Every second week in December, Quizlet hits its record high. We've been amazed to watch our traffic over the last couple of weeks. Our traffic usually hits its weekly peak on Thursdays, as people study for their Friday tests. But recently, almost every single day has been a record -- even our Sunday was higher than our previous Thursday. And today, we destroyed last week's record (as you can see in the graph) with 500,000 unique people visiting the site in a single day. All this traffic is making us rank at #438 among all websites in the entire US, according to Quantcast.

Today we also hit 10,000 signups in a single day for the first time. We've been hovering in the 9,000s for awhile, but today was the first time we topped 10,000. I'm also sure Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will break all of our records so far. It took us 252 days to get our first 50,000 registered users, and now we'll do that in just 5 days.

All this is happening for a reason -- all over the world, it's finals week! Maybe not everywhere, but in lots of places! I speak for everyone here on the Quizlet team when I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope that Quizlet can help you in some small way.

-Andrew, Quizlet founder

P.S. When your last test is over, make yourself a cake, like we did at the office recently:


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    FIRST!!! and nice to see quizlet growing

  2. daniel m

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ya

  3. Rebecca W.

    That cake looks good. Lol

  4. Sammy

    Great guys! It is so cool to see quizlet grow into a great, thousand user environment!!!

  5. Sammy

    BTW, 5TH!!!! This is great! 438 among al websites is phenomenal considering you are competing with yahoo, google, wikipedia, amazon, ebay, apple.com, all other search browsers, all other answer websites (wiki answers), and a lot of chain restaurant's home pages, great work!!!!!!

  6. Priya

    Good luck with finals everybody!!! Quizlet will definitely help you!!!

  7. Amy

    Quizlet is amazing! I got 100's on all of my Greek quizzes and 99's on all of my Spanish!
    Congrats, Quizlet!

  8. Justin

    Dear Quizlet Team,

    Would it be possible to make a no-typing option for "Learn" Mode. Hitting "Override" hundreds of times can get annoying, and it slows me down.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  9. Question, Justin. WHY would you need that? Quizlet is for studying your flashcards, if you put in a no typing option, that really defeats the prupose of learn mode.

  10. Hailee the Best

    That is FREAKING AWESOME!!! I am sooo glad Quizlet has literally thousands of users!! It is great to have a website like Quizlet!! Btw, that cake looked really tasty/awesome LOL!!! Cud u teleporte me a piece! Ya know that's not a bad idea making a cake to celebrate!! U ROCK QUIZLET!!! LUV YA, LUV YA, LUV YA!!! Btw i am the best!

  11. Morgan

    I get 100's on all of my quizzes now!
    Thanks Quizlet!

  12. Nicole441

    There is a no type mode. It's on the set page with the flashcards. Just look at the question, and then click to flip the flashcard over. Viola! No typing necessary!

  13. Shannon

    I'm hungry now. I want that cake. D:<

    Thank you Quizlet for changing my study habits! (I don't study usually, and now I study everyday.)

  14. me gusta

    quizlet is amazing!

  15. Kristine

    This is the best study tool I have ever used! Thank you so much. Good luck to everyone on their finals :)

  16. the one thing i would request is that everyone has to keep the same name...... it gets confusing when people decide to impersonate other people

  17. Cody Benbow

    Muchas gracias a Quizlet!

  18. cupit

    Great Job

  19. adawg34

    how do they know we have finals?

  20. Ralph

    Much of the information that I input these last few weeks I emphasized the subject and date for finals . This will show other students in my class that much of the information is referring to our finals for example flash card Psych. Looking forward in receiving good grades for final "Thanks to Quizlet"

  21. hannah

    the schools create the site

  22. fred

    or every december, everyone has finals

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    dude so random

  24. edwin romo

    finals suck, but with quizlet....."peace of cake"

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    yeah quizlet i say thanks

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    Thanks so much Quizlet!!! P.S. That cake looks good

  27. Mike

    This is weird i don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABout this crazy stuff

  28. CinnamonRolls17

    The cake looks good!! Happy Holidays to the Quizlet Staff! Hope your holidays are filled with cheer!

