Every day for the last couple weeks has been a record traffic day for us at Quizlet. It's awesome to see so many people using Quizlet -- we now have over 500,000 registered users and 3,000+ new ones per day. Quizlet users have uploaded more than 33,000,000 flashcards. Our traffic has grown 80% just over last week. Nice work, guys!

Some of you may have noticed some spotty service on Quizlet in the last few days. We've simply become overloaded with our popularity. Unfortunately for us, that means we have to bring the site down briefly to add more server capacity. We're going to do this sooner rather than later -- i.e. TODAY!

We're expecting to go down around 5pm EST for as many as 5 hours (if all goes well, it'll be less). We'll be keeping everyone updated on our quizlet twitter feed. We know it's short notice and extremely inconvenient, so thank you very much for your patience.


  1. maamy

    I am a new commer to quizlet and i want to say thank you. thanks to this site i have not just passed but aced tests.and of course i have told people about it.im sure u choose 5pm because thats the time that works for you, but that is about the time that me and all my friends and the rest of the work gets on.im glad its expanding, im glad your updating...but im going to cry if i fail...this site is truely amazing, ive told everyone about it...good luck and thank you so much!oh and thanks for the heads up.....back to flash cards it is

  2. yoo maaammma


  3. capousd

    Let me begin by saying that not only did I attend the classes that we offered but I also studied the material for every CTEL test that is on the Quizlet website. I was getting grade of 95 to 100% every time that I took those tests. Then low and behold I enter the domain of Magnolia HS. in Anaheim on June '13th' (Lucky for me), only to be completely confused and baffled by the agenda of questions that was on the CTEL test (All 3 of them). I took all 3 of the tests that day and was completely overwhelmed at the fact that the entire test was a metaphor for a 180 question case study exam, not to mention the 4 essays that I had to answer. If you expect someone to do well on a test I would suggest that someone out there should be aware of the fact that the practice tests on Quizlet should reflect what teachers will they will be confronted with on exam day. I studied matching,fill in the blanks,true/false, and short answered multiple questions, but much to my amazement all I saw was 180 multiple choice paragraph answers that were in a case study form.

  4. thefunkylama

    if you haveto have some online sort of study thing check out smart.fm which is like quizlet but not as nice. check it out if your flipping out.

  5. Yuechen

    Or, you know, quizlet is not your mother. You can study without it. You'll live.

  6. JordiS

    CONGRATULATIONS for your growth !

    Yoo maammma, as everybody knows, if you don't pay you don't have the right to demand and less in that way. I think.
    I'm sure that you can find some Quiz pages where you have to pay for use then and where you can complain for a tiny cut in the service for ampliation.

    In the modern world nothing it's free. If we don't pay for use QUIZLET, the owner has to do it for as: The hardware, the conection, the traffic, etc.
    Just with a simply dollar for every new user, the owner/s of QUIZLET will have enough money to buy a battery of super-servers and give as a service better than Google.
    I go right now to make my donation.

    Very good work and thank you very much for this site.

    Jordi S. (Spain)

  7. GritZ

    yoomaaammma YOU SUCK DUDE. You should be thankful this is a free site and it actually works well and helps with your studies. You shouldn't wait till the last minute to study for a big test anyway. They should ban you from the site just for being an a**hole.

    Keep up the good work guys. You have made going back to school much more pleasurable now that I have a place to study especially when I have a lot to memorize. Again keep up the good work and ignore idiots who can't appreciate a good thing when they see it.


  8. Ben

    Why not do it Saturday? That will be a lot more convenient for everybody

    Love the site, and great news to hear about new users!

  9. Pablo

    This can wait. people have to beable to study for things

  10. alicia

    Yup, I realized this last night when I had to study for a major and extremely hard science test. But no worries, I studied from flash cards (thankfully I had not relied completely on Quizlet XD), and I think I aced the test. I did get to use it around midnight (yup, I was up that late doing homework). So although I was frustrated to see Quizlet down, I completely understand. Keep up the great work - I'm sure you'll fix this easily, but remember to take a break and relax every once in a while. ^^

    yoo maaammma: Wow. Just wow. First of all, you should never rely completely on the internet. If your computer crashed, you'd have the same problem. Secondly, Andrew is not to blame. Actually, no one is to blame. It was simply the amount of site traffic that caused it to run slow and run down. I don't think you understand just how difficult it must be to run an entire website this successfully. If you want to use the computer to study, why don't you create your own website this amazing? I'd like to see it. And it's not anyone's business or responsibility if you have to repeat dental lab. Honestly. Calm down.

