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5 teachers share how they use Quizlet Live for remote learning

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As remote learning becomes routine, many school districts are preparing to keep learning virtual at least part of the time for the upcoming school year. Teachers are making plans for the start of school and reviewing what worked in the spring, and what didn’t. One thing that has worked: Quizlet Live. We’ve loved seeing the creative ways that they’ve incorporated this tool into their digital classrooms.

Read on to learn how five teachers have used Quizlet Live, and why they love it!

Jessica Klein

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Jessica Klein was already a fan of Quizlet Live, having used it in her classroom before the pandemic. At that time, she used study sets created by other teachers to help her students review material during class time.

Klein found that Quizlet Live was a great fit for synchronous online learning as well, and she began to use both the individual and teams versions during her virtual classes.

What she loves about Quizlet Live

“I love that it creates random groups of students, most of the time teaming them with students they wouldn’t normally work with. Both the students and I love that it adds a competitive edge to reviewing material. It makes it much more fun and enjoyable to review concepts versus a worksheet or something similar.”

Tips for teachers

“I was hesitant to use the team option through remote learning just because I didn’t know how well it would work when students could see each other’s screens, but it went GREAT! It did, as expected, take a little longer versus if we had been in the classroom, but I think they still enjoyed it. Just like in the classroom, when asked if they wanted to play another round, they all say ‘YES!’ Teachers just have to be willing to try it, as well as any new thing.”

Rachel Jones

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Rachel was also already familiar with Quizlet Live, which was popular among her high school foreign language students to learn vocabulary. She found it to be even more valuable for online learning as staff worked hard to ensure students did not feel isolated at home.

What she loves about Quizlet Live

“The pupils enjoy working together and the competitive nature of the game adds excitement and keeps them focused. Through the combined use of Teams video call and Quizlet Live, we have been able to really engage and interact with each other in a way that would until recently have been impossible.

As a school, we are keen to promote mindfulness, and giving pupils the opportunity to ‘get together’ and talk as well as complete learning and gaming with their peers has been invaluable. Pupils may be on lockdown, but they have really looked forward to joining in a game at a predetermined time.

Quizlet Live has provided many a teacher with the opportunity to both check pupil learning, but also maintain pastoral contact with their pupils having been used in both lessons and online tutor time.

As we look to continue to provide the best learning opportunities for our pupils, Quizlet Live has proved itself to be a very valuable tool, on many levels and we would highly recommend it to others.”

Rachael Connelly

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Madame Connelly also uses Quizlet to help her language students learn vocabulary. For the past two years, she has assigned study sets to use at home, freeing up instruction time to focus on grammar and exam skills.

In her in-person classes, she used Quizlet Live at the beginning of class to check up on students’ vocabulary progress.

During shelter in place, she has used Quizlet Live each week for her students, running three rounds in which the students sign in as individuals and are rewarded when they log in to play. The activity has been very popular among her students, who have noted that they enjoyed the contact with their classmates and teacher.

What she loves about Quizlet Live

“I love that once a student gets a question wrong, it asks them to repeat all the questions which means that they can review learning constantly. As the school closures have continued, we have started to use Microsoft Teams, which we run alongside Quizlet Live so students have the opportunity to ask questions about vocabulary. What I really like about Quizlet Live is ... it can run independently to any other teaching.”

Elena Spathis

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Elena Spathis is a Spanish teacher who also finds Quizlet Live Individual Mode invaluable for language study. She notes that it’s an especially effective way for students to practice target verbs and vocabulary.

In her synchronous virtual classroom, she makes use of Quizlet Live in the individual mode to help keep up student engagement.

What she loves about Quizlet Live

“I love using Quizlet Live when working in Team mode with my students in our physical classroom space. It's a great way to get them up and moving as they switch groups. It also fosters team-building skills, as students need to work together through each round of Quizlet Live.

I love that Quizlet makes vocabulary review creative and fun. Students can use flashcards, or they can play games for extra practice. My students love the convenience of this, and love playing Quizlet Live even more. Quizlet Live allows for friendly competition while still keeping the learning going.

Tips for teachers

“I would suggest that all teachers use Quizlet as a tool when planning for virtual teaching. Engage students in Quizlet Live Individuals mode during synchronous live sessions. Allow your students to use your Quizlet study sets as a word bank, especially in a world language class. Add images in your study sets, and even encourage students to create their own Quizlet study sets. With Quizlet, studying and extra practice becomes a lot more manageable and bearable for students.”

Isabella Liu

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Isabella Liu uses Quizlet Live individual mode to help her students learn key terms and definitions that are crucial to success in science classes.

What she loves about Quizlet Live

“What I love about using Quizlet Live during the lesson is that it encourages group collaboration. Students need to help each other in order to win; students can't just win individually and by their own speed. With virtual learning, Quizlet Live is done independently, but what I like about it is that students' names are associated with an animal, so even though the scores are being projected live, students don't know who's winning or losing, so nobody is ashamed of their scores.

It's great because it creates comradery amongst my students. I like the fact that I can form random groupings, so students get to work with all their peers during Quizlet Live.

I like that Quizlet Live has two forms: 1. Select the correct definition given a word, or 2. Select the correct word given a definition. The second choice requires a stronger literacy background as students would have to skim through the choices (oftentimes with science, the definitions are quite long!) and choose the correct one.

It allows me to scaffold the formative assessment accordingly. If I feel like the students are simply doing a recall from previous lesson's new terms, then I choose option 1. If they're doing a revision, then I'll choose option 2.

I like that, as a teacher, you can track students' progress, so while Quizlet Live is a formative assessment, I can measure how well or poorly my students are doing, then I can change my lessons accordingly.”

Summary and key takeaways

Quizlet Live is a fun way to engage students while providing educational benefits. Using Quizlet Live virtually helps students feel connected to one another when they aren’t in the same room by encouraging collaboration, while, helping students master everything from science terms to foreign language vocabulary. Quizlet Live also helps teachers assess where students are in their learning.

Learn more about Quizlet Live Individual mode for remote learning and share how it works for you and your students on Twitter.

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    I never knew Quizlet was so popular! It is amazing!

  2. Su_Armstrong TEACHER

    I have enjoyed using Quizlet live with my students both inclass and remotely. Although I have used the team feature for live classes, I am curious to hear from those that have used the team feature remotely. How did students communicate with each other?

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