  29. misswitherspoon

    the cake looks greatt ... examz commin upp ... i got quizlett on mii side imma pass with flyinn colorss...goota love the quizlett

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  31. ashy

    i hate finals im gonna fail!! quizlet helps with memorizing this cr**

  32. frosty88

    Wow! This is awesome! Soon it will be #1, and I guarantee it! I LOVE U QUIZLET!

    BTW hows the multiplayer study game goin?

  33. Adam

    I love Quizlet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah CAN YOU GUYS MAKE MORE GAMES?

  34. Allison

    quizlet is awesome! I agree with Adam, yall should make more games!

  35. Johua

    You should make an official quizlet app, not just apps powered by quizlet.

  36. RG

    Definitely making a cake after finals now! Good idea

  37. jordan :)

    since i learned about quizlet, I've been doing better on all my tests! thanks so much!


    AMAZING good job quizlet~!!!!!!

  39. CL

    agree with Adam and Joshua! a quizlet app would be amazing!!! along with more games

  40. JB


  41. Justin

    @Anonymous: It does not defeat the purpose of learn mode. I use "learn mode" to keep track of my right and wrong answers. Often, my terms/definitions can be very long (or pictures!) and typing them out is not an efficient use of my study time.

    @ Nicole: I am aware of the set page flash cards. They do not keep track of your right and wrong answers.

    My suggestion:
    A "Flashcard Mode" that keeps track of wrong answers.

  42. paula

    I think a flashcard mode that keeps track of your answers is a great idea. I'm surprised the Quizlet Team hasn't done this already.

  43. Nate


  44. Jacob Oh NO


  45. Spence the Fence

    HEY GUYS!!!!! anyone got a powerade on them

  46. Anonymous

    Justin-I like your idea...I agree
    Nice Job Quizlet!!!

  47. hi

    this website helps me alot. I now get all 100s on my quizzes! Thanks!

  48. allAstudent

    I love the cake. Keep it up Quizlet. You're AWESOME (everyday of the week)!!!!!!!

  49. Noname

    NIce job quizlet. I hope you keep growing and I wish you luck in your future endavours.

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    I <3 quizlet!

  52. ^_^

    Cake looks delish!!! :] Thanks Quizlet!!!!

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    That is so nice and i wish i could make a cake!

  54. Holler!

    Wow Quizlet, you have done very well. Good for Yeh!

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    Nice job! Finals.... Ughhhh :I

  56. happy user

    Thanks Quizlet!!!!! a cake would b really good rite now!

  57. Lindsey

    finally... other people who are taking finals!!!!!! thanks for undertasnding quizlet! please pray that i do goo on History exams tomorrow!!!!!!

  58. Becky

    good luck on that. I might have finals to but i dont know yet

  59. Becky

    good luck in all the finals. Hope i do good to

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    Love quizlet!!! good luck everyone

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    Good luck guys with finals, you will need it!

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    thanks Quizlet

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    Have finals this week and am studying for all of them with Quizlet, along with most of the other students in my school!

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    hey ppl hope u guys have a good winter break

  65. morgan

    Quizlet rocks!
    I would love some more games- they help a lot!!

  66. susiee

    i am learning the basics to become a dentist thanks quizlet

  67. Falcon_Helper

    Great job Quizlet. You guys up there have done a great job in making a perfect site to study for all of the upcoming test I have.

  68. Caroline Gamble

    I aced my AP Human Geography midterm today because of this website! Y'all don't know how many people I've recommended it to. Great work!

  69. Buzz

    I always thought that quizlet was an awesome place to study on!!!

  70. Joseph

    More games would be awesome!

  71. KH

    Quizlet is amazing. I going to get Quizlet plus soon. YEAH! I LOVE QUIZLET SOOOO MUCH! but quizlet, can you make more games?

  72. thanks ill need it!!!!!

  73. Random Commenter


    i belive i had a cake like that once

    thanks quizlet

    you help me study for finals

  74. Zolap!

    Thank you so much Quizlet! I've been doing so much better on all of my quizzes and tests since I've started using this site. Now off to study for finals, almost done! :)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  75. syd

    thank you all so much for the good work. happy test takers here!

  76. Ian

    I thought it said that at the end of the test we'd be given cake... The cake is a lie!

  77. A 9gagger without a soul

    I have 3 duplicates in a set with over 400 terms. Can you guys add a function that tells you what the duplicates are? Unless there already is one, in which case, how does it work?

