Okay so I've been crazy busy lately, and I've finally got a moment to post about what's been happening. On Tuesday, April 15 I was interviewed about Quizlet on the "Morning Show with Mike and Juliet" -- it's a nationally syndicated morning show on FOX. It was short, but I really enjoyed it and meeting everyone there was super fun.

The Chauffeur

So here's the story: That week I was visiting MIT's campus preview weekend (1000% awesome) and I got a call from the producers of the show and they invited me to come to New York City for it. So I took a couple days off from school and took the short trip from Boston to New York City. They paid for the flight, a nice hotel, and chauffeur service all around. Just to keep the record clear, I am NOT a millionaire :o)All during the day preceding the show I was making lots of phone calls and doing programming to prepare for a day of mega-traffic. I also got in a decent amount of time to check out the sights of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Fox sent us a car to pick us up at the hotel, even though the studio was just one block away from the hotel. It actually took much longer for them to drive us than it would have taken to walk, because of all the one-way streets and the crazy New York traffic.

Getting my makeup done

When we got to the studio, I got to lounge around with the other guests of the morning for awhile, then the producers prepped me on questions. They didn't prep me on the last one though - that was a complete surprise, and for half a second I panicked before I remembered that a cow = une vache (yay Quizlet!). I briefly did makeup (just a little foundation, I guess is what they call it) and they moved a couple of strands of hair and called it a day. Before I knew it, I was onstage, and I was off just as soon. I was surprisingly relaxed -- you don't get the feeling that a bajillion people are watching you on TV because you can't seem them watching you!I left the studio right after my segment (I didn't stick around for American Idol's Michael Johns' performance...) because I wanted to make sure Quizlet was going to stay afloat with the deluge of traffic. It did indeed get pretty slow, but it never went down. We've made some pretty significant architecture changes (I definitely have some smart and talented people working on the servers now) and so the site should be pretty snappy these days, and getting snappier all the time.

And then we were off again, flying back to Oakland (can't miss any more school!) ... And that was the trip. Très Amusant!

Random note: You may have noticed the new tagging suggestions feature on the Create Set page and the switch from spaces to commas as separators for tags. In general I think the tagging system is more robust now. It also takes foreign language words as tags now, whereas before it only took numbers and the English alphabet.


  1. Neil Kelty

    Sounds like a pretty amazing experience. Hopefully, Good Morning America calls soon. :)

  2. Drummer

    how did quizlet grow so fast

  3. drummist


  4. Drummer boy

    how did quizlet grow so fast?

  5. Drum major


  6. psionic

    Congratulations! You deserve to be recognized!

  7. HI andrew

    AWESOME DUDE IM SO PROUD THAT people actuallycare about kids

  8. woojoo

    Congratulations! I hope site traffic grows!

    Maybe it's time to bring out those ads...

  9. abarbieri

    Greetings from Switzerland,
    Glad to hear that Quizlet is becoming a great success story for you. Extremely glad to hear that your taking care of the server response times, I understand the surge in usage growth caused the recent problems, I use the sight 2-3 times weekly now , it really helps me keep up with my German course vocab and allows access from work/home. That being said, I really rely on the performance, it throws off my timing when I have to wait 5 seconds for the term to be checked. So keep up the good work and the server response times!

  10. joshchacko

    Congratulations Andrew!! You saved us all

  11. moo cow

    how did quizlet grow so fast

  12. Bernadette Ann

    Oh my goodness... I just want to thank this website! I'm a freshman in college and I was struggling in Spanish class. I have to maintain a 3.0 GPA to keep my scholarship and Spanish class was my only struggle so far. About 2 weeks ago I googled the meaning of a word and this website came up. I favorited the site and put it in the back of my mind. So I was messing around one day and decided to make an account and create a set for one of my chapters. The next Friday we had a test on the vocab. I got a 95%! I cried I was so happy. haha and the only reason I didn't get a 100% wasn't because I didn't know the meaning of the words I just got confused with the question.

    So thank you Andrew!

  13. 13clippay

    (cool. e. o)

  14. ROFLMO

    numbzors that was stupid and corny.


  15. california congrats!

    hey andrew! great job! millionaire or not, you not only help us with our SAT memorization, but you also inspire kids out there that we teenagers can come up with our own solutions. Great job! Have fun at MIT!

  16. Chels Says Good Luck

    Good, Good. Thats rather lovely news. But I hope for even greater news in the future!

    Good Jod.

  17. jedi41435

    Congratulations, Andrew!

    (BTW: Where does one post technical problems? I have an issue with IE 7 and this web page.)


