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Privacy and security on the Internet have been major news topics recently. As a top 50 website in the U.S., we take our responsibility to provide a safe and secure service very seriously. With that in mind, we are very happy to announce that Quizlet is now serving 100% of its traffic over HTTPS. The HTTPS you see in the URL of your browser means when you go to, you're guaranteed to be getting the genuine Quizlet website, and your interactions with us cannot be spied on by others watching your internet connection. This applies to our website, and also our official Android and iPhone apps.

Serving all of our traffic over HTTPS is especially great for schools, because many internet connections at schools are run with un-secured WiFi. With a freely joinable WiFi network, a clever student or teacher can configure their computer to observe all traffic passing over the network. With HTTPS in place, all interactions with Quizlet will be undecipherable by that observer. HTTPS is the same system that many sensitive websites, like banks, use to secure their traffic.

Converting our full site, with its millions of different pages, was no easy task. We had been preparing it for a while, and completed the final parts in the last two weeks. Our newest engineering hire Miguel, along with veteran Quizletter Karoun, led the charge to complete the conversion. Great job, you two!

HTTPS image by Sean MacEntee licensed under the Creative Commons.


  1. jeffchan TEACHER


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  3. NerkaMargret PLUS

    Second!!! Personal record!!!!!

  4. ck100

    You're not second NerkaMargret

  5. MarkBob13579

    Yes lads 5th

  6. ocwatkins


  7. kimpre503

    7th nice job quizlet

  8. Cody_PIZZA1

    9th!!!!!!! Im the oldest

  9. liam_o0

    10th lol

  10. Raelen_V

    10th. This is great, Quizlet!

  11. Raelen_V

    Or 11th. =D

  12. SAMthree

    12th! Awesome!

  13. NerkaMargret PLUS

    @ck100: Yeah, I know, I can count :) You commented about 1/2 a second before me, so when I typed the comment there was only one other comment. Third is still my personal record, though.
    So glad Quizlet is secure now!!

  14. Karuth


  15. Isaiah_Rettig


  16. I_M_3rd

    22nd like the tswift song! So glad you guys could do this! I wish my website could do this fancy stuff, but we haven't even paid for our provider yet :P

  17. JayRLewis

    Ugh I HATE IT

  18. MichiMiranda

    oh man this website might take so famous all over the internet system that this website might be the most popular
    learning site lol!!!!!!! and i'm the 18th person and the oldest 39 people and don't think i'm an internet geek

  19. eesh101

    good to know!

  20. Sola6174

    Mae carnen. Sílo Anor bo men lín.

  21. jakejackjones

    great, quizlet

  22. victoriacardona

    23rd! Nice to have privacy at last. Study my sets!

  23. Gymrat7

    Umm... I hade 7th but the comment was removed. Unfair!!! 😩

  24. Jordan_McHam3


  25. nk22

    Top 50? I always thought it was around 250 or so, but 50?! Wow.

  26. Mason_Piddock_88

    Cool like to know that my sets and traffic are safe!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  27. DavidWhomsley

    A number!

  28. harsav

    Hey guys I'm new to quizlet and leaving comments. Any advice?

  29. S_K12

    27th comment oh yeah!!!!! and 32 high five

  30. Sinon-9


  31. Sinon-9

    Yay, happy that it's secured

  32. S_K12

    and 28th comment to be amazing
    I am so glad quizlet is safer

  33. kenan_duyar

    I'm nothing

  34. JOSH_KV


  35. Isaiah_Rettig

    41 :p

  36. User013

    42! Yay we are secured now!

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  38. Carter_Kriskovich

    Sweet! Join my class!

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  41. BrandonRestauro2

    56! Personal Record! By the way, my first account is BrandonRestauro.

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  43. ashfin_ullah

    58th! YEET

  44. brian_at_saklan

    do you mind kamran????????

  45. Saba_Rahman2000

    so does that make me 60th?


  46. Mysterious_box

    Join the awesome class. 61 like a boss.

  47. wjc590

    62 sweeeeet!-great job andrew #thanksalot4security

  48. I90n

    "...your interactions with us cannot be spied on by others watching your internet connection." Well the NSA might be able to spy...