  78. Anonymous (with a Facebook)

    Love how you can connect to Facebook. =P

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  80. Breezey

    Can you make a higlight function so I can highlight certain key words ? I would really like a Highlight ability .

  81. Simpson

    Thanks for the goodluck on finals. I'm going to need it!

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    i love quizzlet!

  83. Anri-unni ?

    Thanks Congrats !

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    I just joined last Friday

  86. GarrettS, Space racer

    More games would be fun! I am a boss sometimes as space race, Look for me. garrettspain

  87. :))))))))))))))


  88. Monica

    Congratulations! And thanks for helping me survive Spanish 201. I am getting an A, and I wouldn't have been able to get this high of a grade without Quizlet.

  89. brewhaha

    good job quizlet.

  90. zuceth

    Congratulations!! You guys do have more than a small impact on studying!
    Thank you Quizlet!

  91. tashauna22

    yeah i pass my test tanks quizlets

  92. jmanfitman

    thanks for the great help this year it was my first time ever and I feel great bout it:):):):):):):):):):)

  93. studienhard

    i have midterms right now and this website has helped me keep up with all of my vocabulary for Latin I and English I. I always lose my notecards that I hand write, but now i never have to worry about that....omg
    I <3 Quizlet
    Thank You soooooo much!

  94. i luv quizlet

    super cool....thanks :)

  95. i would not be able to live without quizlet...passing latin because of y'all
    thanks quizlet people! :P

  96. #96 yea i was almost 100 hehe

  97. elindheim

    thanks quizlet

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  99. Marie!!

    Yayy!!! quizlet is the best!!

  100. Alice Isenbecker

    That cake looks good. ;)



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    Lol the finals are KILLER......... its nice to have Quizlet to help study for all 6 of my final tests.

  103. :)

    Last midterms 2morrow!!! Thanks Quizlet for helping me study!! :D

  104. Jack

    Nice! One suggestion though: don't become like Sparknotes with all the adds and stuff

  105. hedgehog101

    hey! i have a lot of exams--quizlet helped. i am studying

  106. Skye

    almost finished with the exams! Thanks Quizlet for helping me get good grades on the tests!

  107. Annie

    I LOVE QUIZLETTT. like, my whole school is on it now. and i hope i do well... first year of finals! :P

  108. juniorchinese

    best tool to learn the vocabulary
    Congratulations!! you are the best

  109. Shori

    If this didnt exist I would fail Spanish.
    Study on,my people...

  110. 13BloodySkulls

    ALMOST DONE WITH EXAMS!!! Can't wait to get back to being able to get home from school and relax for a bit. Thank you Quizlet! <3 :P YOU'RE AMAZING! wuv yew ;3

  111. Katie

    im not sure who has finals but.............. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  112. rjagasia

    QUIZLET ROCKS! congrats on the record highs, this is the ONLY way i would pass the vocab sections of my english and spanish exams! :P

  113. oliviafp

    QUIZLET IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if quizlet didn't exist, i probably would have failed school last year.
    two things though:
    1. what happened to that game where you spoke the word into the computer?
    2. you should make more games. maybe something multiplayer

    p.s. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wow I love quizlet, and great for you guys you definitely deserve a higher title than 438th b/c quizlet is awesome. It helped me ace a test.

  115. uphoon

    I like out here.

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    WOW THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quizlet has really helped me! If you guys want to join a spelling group come join mine! I'm always looking for good and bad spellers!! My user name is jam3c. JOIN TODAY!!

  119. Allison (58521)

    I joined quizlet last year! it is beast! helps with all my tests.

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    aw that's so sweet and i'm so happy for quizlet!!

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    cool! 120th... I love the strawberries on the cake... mmmmm

  122. Yeah...

    Congrats guys of Quizlet nice job.

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    I'm so glad my friend told me about Quizlet! It has been helping A LOT. Hopefully I will ace all of my finals!

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    500,000!!!!! That's a lot!!!!

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    yup on friday i have an english and spanish exam on monday i have a latin exam and on tuesday i have a science and math exam

  127. James Vu

    I like quizlet and it will always be number 1 to me for studying and i turn out to be a successful student so thanks again and I'm Yellow.