    Congrats again, Andrew. Keep up the good work. ^^

  11. ASnezz

    To point some things out, one, people will still be studying for tests on Sat. Two, we should probably stop giving him crap because he's making the site work better. Just saying.

  12. Brandon

    You guys are not funny. This is for people who actually need to study.

  13. soccer girl

    i think that quizlet is amazing and with out it i would probably fail alot of my test. i think we sould stop giving him crap because as a snezz said he is making it better so give him a break.

  14. Cong

    You all need to donate money to Andrew. Real servers cost lot of money.

  15. dancr

    yeah get a grip you can study w/ flashcards yo maaammmma. you should be grateful he s making it better plus be glad you dont have to pay

  16. hiktikchik23

    I love this site!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  17. squirrelonfire

    The vocabulary look up is instantaneous. Yesterday's upgrade was imperative.

  18. Jeff1920

    Thanks for the growth but I had a big Geography test. Is there any way that you could you the un updated version of quizlet while the new one is receiving updates

  19. anonymous

    hey yoomaaammma: Did you fail? I'm waiting to laugh. :roll:

  20. anonymous

    honestly guys, have you heard of smileys? :roll::mad::twisted::cry::sad::mrgreen::idea::eek::happy::wink:

  21. anonymous

    :mad: :twisted: :cry: :sad: :mrgreen: :idea: :eek: :happy: :wink: :roll:

  22. Good luck with the site's upkeep!

    This site is quick and easy, and well, I'm not into extra effort. Hehe

  23. anonymous:


  24. soccer girl


  25. The_Dude7689

    Thanks for the update!
    And Thank you ever so much for creating Quizlet, it's amazing!
    It's the only study tool I use now (besides actual flashcards lol)
    Great job, keep up the good work!
    And thank you again!

  26. Pirate_Yoho

    Thanks, Andrew! That updated was much-needed. :wink: Things go so much faster now -- excellent job! We all really appreciate it. <3

  27. pearlschess


  28. michael

    listen , this is an excellent FREE site that has helps a lot with your studies. Their are plenty of pay sites out their that aren't even half as good as quizlet. You shouldn't be studying for an exam at the last minute and you shouldn't be dependent on the site!!!

    Keep up the good work dude this site really helps you to learn information and i am going to donate some euro right now!!!

  29. ...

    Yeah. I guess a lot of people had to study. I know I had to too. But that's OK. I'm glad Quizlet is growing. Keep up the great work Quizlet!

  30. Anonymous

    Yoo maaammma: Maybe you'll actually learn your lesson this time. Have fun repeating...

  31. Iceydude168


  32. yoo mammmaaa

    everyone is making me cry and being mean. i failed my test and dont know what to do :(

  33. MP

    Wow. Just wow. I see the points of both sides of the argument, but this is ridiculous. yoo mammmaa flipped out. Wouldn't you if you had waited until the day before a test that decided whether you have to repeat or not? True, maybe she should have been more grateful, but this global hating really isn't right. I hope you all got a kick out of saying that you hope she (or he) failed. I hope you all fail.

    Andrew, congratulations! You have made a vast improvement on the system. I hope realize that some teachers now MAKE their students use this website for flash cards (i.e. mine). It is just a testament to this site's success. Thank you!!!
    P.S. I will GLADLY pay a fee for this website. It's worth every penny.

  34. (twisted)

  35. soccer girl

    :lol: today quizlet helped me make a 96 on a wordstudy quiz YES!!!!!!!

  36. Treeface40

    This improvement came up really fast. I'm on one day and there's about 100 users on, you know, the average amount. The next day I come on and there are 1,000+!!! What the heck!!! But its good that more people are starting to find out about this since its such a good study source. But I'd make more servers because of so many people finding out about it. Keep up the good work, Quizlet!! :D :D :D :D :mrgreen:


  37. thanks so much! quizlet has helped me SO much :)

  38. smallhawk

    maamy, if u claim u get all A's, why did u spell 'truly' wrong?