  49. mdcds

    Thanks security!

  50. stuonstrings

    63rd! #backtostudying

  51. KevtheDawg

    64th..... But I wanna be 69th!!!

  52. MaryReynolds
  53. MaryReynolds
  54. wzhouwzhou
  55. KomboKitty


  56. edms2012

    great feature!

  57. Diego_Riva


  58. ESH1212

    Lucky Number 70 + Number 137 high five. STUDY MY SETS

  59. ESH1212

    good job on https

  60. Jacamo12

    Ummm... I'm actually 62nd. The counting got off somewhere along the road. Great to hear the news about HTTPS! We can quiz safe and sound now!

  61. Jacamo12

    BTW 150th High Five

  62. jangjisoo


  63. viggo2001


  64. Smaurasse

    I really don't care what place im in.

  65. shinyic19111995

    Nice job guys.

  66. Bradman_Lin

    Maybe last... Anyways no spying yay.

  67. pillowguy505

    this is phenomenal thanks guys I use this every day and it's good to know that I am safe to

  68. FenerGalip18

    ok :D

  69. ViolaMarie_Pitts

    i think im 82

  70. Celeste_Everwhite

    Thank you all!

  71. Mondkralle

    OMG That's amaizing!!!

  72. Mondkralle

    Good work i like it!!;)

  73. Walker23


  74. KS42059

    Thanks Quizlet!

  75. ReptileLover


  76. ReptileLover

    TU Quizlet!!!!! :D

  77. XSonicminX

    not too far behind

  78. adeutsch2017


  79. adeutsch2017


  80. nimetcalfe

    you people, stop th=doing this first thing, it is poison to our internet.

  81. young29935

    we'll im first

  82. jajaguy3000


  83. WTan888

    Thank You Quizlet!

  84. Shane_Dolan2

    so cool like totally

  85. swimmersck

    199th high-five, and i didn't even count what number my comment was.

    Yay! We're secured! Thanks quizlet team!

  86. BillyRumens


  87. Happy_Bunny1


  88. quizlette841046

    Thank you Quizlet!

  89. SouthAfrica10


  90. testing2248


  91. hanshen


  92. Ryley_of_2016

    YAYYYY!! I like trains

  93. MemVerseFanatic

    Thanks for the https Quizlet!

  94. Swim301

    ☺ and ♥ing it.

  95. ShawnBastilleMcfly

    I feel safe now. Thanks quizlet! Time to kick biology in the ass whilst revising

  96. pulangchinelas

    Quizlet rocks!

    Thank you, Quizlet Team!!!

  97. NHW12345

    I don't think it's nice to rank members of this site. Some had the top scores like first, second, or third. Others are low scored like 22nd or 199th. You see, on a scale of 1 to 1,000, the position of members doesn't matter to me, whether its their comments or the views of YouTube videos. Even in Quizlet, we have to be appreciated and approved, even adored, like you guys! I don't really care what my rank is- I'm #PerfectJustTheWayIAm :D

  98. NHW12345

    HTTPS= Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure (Good thinking, Team Quizlet!) We're secured because of you. Thank you very much! #AllHailQuizlet!

  99. noahpatrol

    Aye lets go. Secured Boy

  100. noahpatrol

    Quizlet is so helpful to me and my classmates. I use my Quizlet for My Mandarin Teacher Ms. Liu. She is really nice once you get to know her. :)

  101. Dustin_Sherrill

    good job

  102. Dustin_Sherrill


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  104. pretty_Shine14

    wow I am sooo behind lol

  105. pretty_Shine14

    319 highfive yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Emily_Ustick

    thats safe and im 320 now yoohoo

  107. EmilySkywalker


  108. FeaR_Scarce

    @Sinon-9 SAO FOR LIEF

  109. van_nguyen126

    323 comment hi

  110. awesome0405

    323rd comment:P

  111. henry121001

    Last comment
    How do u print flashcards to Quizlet Staff

  112. deo469

    325th! Hi!

  113. Fernandoz01


  114. Lasassdre

    For better security, I also use mSpy - it is the best program for parental control, which gain me more calmness than other VPN services.

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