  128. katrina

    i use to all ways get f on my tests and on my quizes till my teacher gave me this website. im get almost strait A's just two B

  129. ellie

    congrats! im so glad to hear quizlet's growing! its sooooo helpful i can basically learn ANYTHING with this website! thank you!

  130. ME

    thank you quizlet you saved me from failing Spanish

  131. Madison

    omg i love this website!! glad to see people are getting smart and joining Quizlet!! it helps me with spanish, english, geography and all those hard subjects... Quizlet is my most used tool for finals

  132. Tori

    I think I will make a cake.... it won't look as pretty as that one, but it gives me an excuse to cook. :) Quizlet really helps with everything! I love all of the games. You should think about a game or something that you can speak into the computer. I don't know how hard that would be, but it would help me because I have speaking quizes in Spanish. Thanks for everything! You rock! <3

  133. Boop

    i just finished studying for my english exam. soooo ready (thanks quizlet!) how goes the studies?

  134. KoreanSwag

    Exams coming up..... Finals
    1st semester is ending that is probably why

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    Love Quizlet, it really, really helps! And making a cake to celebrate Finals is a brilliant idea!!!! Thank You Quizlet!!!

  136. Me!!!!!

    its crazy i only found quizlet because of my history teacher she told us we had to us it for our homework and print it out and stuff and now i use it for everything!!!! THANKS QUIZLET!!!!!!
    p.s. a cake is an amazing idea!!!!!!!!

  137. examready

    i NEVER EVER used to study before quizlet, and im not the smartest:/ but quizlet IS my study guide and i couldnt get through school without it!!!!!! Thanks quizlet team!! (:

  138. iwannafightinthehungergames

    Love quizlet!! :D

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    awww :) THANK YOU QUIZLET for all the help!
    it sure worked for my final today :D

  141. A Wealthy Young Entrepreneur(I wish)

    quizlet is beast- i used it for all my subjects!
    gonna use it for my marketing class

  142. Snwoman

    winter break is so close- I wouldn't have it made it there without you guys!

  143. SWAG: Something We Asians Got

    Mmmm... cake looks good! Congrats on the records!

  144. Bren

    this is amazing!!! thank you sooo much! especially the new update!! I make quizlets for everyone in my class which are then used by everyone in my brother's class!!!... One thing I was wondering if you could do would be to choose the type of question you want to do like multiple choice or true/false because then there are so many more subjects to study for. Like:::::
    Who was Josef Stalin?
    a) except that we fill in all of the answers!, but only if we choose to do it that way! thanks!

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  146. Andrew



    i just want to say that quizlet has made my life SO much easier.
    i started using it a couple months ago. i was failing science; and i now have a B +! thanks to quizlet. its studying methods are perfect for me and help me focus to no end. thanks, quizlet (:

  148. agunning

    I love Quizlet! It helps me study all the tests my teahcers give me! Since I started Quizlet, my grades went up! Thx for making Quizlet!

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    Quizlet helped alot <3 Congratz !

  150. quizlet helps a lot!!!

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    Needs more games

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    I've been getting better grades since I started Quizlet....and it's lots of fun! Thanks!

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    Wow... This is thee best website ever to learn what you need to when studying for anything IMPORTANT. I mean, anything is possible when you have Quizlet to lean back on...

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    Oh yeah that cake DOES look amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg!!!

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    I hope I can make more Friend in Quiz let, I never have a lot friend, just because I was from China.......... But I hope I can make more friend.....

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    Alright! Go Quizlet, my favorite study site ever!

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    Awesome!!!, like doctor who!!!

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    I just took my bio 1 final today and got an A-! I couldn't have don't without Quizlet! Thanks soooooo much!

  159. Nice going guys

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    usualy im at the 60's for comments but......
    isn't it midterms?

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    Giggity, well done

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    I love Quizlet, i'm bout to ace this Med Term test

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    500,000 VISITORS!! COOOOOOL!

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    Its good to see quizlet growing + it is helping my with finals

    Your the best, Quizlet

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    Quizlet, you have saved my life. Mid- terms have stressed me out so much, but I can always just go back over my flashcards!