  39. sportygirl

    I LOVE QUIZLET!!!!!!!
    like everyone else, i have aced tests and i just wanna say thx.

  40. sportygirl

    :) :) :) :)

  41. J

    I am missing answers in law because of the spelling errors of the test writers. Unless I spell the answer incorrectly exactly as they did, I get marked wrong. It makes it difficult to accurately gauge my progress.

    Could someone fix it? It really is a helpful tool.


  42. David_W_Franklin_

    Heres an idea... If quizlet is gonna be down... PRINT OUT THE FREAKIN VOCAB!!!!! You can do that you know! (Just another reason why Quizlet beatsall the other sites)

    The world is not gonna die because one person prints out vocab on a cuple pieces of paper. IF u care that much just recycle it when you are done.

  43. Mrs. L

    I'm a high school teacher and I just have to say that your site has made it so much easier for my students to study! They are learning despite themselves.

    The lazy ones just log on to our group and take advantage of the work the motivated students have done to create flashcard sets.

    The motivated students create the sets in the first place and/or use all 5 ways to study. They try and beat their own times.

    The REALLY lazy ones have no excuses anymore. They say they can't learn the vocab, but when their parents learn how easy it is, they expect better grades.


    Andrew, is it? GREAT JOB! As I hear it, you were looking for a better way to study for your own classes. You stumbled upon a great method for ALL students. Such is genius.

    And yes, all students should PLAN AHEAD. You should be studying your vocab every week, test or not. Each week only a finite number of terms are added. You should also print out flash cards if a test is coming up JUST IN CASE.

    YOU are in charge of YOU. Be responsible.

    Plus, who studies at 11pm or later for a test the next morning? Especially on a Tuesday night for a Wednesday morning test! I know I went to college 10 years ago, but still - only poor students had such study habits. At 11 pm you should be getting your sleep and processing the info that you studied BEFORE 10pm. This is basic studying 101.

    QUIZLET - thanks for choosing a low-traffic time on an even lower-traffic day for your update. You have an incredible product! Keep it up. :-)

  44. teehee


  45. Matt Steelblade

    I really enjoy quizlet and I've gotten at least a dozen more people I know using it on the college level.

  46. :)


  47. Elo Pplz :] Quizlet Rocks Mah fuzzy Pink Toe Sox xD Ahahaa :]

  48. Matthew

    I love that Quizlet is growing! Keep up the good work :) As a donator, I feel I have a right to ask for a feature (ask, not necessarily get) and be considered. Here's what I think would really improve Quizlet:
    The option to organize sets into folders in your dashboard and the dashboard of any groups you own. For example, I could put all my science sets into a "Science" folder to keep them separate from my History sets in my "History" folder. I would simply click a folder to open it and there would be the list of contained sets. Please and thank you.
    Good job Andrew on the site; please keep making improvements

  49. k******

    I was one of the many Quizlet users affected by the Dec. 2008 "age limit ban" and upon creating this new account, I am very surprised to see these changes.

    Some are very amazing, such as adding a picture to the terms or speech/audio to the games. But what happened to forums? Even private messages are gone!

    I see where you would go with this. Forums would've probably gotten very out-of-hand (I was out for a while) and PMs probably got explicit or something. Both took away from the true aspect of Quizlet: a studying tool available on the Web. But could we bring them back? I know it would bring my class back online!


  50. WHAT IT DO???

    Man yall @#$$%@$$ gotta go play some xbox my teacher made me do this

  51. Pirate_Yoho


    Your request already exists. When creating a set, next to the "Title" blank, there is a blank labeled "Subjects." When you put a subject into that blank, (i.e., 'history'), it creates a "folder" that even appears on your dashboard labeled "History." To see the folders once they are created, go to your dashboard page. They should be located directly under the main list of your created sets.

    This is also answered in the FAQ's:

    Hope this helped. :)

  52. Nottinghammer

    First of all, congrats to Quizlet for their popularity growth! This site has helped me tremendously when it comes to studying for vocab tests. The variety of studying methods it offers is great.

