I just built this super cool system for translating Quizlet's interface into different languages. You can already use Quizlet to type in data in other languages, but this will actually translate Quizlet's English interface (the navigation, the instructions, etc.) into other languages.

It's ready to be translated into any language (except maybe a right-to-left language like Hebrew). So if you're fluent in any language other than English, send me an email at andrew@(quizlet's domain) with what language you can translate Quizlet into and a little about yourself and your fluency level. Experience with (very) basic HTML will help you, but it's not strictly required. You will receive credit in the footer of every page on the site for people using your language. The system for translating the site is super slick - you'll enjoy it! ;)

I'm also looking for an expert systems engineer to work on making Quizlet faster. If you're interested, I've posted the details on Craigslist, and I won't repeat them here. Thanks y'all!


  1. mightaswellbeclara

    That sounds really cool. Too bad im not fluent in any language:(

  2. nguyent3

    yeah me 2
    i can speak vietnamese but i dont know enough to translate it.........

  3. Killersdeat0

    I can do chinese...... but translating thousands of them ...........i don't know..

  4. scribbler101

    my friend who has a quizlet account is almost fluent in french her username is ba_na_na and just tell her that scribbler told u about her
    k? well bi

  5. KK

    Id do latin but that would take forever.. sorry people

  6. dabbbbb

    i know you said no right to left but i can do hebrew if u ever need.

  7. Andrew

    dabb - thanks. I'm going to start off with this left-to-right stuff, and if it works well and we have time I'll give a shot at right-to-left. I hear it's a bit more work (I haven't played with it too much though).

  8. Mary

    Are you aware of the translation site known as babblefish? I think it was originally conceived and implemented by AltaVista, a search engine of long ago. The babblefish online translation tool may be useful for your translation efforts. May you keep riding the changing wave of user demand with skill and clairvoyance.

  9. chacko2


  10. kevin

    Bablefish is decent but not good enough for something like this.. you need to reformat even english on some langs to get it to spit out the correct information

  11. hi

    i am fluent in 12 languages

  12. I'd rather keep that personal!

    ONE WORD BABBLEFISH!-no one is smart enough to translate all those freaky languages from countries the size of a single state!!!! Just a suggestion. :)

  13. Andrew

    No machine translation system has decent enough quality. Babelfish might be good enough for Spanish homework, but not Spaniards.

  14. Walt

    Try posting something on babelzilla.

    Its main purpose is to translate firefox extensions but you might get some feedback on what resources you can use for your app.

  15. Andrew

    Walt - thanks for the link. Right now I've had plenty of success finding translators for Quizlet just through this blog - we currently have people working on German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. That's not to say we don't want more!

  16. ILove Ponies

    I'm good in Chinese...I can speak...but I'm only on Book 5 in Chinese school, so the writing and reading part is a big no-no

  17. :) Smile!

    I'm fluent in Greek and Portugese.BTW you're right babelfish is very basic and takes things as the literal term.

  18. :D

    im kinda okay at french.. but im limited on what i can say.. ive taken french for 4 years at a private school, so maybe i could help!

  19. hi

    OMG my bff lived in france for 8 years and completely fluent and has a quizlet!!!!
    and my other friend is fluent in Italian
    btw i go 2 an international school so every1 speaks a ton of diferent languages ill get them to help u


  20. Melin

    Gosh, I could do this. Yo hablo español perfectamente, since it is inglés my second language!

  21. :) Smile!

    I never could understand espanol...

  22. :) Smile!

    BTW My father is portugese and my mother is greek

  23. :) Smile!

    thats how i can speak so well i have lived in both portugal and greece

  24. Cuong Nguyen

    I can do Vietnamese

  25. pinky09

    i could do spanish and maybe korean

  26. :) Smile!


  27. Savvy10

    I could do latin.