  18. defco69

    hey andrew... i am really enjoying using quizlet to learn the super challenging chinese language... this site has inspired me to continue my daily studies... and i love the way i can easily reuse the data to create new tests or combine quizzes to create a cummulative test of all terms studied... i love the space race game... and now i'm able to get even more mileage out of your site by combining it with www.nciku.com to cut and paste the chinese and pinyin characters directly into quizlet... i'm sure with your testing tool i will learn chinese much faster than i could have ever imagined... keep up the great work and i look forward to seeing further innovations... cheers, david ;~)

  19. too bad it was fox. most evil network in teh world... well, that shouldve reached alot of sheeple. now ur website will surely boom

    enjoy the "american dream", i noe u worked hard for it.
    if u do become wealthy, please dont become a greedy asshole. buy a car that runs off water and invest in some solar panel plant.. and move to europe.. this country is goign to hell...

    w.e live ur own life, just... use your gifts to do good for this planet

  20. Puella29

    Cool! I'm very happy Quizlet's getting so popular! :D
    I can't wait to see it on Good Morning America (it's only a matter of time)
    Quizlet is amazing, after all. My Latin teacher showed Quizlet to the class, and we use it all the time now! It deserves all its fame!


  21. gummybear10234

    I think your site is really great because it helps me with tests and I can talk to my friends easier. Keep up the good work!:)

  22. Rob

    Good on you mate, you should be proud.

    Congratulations from the UK.

  23. Zach

    I was home sick and I saw that show and that is why I am using it now ^_^

  24. Marisa

    wow Congradulations!!

  25. Chocoa

    woot woot go Andrew!! ive been using quizlet for about a year or more now...it rocks!! thanks so much :D

  26. wow that is amazing!!!!

  27. neebleh woman

    yeah, that N.Y traffic can be pretty rough. I attended a comic con a few weeks back, and the traffic was TERRIBLE! But wow man, that sounded pretty cool. Glad you had fun :D

  28. grayhound

    thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. OhYeahImAwesome

    !thats awesomeness!

  30. ShadowDragon


  31. Sean

    lol you stole the show man! Congrats from Bristol,UK :)

  32. lilazngal

    Wow !
    Congratulations to you!

  33. A person

    wow it sure is annoying when people post long comments trying to sound important...

  34. Xatu

    Hey Andrew,
    Love the new design. I was wondering, what kind of HTML program did you use to create the site? I sorta looks like ColdFusion but i don’t know.
    Thanks in advance,

  35. Wongtong

    You're the best. (:

  36. sladik

    I feel so ignorant! i never knew u were under 30! nice going!

  37. annalise12

    you go andrew!!!!! =0) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!

  38. Another Person

    How do you make money?

  39. hobbits_rule

    wow! national tv! congratulations, Andrew!

  40. mcm2244

    that's incredibly ah-mazing !!!!!!!!! Like everyone in my grade has a quizlet and we ALWAYS make sets and share them with each other! They help sooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  41. cmh0114

    Who cares if you're a millionaire? You deserve to be, with all of us who probably have an extra point or two on our GPA thanks to you. :)
    BTW, if you're going to MIT, woojoo is probably right: you should post some ads on here. Nothing too blatant or obnoxious, just a few ads to fill up empty space on the site and in your wallet. I doubt anyone will mind if its just one or two ads off to the side on a page, and you'll make some money that way. Either way, great job and keep up the good work!

  42. 11mcgrath

    u deserved to be on that.

  43. you wish you knew

    wow, that sounds awesome! congrats, that must've been fun!

    i really love this site, it's a great, fun way to study and makes the lives of lots of people easier!

  44. Chillin07

    omg thats awsum! quizlet grew pratty fast!!!

  45. Anonymous

    That is so cool!

  46. Anynomous

    WOW8-O !! That's pretty amazing. Congrats and good luck.
    Everyone PLEAZE JOIN http://quizlet.com/group/15918/

  47. Anonymous

    That is awesome being on the show of M&J! I actually saw it this morning and the moment i got home, i signed up!!!
    good luck, i hope more people sing up

  48. Sonya

    I found your site though the Morning Show. It is good to watch some news and eat some breakfast at the same time. You inspired me to log on your site and uses it. I wish other people could realize how such an awesome site it is.

  49. mystery

    I think that you were pretty smart to think up a way to study just like a test by just pressing a button:!:

  50. chielacelouv


  51. NHW12345

    Wow! This is amazing! Quizlet is more famous than I remembered!

  52. Joy__Wells

    115th High Five!

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