new here so I really don't know. May someone please help me!

  70. its still me

    hey, yo, you can chat on here. LETS CHAT! The next person will be still me.

  71. (the real me)

    wow. aditya, you are retarded

  72. delta-09

    hey guys, hows it going

  73. jeffrey

    mighty fine

  74. sailor001

    I am new to quizlet in general. How do you make a web page?

  75. BPender

    I have just finshed a book.


    Freckle Juice

    I really enjoyed reading that book.
    I took a test on it and then i got a 100%


    bayleigh pender

  76. brantford1

    yah now bring back the privet messages

  77. nura

    hey everyone my name is nura and i just join this the website Quizlet and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!1

  78. nura

    it helps my study in this web site and i want to say it is owesome!!!

  79. I Agree

    He has a point

  80. Andrew

    BTW-any comment with profanity will be deleted immediately. Anyone with problems is welcome to email me at andrew@...

  81. boucheza

    iam 13 you know that guys my birthday is August 21, 1995. when bi was a baby people thought i was a girl because i had nice blue eyes and thought i was cute. But iam a boy. Iam the best argressive players on the football feild they call me the Zac the animal Boucher iam one the best in the city of South Portand Maine

  82. (:)

    wait, whats the iphone feature again?

  83. (:)

    i guess the smiley didn't work

  84. aniket96

    Is there another software like Parley for Mac?

  85. anonymous

    Did any of you guys watch the 3D Jonas Brothers movie at the rave?
    it was awesome

  86. nura

    hey what r u doing

  87. that sounds great and all but could u pleeeezzzeeee make us able to put profile pictures on here that would be the bomb. and make the age limit 12. love the sire- Raichel

  88. Hi

    You spelled "Site" wrong.

  89. Headcrab Zombie

    Cool. Twitter updates is a good idea, are you still going to use the YouTube channel as well?

  90. boucheza

    I Have not ben to quizlet because i have ben getting in trouble with the printer and my computer has ben not working at school

  91. Hi

    When is the Super Secret Project coming?

  92. Hi

    When is the Super Secret Project coming? PLEASE REPLY ANDREW!

  93. Hi

    Raise your hand (Or in this case reply) if you play lacrosse!

  94. watup

    no way!

  95. this is a one time thing

    i was informed that the PMs would be brought back.
    i'd like to know the truth.

  96. John Freeman Who Was Gordon Freeman's Brother

    I thought the removal of forums and PM's was temporary.

    Maybe we should just email him instead.

  97. Newcomer

    Hey guys,
    I'm kinda new to quizlet but too whoever thought of the website, props to you. You rock. I took two medical terminology tests last week and aced both of them for the first time ever:) Anyways I don't really know what you guys were talkin bout with the PM's, but I agree that this isn't a place to talk to friends all day. That is what Myspace, Facebook, and AIM are for, so if you don't want to study but talk to friends, your at the wrong place.

  98. yogo

    that not really that great

  99. lala

    My dad has an Iphone and now he uses it ALL the time! Even when we play things like scrabble. He uses it to look up words.

  100. lala

    You rock Andrew! Quizlet is awesome! Now I don't have to look through all of my books and ask my sister to test me on my Latin.

  101. watup

    ho and ho?

  102. lala

    What is the Super Secret Project? And how do you know about it if it's "super secret?"

  103. Tiger

    My messages! There gone how come my messages are gone! Ahhhh! I didn't write any profanity!

  104. lala

    We know you didn't write profanity Tiger. STOP FREAKING OUT! You're annoying me!

  105. lala

    sorry. :cry:

  106. Tiger

    Oops Technical error. I meant sorry. Not Lala heehee. :mrgreen:

  107. lala

    That's okay. I was just feeling grumpy. You're ALWAYS being weird so I'm used to it.

  108. Tiger

    I'm not always weird just sometimes.

  109. lala

    Okay, maybe you're only weird 23 hours a day.. but still!