  28. :) Smile!

    latin is the #1 LANGUAGE to know on the SAT's very very helpful

  29. kayla

    i can speak american/english lol

  30. :) Smile!

    american isn't a language

  31. Xaturukumutuxat

    I can do latin,spanish and chinese, but translating quizlet...

  32. telletubbies dude


  33. Ji Hyun An

    I could do Korean

  34. VJ

    i can speak latin, spanish, little french and a little greek. but not enough for translating...

  35. Nick

    Guys that is stupid. Latin is a dead language. Quizlet doesn't need people to translate Quizlet into Latin because there is no one in the world who speaksk Latin and no other language,

  36. telletubbies dude

    ya its dead

  37. :) Smile!

    but its so useful to know for SATs

  38. :) Smile!

    People join Flamingo4's (me) group called Chat It Up!!! It is really fun and has a funny Dr Phil REMIX forum/column! :) :P :D :lol: :mrgreen: love Flamingo4

  39. telletubbies dude

    hi i can do spanish

  40. cmh0114

    I can do some basic translating for Japanese, if you're doing any character languages yet. It also depends on how much time it takes. I just started high school this year, and I'm still having a bit of trouble with homework time, but as long as it doesn't take hours every night, I can do it, if anyone needs it.
    BTW, Nick - English, Spanish, and French are based off of Latin. If you know Latin, you'll be well on your way to learning those three languages.

  41. telletubbies dude

    latin's still dead

  42. telletubbies dude

    latin is mexico so y is it called latin

  43. Puella29


  44. Toaster

    I can do some basic hebrew...probably not enough to be useful, but I know people who are fluent in hebrew and I could get them to do it. :???:

  45. killjoy74

    ya id love to but i don speak eneything but english!! :(

  46. anonymous

    i can speak german, and a few cuss words in russian but that wont help at all.

  47. anonymous

    puella 29 i love your words, they speak great meaning to us latiners.

  48. James the 3rd

    Latin is dead yet it lives on making it immortal and dead!!!!!

  49. :) Smile!


  50. KK


    u people who support latin r awesome! : ) people who dont... well... learn latin

  51. KK

    Yay latin! :)

  52. :?

    the only 2 times you'd need to know latin i can think of off the top of my head are 1. learning about anatomy/ organic science.... the muscles and stuff like that usually have latin names\\\ 2. it helps when you learn AP foreign languages\ english classes- latin roots are in nearly every word in french, german, spanish, and english... to name a few.

  53. KK

    yeah.. so its not dead... LATIN LIVES ON! there are some other languages 2 but i cant think of them right now.. studying 4 latin test with quizlet :)

  54. krnangelkitty

    this is my username! and i can translate to Korean!
    msg me~ if interested!! hehe

  55. james the 3rd

    latin is a dead language!!!!!

  56. ludmilla97

    I am a licensed French,English and Italian teacher in Virginia (French and Italian in New Jersey also) and I can translate from one to the other. (I'm rusty in Italian).

  57. alina virgilyn c. brooks

    i can do tamil

  58. KK

    Litin is still amazing.... IT WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!

  59. ILovePonies

    I'll try Chinese!

  60. ILovePonies

    Latin is awesome!


  61. Puella29

    10 Cool Things about Latin:
    1. It helps your SAT scores. No it really does. Name a Latin word and I bet you can come up with lots of long confusing English words derived from it.
    2. Most of the Harry Potter spells and names are Latin. Severus (Snape)=Harsh/strict, Lumos=Light, etc.
    3. It's fun to learn. Tu es stultior quam decem brassicae putridae! (You are dumber than ten rotten cabbages) :lol:
    4. Supplies my username
    5. Many English words are the same thing in Latin... fungus, senator, hippopotamus, and lots more.
    6. The table of the Elements involves Latin abbreviations
    7. You get to learn about cool Ancient Roman things (like Et tu, Brute? and Murmillones vs. Retiarii)
    8. English is waaay confusing compared to Latin. All the weird exceptions... and the words are really random and unrelated.
    9. You get to celebrate fun Roman holidays... they partied a lot and had so many holidays it's not even funny

  62. Puella29

    Plus 95% of Spanish words are Latin
    and 92% of English words are derived from Latin

  63. bman1129

    i am amazing at networking so id love to help!!!