    Second, for those complaining about having to study while the site is down: well, there is a thing called the good ol' fashioned way, learn it.

    and third, to those "yelling" at "yoo maaammma" are obviously n00bs to the internet. He/she was simply trolling you all, and you were trolled because you're n00bs. If you're going to be commenting on others posts, please become somewhat educated about the internet before doing so.

    If you don't know what trolling is:

  53. soccer girl

    wow :evil: :lol:

  54. yooooooooomamaaaaa

    congrats quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w0000t

  55. Congratulations Quizlet. You guys make one of the best flashcard studying sites. They really help me do well on my exams. :]

  56. jasco12


  57. hockey guy

    Why is everyone fighting ??????

  58. XxXxXxXxRaven the vampire loverXxXxXxXx

    this website is cool.... i get to talk to people and get help with my work... i almost never have to do anything to pass all my tests because this site makes it so much easier to study for the tests! thanks so much Andrew!!!


  59. yoo maaammma

    im sorry. i really didn't fail though. :) i tend to over exaggerate

  60. sam brahm

    u need better games :( but it is still good !)

  61. sam brahm


  62. sam brahm


  63. sam brahm


  64. Anonymous

    Just asking, once again, when does the iphone app come out?

  65. dar never know


  66. the voice thing

    you need to figure out the voice thing. because i say a number into the thing, and it picks up my voice, but i can never find the button to proceed to the next step! please help!

  67. yo


  68. kutiepie

    umm yea dis retarded thing is getting on my nerves the only reason im on dis is bcuz my teacher made me do it!but i think its wack!!so yea!

  69. hockey guy

    dude this web sit is cool and dont dis it its the best web site in the world for studyin

  70. McGirl

    This is a great site. I'm glad it's grown so much! I've certainly been telling friends to make accounts. I hope other Quizlet-lovers do the same. But please do your maintenence late at night, so that most people who are studying will have a chance to study that day. And to you Quizlet peeps who complain about failing tests, go on every day to prepare for tests! Or come back in a few hours! Quizlet will most likely not be working on maintenence for more than an hour or two, and certainly not a whole day or two. :roll:

    Quizlet, rock on!

  71. anonoimosity

    when is the iphone app coming out?!?!?

  72. yoo mammmaaa

    make the iphone app already and get back to the site after just at least release something then offer updates as you have time to improve it!!!!!!!!

  73. quackxyz

    yeah, I agree with yoo mammaaa, just put it out there, and then update it! it's about time...

  74. Anonymous

    I'm glad that you expanded the server. I have no patience for slow websites. Thank you for making flashcards faster to make and easier to study.

  75. yoo mammmaaa

    make the iphone app already and get back to the site after just at least release something then offer updates as you have time to improve it!!!!!!

  76. chrisdahomie

    sweet. i tell all my freinds about this. everyone in my grade has one

  77. anube

    I've just discovered your site and I think it's brilliant! Except I live in Germany and I'd like to show it to my mum who lives in France. You should maybe look at having language buttons to view the instructions in French/Spanish/etc. That would be awesome! =)

  78. Lauren

    I am disappointed that Quizlet chose to shut down its website at all... I am also very disappointed that a previous comment said that we should have to pay to use quizlet... that's totally lame!!! Why should hard-working students have to pay to use Quizlet? That's completely ridiculous...

    anyways, thank you so much, Quizlet for making this website... it has helped me with so much of my homework... I don't know what I would do without you Andrew!! Let's have a big round of applause for andrew... I'll start the clap and you keep it going!!!


  79. formerly starlightpony :)

    I really enjoyed Quizlet when I wasn't banned from it. I was a couple months away from my 13th birthday when Quizlet banned all 13 aged and under. I am in many advanced classes (I'm 13 now) and I'd love to have this help me, but now I've realized it might not be the most efficient. It was fun, but I think you should use your own methods (creating ones by yourself can help.) Also, it really ticked me that instead of deleting my account they LOCKED it, and I continually got SPAM MESSAGES from members trying to apply for my study groups, until I got a new email... >_>
    I think you should be a more open site, that's all. :) And it REALLY would help if you could DELETE the locked accounts instead of them taking up space on everyone's database (yours too! lol)

  80. Zandraa



  81. j chopa

    u guys need to chill. its not that great dudes but it helps wit tests and other stuff. the best part is the live discussion cuz me and my firends use it to just chat like on twitter but our parents actually think we're doing homework!!

