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Quizlet is studying abroad (and we’ve learned some new languages along the way)

Quizlet HQNews · Posted by Thompson  September 22, 2016
i18n launch final image plus taiwan copy.jpg

Hello, hallo, hola, 你好!

Students, teachers, and learners from all over the globe use Quizlet on a daily basis, but until now, however, they’ve been using Quizlet in English only. To reflect the global nature of our user base we’re excited to bring Quizlet to students and teachers who live in a different country, or speak or are studying a different language. Now that Quizlet is available in multiple languages, non-English speakers can spend more time with your study sets, and less time figuring out how to navigate to them.

In addition to English (U.S.), Quizlet is now also available in:

  • English (U.K.)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • With Japanese and Korean coming soon

You can find or create sets, learn, and study in these languages from your computer, Android, and iOS devices. Whether you want to get ahead on your GCSE Maths, prep for 中考, learn a bit about geografía de España, or get a taste for what the Biologie Abitur is like, Quizlet has got you covered.

If you want to switch the language you use Quizlet in, you can update it from the bottom right of this page or by going to your account settings and selecting the language of your choice. If you download the Quizlet app on your phone, the app will be automatically set to your chosen language.

We're working as quickly as possible to bring Quizlet to more languages and are excited to see what students everywhere are studying. Adios, tata, auf Wiedersehen and 再见 for now!