  64. savannah bailey

    sorry i wish i could dut i can only speak english

  65. savannah bailey


    i wish i could help

  66. i

    sorry i wish i could help

  67. Simon in CHina

    Hi I could do it for Simplified Mandarin Chinese,

    Might it be possible to get some advertising as payment. I have problems with people not coming to my website. (Part of the problems could be that the Chinese government have blocked it.) :(
    have fun,

  68. savannah

    sorry i wish i could help d=but i only speak english ;) :???:

  69. bman1129

    i could do the system engenering

  70. bman1129

    my freind has all these keyboards from different countries and could help with translating!!

  71. Pia

    What exactly do you need to have translated?

    I am a native German speaker, and a certified instructor of German as a Foreign Language (I teach in Canada and have my students use Quizlet, which most of them love, so thank you a lot Andrew!)and I study translation.

    Also I know some HTML since I a keep a course blog at Edublogs. Leave me a PM on Quizlet or send me an e-mail at piabyline at gmail dot com in case you need anything translated into German.

  72. yo

    im fluent in arabic

  73. mshuchel

    Hey try Babblefish says Hisertech. translates many many languages....

  74. I can do pig latin lol:D

  75. Xatu


  76. Dan_The_Man

    Hey andrew I was a validvictorian at a school with 3,000 kids I got a scholar ship in German

  77. Hollis Woods

    Some may think Latin is dead but it is not no one speaks it but alot of schools teach.... it may come back :)

  78. poniluver

    chinese is yes but no

  79. Translator

    You can try Babblefish I don't know the site but I would assume it is babblefish.com if you have any question you can just ask :)

  80. Irish-Guy7

    Sorry the one about babblefish is me but I messed up the name

  81. hello


  82. ski till you get a cookie

    who needs to learn languges when you can ski

  83. KK

    oh, and i accually managed to understand #10 of puella29's list..
    LINGUAM LATINAM EST OPTIMAM !!!! : ) : ) : )

  84. *starlight*

    Hey, why do you need to translate stuff?

  85. Thea

    Hi there,

    I'm Romanian, living in U.S.A., have an official translator/intrepreter English-Romanian certification and a TOEFL IBT score of 115. I'd be glad to help with the translation.

  86. Anonymous

    Latin is my life! its not dead! it lives on in english, spanish, french.....YOU NAME IT!

  87. bonjouЯ

    im fluent in every language in the world but unless u pay...

  88. ILovePonies

    and latin is sooooo alive

  89. Stacie

    I can also help with the Chinese translation. I can read, write, and type. Let me know how to help out!
    great site, BTW. it's cool that i can make Chinese characters into flash cards without problem.

  90. ILovePonies

    I know how to type chinese:
    你好 我的 名字是 ILovePonies

    but I can help yet I'm not very good

  91. Alvy

    welll Im speak spanish, I can help.

  92. Tom

    Speaking of translation, here's a really funny translation web page - it translates any page into *Redneck* English. Try it out it's really funny.

  93. wee

    translator sites aren't accurate at all.

  94. Simon

    If would like help with translating it to Simplified Chinese I can help.

    Also for space race would it be possible to add a speed adjustment tool. It is a great game but Chinese can take a little longer to type in than french and Spanish.

    Also another part I though would it be hard to add a short recording for each word in the side.

    Then you could have single word dictation as part of the test. For people who learn oral and listening this could be good.


  95. CoolmanSuperman

    i want to know how to just translate the terms and defenitions into other languages like greek cause i m learning greek and i want to know how to do that cause quizlet is awesome

  96. Pavel_Rakitin TEACHER

    I am a native Russian speaker, a teacher of English and a professional translator, I can translate something for you.

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