  110. Tiger

    I'm probably only weird like 12 Hours a day. Plus sometimes I'm not weird all day. :smile:

  111. mATT DEROY


  112. myspacefreakk

    i think twitter is like, a place for effin stalkerss...
    and i think that think should allow people under thirteen.
    and we should get private messages back.

  113. guess who?


  114. Tiger

    I think we should get back private messages too! :!:

  115. lala

    I prefer having private messages.

  116. Tiger

    Do any of you know about American Idol?

  117. Tiger

    My sister thinks Adam is going to win.

  118. Tiger

    My sister thinks Adam is going to win.

  119. Tiger

    oops technical error

  120. Tiger

    Sigh. Nobody answers me.

  121. lala

    I'm back! When I logged on yesterday I couldn't get here! I have no idea why! I clicked on Twitter but it just loaded, and loaded, and loaded, it took forever! I feel very talkative right now. Sorry if it's annoying. Hey Tiger, which sister thinks Adam is going to win? Lauren?

  122. lala

    Gotta go study now! See you all later!

  123. lala

    "smile" "grin" "mrgreen" "

  124. lala

    Ah! It didn't work! Hmm... "?"

  125. lala

    Hee hee! I was doing " " instead of : :

  126. lala

    Well that clears some things up! :!:

  127. sissy7

    wat is twiter?.....i feel so out of the loop!

  128. lala

    Actually it's spelled Twitter. (sorry. I'm sort of a spelling freak)

  129. lala

    Twitter is... kind of like facebook I guess.

  130. lala

    sissy7, did you just start using Quizlet?

  131. lala

    I kind of write in groups. One day I'll write nothing, the next I'll write 30 comments about anything that has been written! (or haven't you guys noticed?)

  132. lala

    I'm going to go study now. *sigh*
    Wish me luck!

  133. Tiger

    Lauren does want think Adam going to win American Idol

  134. lala

    Tiger, you really need to work on your grammar! I don't really know what you wrote!

  135. myfriendizacheezit

    adam lambert iz gonna win aamerican idol by a longshot

  136. Tiger

    myfriendizacheezit you are totally right if Adam doesn't win the crowd will be in an uproar.

  137. john madigan

    bad idea

  138. myfriendizacheezir

    I cant belive the ugly and horrible singer kriz one

  139. myfriendizacheezit

    well he iz still ugly

  140. lil' nicky

    hey guys Idk what to write b/c i am new and Idk what PMs are but I hope that they come back so every1 will b happy and as for Tiger i feel bad for you you get ignored constantly i think you are interesting ttyl
    lil' nicky
    ps i totaly heart dis site

  141. lil' nicky

    oh and btw Andrew sounds cool every1 mentions him well l8r

  142. boucheza

    hi guys

  143. boucheza

    you guys miss me

  144. boucheza

    whats up

  145. its been so long since ive done smileys

    who really gives a :mad:

  146. its been so long since ive done smileys

    lulz :mrgreen: i think you guys suck!

  147. constantine

    killer post, u just helped me big time. thanks

  148. sierraah_andiheartbreak

    this sitee is awsome you learn alot of new things and thee spanish lessons aree great!(:

  149. Mrz.Book Smarts

    ya sierraah_andiheartbreak it is cool and it does help alot. And i like the spanish lessons to

  150. Mrz.Book Smarts

    any one onn

  151. Mrz.Book Smarts


  152. Fly4eva1RS

    AWESOME!!! :mrgreen: !!!

  153. cupcakes615

    hay i just join blog wit me

  154. hey

    wow the games r awseome

  155. ok....

    well i love this website

  156. ohh snap

    your talking about me huhu??

  157. ohh snap


  158. ohh snap

    im watching you

  159. ohh snap

    im just kidding

  160. Quizlet Saved my Life

    Wow I simply can't wait for the iPod app. Please make a large announcement when it comes out.

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