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Why this teacher loves Quizlet Live for remote learning - Remote teaching vlog

Teachers · Posted by Jose  February 25, 2021

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In this video, Florida high school math teacher Esther Brunat walks you through the way she plays Quizlet Live with her students.

Esther has been playing Quizlet Live for several years in her classroom, but it works equally well in a distance learning model.

To play, first, she chooses one of her Quizlet study. In this video, she’s using the game to review function transformation in preparation for an upcoming test.

She starts out by having her students play in Individuals mode. In Individuals mode, each student is a team. Quizlet then gives each student an animal team name. Esther appreciates this because it keeps the scoreboard anonymous. When gameplay begins, Esther narrates it like a sports announcer.

“When I narrate the game with them, it’s a stinking blast,” she says. “They get hyped, they get angry, they’re typing things in the chat.”

The goal is for the students to get familiar with the material and how the game is played before switching over to Teams mode. Esther has her students play in Individuals mode two or three times, depending on the material being covered.

When it’s time to switch over to Teams mode, Quizlet creates teams automatically. As a teacher, you have the option to switch the groups around if you’d like. In Team mode, only one team member has the answer on their screen, so the students who don’t have the answer have to trust that their classmate who does knows their stuff. When a team gets the answer wrong, their score is reset to zero and they have to start over.

“It’s really wild and fun because they’re mad at each other, it’s competitiveness at a whole new level,” Esther says. “Sometimes they text in the chat.”

When the fun is over, Esther drops the link for the study set into the class chat and puts it on her learning management system. Then the students can continue to quiz themselves until they score 100%.

Esther notes that playing Quizlet Live is one of the few ways to get her students alive and talking during remote learning. Are you ready to try it? See what it awakens in your students.



cool wish we had that for school


Loved the video. Looks like fun. Thanks.


Can you post your live for replay please.

Deborah_Linsy  teacher

This sounds interesting, Esther.


Awesome! You are amazing-- love your ideas and enthusiasm!! I feel you on not loving "talking to blank squares!" I am going to try this again with my high school Spanish class. I tried it once, but apparently, some of them didn't get the link quickly enough, so we only had partial participation. How long do you wait for everyone to get logged in?? Also, your kids are so lucky to have your energy and enthusiasm-- your smile is beautiful and contagious!! Thanks again!


Exciting. Is there a tutorial for how to set that up in quiz let?


Thank you! Love your enthusiasm! Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher!


You are very excited about teaching, I'm sure your students are engaged. Keep up the great work!

Ms_Geovanis  teacher

A step by step how-to would be really helpful.

homesteadhigh  teacher

I do quizlet live for all my topics.. you know what they find cool.. I join the live games.. and when they beat me.. they have bragging rights. I get more excited than they do.. because I want to win so bad.. sometimes my kids are so good I cant geat them!