  82. soccer girl

    ya me too i have been getting as As alot more often since using quizlet

  83. ash

    go quizlet!!

  84. crazeemunky172

    I am just disappointed also that one of my accounts was deleted... I had made it because my friend wanted one... it was "i_love_you" and ANDREW YOU DELETED IT!! WTF??? I don't get it. at all.

    so anyways, please just add less rules because all the rules on here are totally lame.

  85. Tam

    Thank you for a great site. I started using Quizlet this week after I saw it on a wikispace. I work with special education 6th graders that are included in the regular classroom. I created the flashcards for them and posted a link on our teams wikispace. Students get to go and practice all they want. Quizlet has helped my students alot. I have made the link available to all of our 6th graders! They all love it. Teaching them how to study will help them be successful in their future!

  86. Zodiark

    Fail troll is fail.

  87. hello!!!

    Quizlet its about time you release the iPhone app. You have even said it would be ready by November which is much later than you first first mentioned it being built. You first told us about it last spring before finals when quizlet and iPhone users were excited to get help on their final exams. But no, not until November when midterms for the next school year might not even be aided by the release of this app. So please like people have said before: at least get the app out, what you have so far. then add your pretty little updates. Cmon I mean its been forever

  88. master lolz

    XD wow you guys are nerds

  89. HI

    HI :)

  90. Please

    Pleas don't leave inappropriate comments, they clutter up the site. If you have a problem, smash your laptop, not the site.

  91. sk8er

    wow ? why do you nerds even comment on here ? get a life ? you guys fail . XD

  92. Andy

    This site is cool

  93. Andy

    @person, wow, just wow. Get a life

  94. arieldb16


  95. ClaireBear222

    I think that Quizlet is the best study site there is. I study almost every day on here, and i get really good grades becuase of this site!
    To those of you that said you are just on here because your tescher made you,take advantage of it. It will really help.

  96. Mamma

    Bestt website ever i have learned so much since i started using quizlet. I get good grades now on my test in stead of bad ones thanks for all you have done!! <3333 ur mom

  97. formerly starlightpony :)


  98. Mrs. Crawford464

    Hey, formerly Starlight pony, I think you should calm down. The Quizlet people are doing the best they can. I'm not criticizing, I'm just saying that they are letting you use this site for free and you should show them a little more respect.

  99. abercrombie

    im glad ur business is growing...ok

  100. selenagomez

    well that means that i cant study as much:!:when will this 5 "five-hour-log-off" thing end, anyway?? what am i gonna do when ive gotta study 4 that big math vocab test that i have next week & its 5 and the computer wont let me get on quizlet:?:

  101. Rex360

    Honestly, I have to say that of all the websites I use for studying, Quizlet is the best. The space race feature and the learn feature really helps me memorize -- especially the math formulas that in Calculus, we have to do alot. Even though it does not pertain to this post -- I have to say, its one of the best study sites I have ever used.

  102. calvin

    wow, the guy who left the second comment needs to take a chill. anyway, yeah, i just wanna say that this site is amazing. it has helped me so much with my spanish studying. before, i had to waste all these note cards with the words, now i can save the paper and use your digital ones. thanks a lot for you service.

  103. Kreyj


  104. JakeTM

    I think this is great. 5 mins of studying with this and i know all my vocabulary terms for english :D

  105. r0gueish

    your just stupid do u even know how much money it takes to run a website of any size, its like $12 - $150 a year plus the maintenance which deepending on the people you choose can be $100-$15,000 dollars a year and then the updates which dont even count as maintenance so STFU go find another site as good for studying stuff as good as this one then let me know what its called otherwise just STFU

  106. formerly starlightpony :)

    Mrs. Crawford464, yeah, I know what you mean but it is so infuriating I have emailed them repeatedly, and started out nice but every time it is ignored and heck, I used to study my spanish on here too, but they won't let me on *shrug*

  107. Yo Yo!!!!! I am sooo happy for you Quizlet! For all the people that are dissing or getting mad at Quizlet: You guys stink! You should really stop being so mean! All they are doing is improving this site so you can enjoy it better!! It isn't there fault that they are getting so many people coming to Quizlet!
    Well anyways, thanks so much Quizlet!
    Thank you!