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    Haha...no one studies on the weekend (:

  170. areesha :)

    stuDYING, notice how they conveniently put DYING at the end of this word...haha but quizlet makes it fun dying...haha! Thank you sosososososososo much! My friends and I have created a study group and its great we all can study and ask quick questions about upcoming tests! This is very useful!
    Thanks--areesha where amazing happens

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    It's probably growing because my whole class made a quizlet account haaha

  172. Rebecca

    Quizlet is the best! Could not have done it without!

  173. Josh

    Hey Quizlet,
    Is there any way you could allow users to take a picture of a vocabulary list, and then allow the user to decide which terms from that list to make into a set? Because with some vocabulary lists exceeding 100 words it takes an extremely long time to type in all those terms and definitions. This would save many people a lot of time that could be used for studying on Quizlet. It's awesome that you guys got so much traffic! Hope you consider my idea,

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    this has really helped with finals!

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    You guys deserve it! =D

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    Quizlet has been the best thing for me. It has helped me with tests, quizzes, and finals so much.Thank you so much for this website and no wonder why the number is so high! Keep up the great work!

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    On the dry erase board in my Spanish class one day:
    "Hay un websitio que se llama 'Quizlet'..."

  180. Lets Get an A!

    I just got an A on my Exam! Thank you Quizlet! (:

  181. Great Stuff

    It's awesome to see you guys expand your horizons! Keep it up!

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    quzlet is awsome it helped me with tets to

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    This helped my get my average in bio tremendously! My teacher in spanish even uses it because it is so good!! thank you so much!

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    I <3 Quizlet! It's been a big help with finals, and I know I got perfect scores on many of them, all thanks to Quizlet! It's great to see it expanding, thank you soo much for being here for us! And happy holidays everyone! New Year's Resolution: Study more on Quizlet, ace everything!

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    CONGRATS QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so amazing! I can barely even get 5 people to like me and you got over 1000!!!!! AMAZING job! I have stupid finals coming up and I already know ima FAIL math. But Spanish............. "Piece of Cake!" Really yummy looking cake! Lol! Rofl! Lmao! Lmfao! Every day I'm shuffilin!

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    Quizlet would be a great partner to khan academy. Try it http://www.khanacademy.org/

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    the quizlet has been a big part in me and my boyfriend's lives we will usually study together and it helps me ace my spanish tests real easily.

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    Cool, 500,000 visitors? wow! also, i have recently created 4 sets. if you want to find them, just look up, World of Fossils

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    I finally mad all 90 and above on my FINALS!!! Thanks to Quizlet i was able to move on to 6th grade and successfully get really good grades! All my teachers suggest Quizlet, its just that good! Congrats for reaching your goal!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! :)

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    438th on Quantcast? Last time I looked they were number 102.

  230. Appelgator

    438th, 102nd, what the heck. Landing top-500 on the web has got to count for something!

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  236. scaplet

    Awesome, I bet I got 100 on my finals, because of you quizlet.

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    We should have most succesful user race
    the one with the largest classes and such and most useful sets gets on a list on the home page

  241. Anemeh18

    We should have most succesful user race
    the one with the largest classes and such and most useful sets gets on a list on the home page

  242. cgoldberger

    camillemiller21, what you have said touched me a lot. Thank you so much for liking my flash cards. No worry if you didn't high five. Thanks for YOUR support. I was moved by your story, and hope the best for you. I am going to make animal flash cards. I am a she, and still in 7th grade. yes, make any APPROPRIATE flash card requests by just discussing with me by typing my username and clicking one of my sets. I will be more than happy for you all to request things... and also happy that you studied and high fives me :) Good luck going throughout the hard moments in your life.

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    this is amazing

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    Any requests, this is your last chance guys

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    Nope not the last

  259. mlcbooknut

    If i was there i would destroy that cake by how goo it looks.

  260. rachzinka2

    I am the last to post >_<

  261. FL_redneck

    Actually, no u aint. I am.

  262. maryEsabados

    nope i am the last post! :D
    Quizlet is awesome! and helpful!

  263. Now3852_JasonC


  264. jacksondavis123

    no i am :P
    bdw, congrats quizlet:)

  265. alara_hollyfield

    no im the last ;)

  266. Rachzinka

    No I Am The Last Post ;) haha! :D

  267. BrandonRestauro2

    No I am, FOREVER!

  268. Dove_strike

    why are ppl still commenting?

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