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Quizlet in Chinese!

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Quizlet's interface is now available in Simplified Chinese! And we still have Chinese audio, which you can try out here.

How does it work?

If your browser is already set for Simplified Chinese, you will automatically see the Quizlet Chinese interface. If not, you can manually change the interface language. Look for the language drop down menu at the bottom of the screen:

Please note: The blog and FAQs will still be in English but every other page on Quizlet will be in Simplified Chinese.

Many thanks to our translation team:

  • Jessy Tu - lead translator
  • Xiaorong Li - lead translator
  • Tracy Liaw - reviewer
  • Yvonne Fu - reviewer

And also our translation testers:

  • benjaminchiang1
  • ziqil
  • mcbor6
  • playuyang
  • enileuqcaj

But what about Traditional Chinese!?

We're working on a translation of Quizlet into Traditional Chinese and hope to launch it soon. Stay tuned.

Want to learn more about the translation project? Want to see Quizlet in your language? Or better yet, want to get involved? Check out our FAQ page or send an email to We’d love to hear from you!


  1. What about traditional Chinese?

  2. DWes

    2nd Comment

  3. Tmazing A+ Machine

    haha cool! very good work! i think you guys should add more games, they are really, really fun!

    By the way, i LOOOOOVVVVEEEE this website, i use it ALLLL the time EVERY DAY!!!!! Thank you guys SOOOO MUCH!!

  4. ctyonahl

    Cool! I don't know Chinese, but cool all the same! I LOVE QUIZET!!!!!!!

  5. sirknight

    Ni Hau! If they can put in traditional Chinese too, I will be much happier.

  6. sirknight ni hao not ni hau and pin yin doesn't have capitalization.

  7. ?21

    This is going to be amazingly helpful ?? quizlet.

  8. Xi21

    apparently you can't type han zi into the blog.

  9. jalenack


  10. blaops56

    dude this going to be awesome so cool

  11. blaops56

    But i don't even no Chinese man so it will take me awhile

  12. starbucksgirl_101


  13. Takkeh

    Good that they translated it!
    It's nice to make everyone be able to use it ^_^

  14. yabadabadoo

    who studies chinese?

  15. 1copley

    thats reallly cool. i dont know chinese, but it seems really neat. hope yall at quizlet get to work on the traditional thing, that would be cool too

  16. cj

    i only take spanish

  17. you should put Quizlet into a language that many people speak, more people will be able to enjoy it then

  18. munire_dagtas

    You should definitely transate it into turkish! I would be glad to help.

  19. Anonymous

    are you serious? Mandarin Chinese is the #1 spoken language in the world, if you didn't know.

  20. sasha

    Great job quizlet! I am a teacher of Chinese language. My students and I use quizlet extensively, and enjoy doing so. Powerful tool!

    It would be even more powerful,

    1) if we have the choice between the font FZKTPY01 18.0 pt. (characters with pinyin on top), and the font without pinyin;

    2) if we can choose colors and other editing tools for peer editing purposes.

    Please let me know if they are possible or if you will be working on it. Thanks!

  21. 3DGmpm

    I'm suprised you still haven't translated into Hindi yet, since a good part of the Indian speaks it!

  22. Iceydude168

    I am a natural speaker of Traditional Chinese and would love to help. Thanks for all the work guys!

  23. Topspin

    More games is a good idea!

  24. magggie

    I already use traditional Chinese on the flashcards - just type it in. Great tool - many thanks.

  25. ivclaoshi

    Wonderful! Thank you so much. I am a language teacher and this will help my students a lot.

  26. el hombre an

    Ustedes deben traducir en Espa

  27. Some Person

    THAT'S SOOO GREAT (if you speak Chinese)!!!! However, I am learning Latin at school so if you're looking for another language, might i suggest Latin...

  28. Some Person

    And I mean REAL Latin, not Pig Latin!!!

  29. BEK1995

    Someday I'm going to learn Chinese and I will definitely use Quizlet!!!! But for now je parle le francais et anglais seulement.

  30. can you work on stuff for all of us like new games and new ways to study!

  31. Pumpkin

    i agree maybe quizlet should use its time on stuff for all the users

  32. abt79

    wow this is cool
    (i dont speak chinese though)

  33. Pablo

    Yaa now a can try to learn Chinese

  34. Andrew

    chinese donkey: HEE HAO!
    chinese wolf: HAOOOOOO!