  108. I love quizlet but it needs a guide book

  109. soccergirl


  110. Quizlet

    shhhhhh everyone

  111. pizzadelivery

    i am hungry

  112. Sydney

    Thank god for Quizlet, or else French would be impossible with like 200 vocab words/phrases per unit. :)

  113. Sra. G

    Thank you for quizlet! As a Spanish teacher, I am using it more and more for my students' vocabulary. They like it much more than Quia. I am going to be giving you some money after Christmas. It won't be much, but I am so appreciative for how much you've helped students and teachers!

  114. Alex

    I love quizlet but u could do a better time to update then exam week..... (for MOST people)

  115. romello

    wat up alex

  116. Andrew


  117. kt

    I love quizlet, it's one of the reasons I even pass my tests.

    A suggestion that I think would be helpful is to have folders or some other divider on groups.

    For example: I made a group for our grade at our school. Everyone contributes, and we have over 70 sets of notecards. It would be helpful (especially during exams) to be able to put the sets within our group in a certain folder (like Spanish or History etc.)
    ... just some sub-organizing for groups I guess :)

  118. Saria

    yoo mamaaaa...... kool it dude!!!!! would u rather i come n shove the flash cards up ur big fat ugly mouth?!? sorry......but serously dude!!!!!! chiill out!!!!! i wish i could mentlly slap you through the computer and teach u some manners. i mean, yoo mamaa? wat grade r u in? 3d grade? grow up and learn some manners dude!!!!!

  119. G.I. Jane

    Thank you SO much for this website. I've been studying -ER, -RE, -IR, and reflexive verbs in French and I can never remember them, but thanks to this site I'm not going to FAiL out of French!

    Love YAaaaaAAAAaAAAA


  120. Bobo

    Hello/-\ my name is monkey who the **** are you?

  121. bister

    Spam is good!

  122. Ashmac21

    This website is REALLY helpful :) But it is stupid when people are always complaining. I have one thing to say to yall "Just be thankful for this FREE quizing website and they're doing the best they can!!!"

    But i do have suggestions.
    1. I think that it would be helpful if you tried to get the uploading pictures thing up and running as soon as possible!! :)
    2. The fact that their is only two games, limits the users ability of varities, because we all learn in our own unique way.
    3. I think it would be neat if their way a column on the home page telling the users the updated news. And a blog attached to it.

    Congrats on the growth! And i appreicate how fast it is working now.

  123. bmmurr

    The quizlet, is fun, easy, and very helpful! my grades have improved and i am feeling happier making groups that help me and other people study!so i have made a song for quizlet

    Quizlet is the best,
    better than the rest,
    quizlet is cool,
    it rules,
    it really helps you in school,
    its fun,
    it makes me want to jump and run!
    THANK U QUIZLET!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  124. gravediger

    hey I really like this quizlet if you doint like quizlet why did you sign up for it that is so simple If you did not like whats the point of signing up then

  125. because some people have to teachers make them :mad:

  126. soccergirl

    well ok then...........

  127. Emily

    thank you so much quizlet I am now able to make flashcards on the computer.

  128. this site is wonderful and there are no catches or twists. there is virtually no ads aswell

  129. whatever!!

    i love quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  130. chris

    needs maintenence

  131. bballgirl

    I LOVE QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. sandmanx6

    Quizlet is an amazing place. you can learn things much faster. It has helped me get 100%'s on my tests but it does need maintenance. That's because the front page has not been changed for a long time.

  133. this website is AMAZING! it helped me get straight A's on my midterm exams and great grades on all my quiz's and tests, its just amazing! However, like many other people said, it needs maintenance. Thanks Quizlet!

  134. darvin

    quizlet is the best thing freakin ever

  135. alwyn varughese panthapattu

    quizlet is truly amazing. it help me get a 60 or above jk i got 100s!

  136. ruben

    i like girls

  137. Presz

    :mrgreen:awsome site

  138. asfour

    wow, i love this site, it really helped me study, best of all, its free!!! thanks Andrew!!!!

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