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Quizlet Live: Four Activities for Speaking and Listening Practice

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This is a contributed post by Rich Bailey, an Associate Professor at Tokai University.

As many of you already know, Quizlet Live is a fantastic resource in the classroom and useful in many teaching situations. However, as language educators, how can we we make it more than just vocabulary matching?

Today, I want to share with you some techniques to increase speaking and listening using Quizlet Live that I’ve developed with the help of some of my great students at Tokai University in Kanagawa, Japan.

Team Leader Activity (Basic)

  1. Each team elects team leaders who are the only ones allowed to see the whole screen.
  2. Other team members cover the prompt portion on top of screen with a hand or sticky note.
  3. Team leaders read the prompt text out loud to their team who has to listen.

Note: This activity works best with longer prompt texts (i.e. sentences).

DSCN4422 (1).JPG

Team Leader Activity (Challenging)

  1. Instructions are the same as basic activity.
  2. However, similar to the classic game Taboo, team leaders cannot say the prompt, but must use circumlocution in the target language to communicate “around” the idea.

Note: This activity works well with single word and longer texts.

If you have an upgraded Quizlet Teacher account, you’ll have the option to turn on audio when playing Quizlet Live and use voice recording when creating a set. Here are two more activities leveraging those advanced features.

Listening Activity (Little extra effort required of teacher)

  1. All students cover prompt portion of top of screen with sticky note or piece of paper (lay mobile device flat on table).
  2. Choose the “audio playback on” option when starting game.
  3. Students will hear the computer voice reading the prompt text out loud.
  4. Students can tap prompt screen through paper to hear prompt again (Trust me, it works!).

Note: Headphones are not a bad idea if you have a large and/or rowdy class.

IMG_8144 (1).JPG

Listening Activity (More effort required of teacher)

  1. Teacher creates a deck using upgrade features to record audio in each card (own voice or from other source).
  2. To play Quizlet Live, each card requires a unique place holder text in recorded audio data field. I recommend using numbers in parentheses (see photo) because the Quizlet computer generated voice does not read text in parentheses.
  3. Choose the “audio playback on” when starting the game.
  4. Students will see the placeholder text at the top of screen and hear the audio recording.
  5. Students can tap the placeholder text to hear the audio recording again.

Note: Headphones are definitely a good idea for this activity!

Quizlet Sample Sets

Here are two sets I've created, that you can use in your own classroom.

I hope these ideas can help you make Quizlet Live a more varied and challenging game for your language classes! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment below.