    Please don't think I am racist; I am half chinese myself

  35. Panther

    still waiting for hindi and latin

  36. niwayjose

    no way jose

  37. angellortiz


  38. SAASChinese

    This is great! I have been posting Chinese characters in both traditional and simplified for my class. Hopefully traditional will come out soon so I don't have to use an online trad-simp converter. Thank you Quizlet!

  39. jesse77smart

    that's gonna be hard for non speaking chinese people

  40. Don't know

    Wow! Now this will all be international.

  41. nikki26

    this is gonna be kewl. this is a great way 2 learn chinese:)

  42. rock_on_girl

    More languages would be helpful...

  43. rock_on_girl

    Especially Russian, for me...

  44. hahahahahah

    the only problem is i'm *learning* chinese...


    Put more languages in here there's not much and for both Sections there is NO Vietnamese which sucks c:

  46. AndrewSutherlandRules

    cool i guess

  47. awesomedude1

    yeah good job guys. i speak english, but whatever's whatever

  48. anonymous-smartie

    so quizlet does pig latin before they do chinese as a language?!??!!

  49. evan

    yes they do anonymous smartie

  50. evan

    no normal latin though????

  51. This is cool. Now our foreign exchange students can learn.

  52. S.J.F.

    It's good for a lot of people in the world!!!

  53. ashleypeace00


  54. Soccermonkey

    Awesome! This should be great for Chinese users! Keep up the good work!

  55. overjoyedAsian


  56. AsianPerson

    Yay! Thank you Quizlet!

  57. dumpling man

    sry the top comment was in chinese but it cannot read it so it made it into ??

  58. [The one and only] SNACKWISEMAN

    keeps getting better man

    keep it up!

  59. Chuck Norris

    I approve.

  60. HarryPotterRocks


  61. wonder woman

    yeah thks very helpful

  62. taya

    who cares about languags games please!!!

  63. moyeskid

    I don't do Chinese so I don't really care.... no offence to the people who do, though...

  64. stone

    @starbucksgirl_101 yup u r one

  65. Michelle

    OMG yay!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you quizlet!!!!!!!!!

  66. @Taya the people who don't speak English care about langauges

  67. yyyuuuuuuuuppp


  68. Ss

    This is GREAT!!

  69. monkeys rock

    its really cool that ur making it in chinese. if u speak chinese. it would b relly cool if there were more games.

  70. hdhdxgeudgbsjscxmqdc,j

  71. What is this I don't even...

    Great, another useless tool! Thanks Quizlet!

  72. im awesome

    hey guys remember im awesome!!!! if u want to have a awesome contest, just go to the group SAT study group

  73. this is so great now more people can enjoy quizlet!

  74. chubbibunnie

    ye should translate quizlet into pirate, matey

  75. value for money strategy

    Thanks for taking the time to debate this, I feel strongly about it and love learning extra on this topic. If attainable, as you achieve expertise, would you mind updating your blog with further info? It is extremely useful for me.

  76. J.M.

    THANK YOU QUIZLET YOU GUYS ARE EPICALLY AWESOME! More games would be better but... they are really FUN

  77. Bridge

    Quizlet actually makes studying for my E.L.A final fun!

  78. Anon.bbz

    Kinda wish i could speak Chinese now, just to try it out.

  79. Bob

    I reckon they should put Azerbaijan on as well.

  80. Swiss

    I love getting hot and sweaty over Quzlet in Chinese

  81. ME!!!!!

    ima learn chinese now!!!!! whoop-whoop!!!:-)

  82. Stefan

    mais qu'en est-fran

  83. Dear Anonymous

    You had the first comment at the top about traditional Chinese. They do not have traditional Chinese because simplified is the regulated and most commonly used way of writing in China. Most people learn a little traditional Chinese, but know simplified as their primary way of writing and reading Characters. Hope that clears it up for you!

  84. DavidP


    Really appreciate you Mandarin tool.

    I have tried to put together a complete list of pinyin sounds (it may be over-complete as there are probably some tones that are never used) but have trouble with the ? sound to work properly.

    The list is here:

    The speaker function doesn't know how to pronounce pinyin words like ? or v1. Or l

  85. rexy0ll64

    i want to learn chinese sooo badly, who's good a chinese?

  86. fucheng168

    i think quizlet is blocked in china at the moment.
    I am using a vpn now, but when i tried to set up an account before i was blocked.
    my teacher was blocked too
    not everyone has vpns in china... the great firewall is vast

  87. wyldeck

    I want to be able to use the SimSun typeface. The one that comes with quizlet is a handwritten looking form and is more difficult to read. Is it possible to change? I want the type of font that googletranslate uses.

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