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Each year, we recognize World AIDS Day on December 1. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people around the globe to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS and remember those who have succumbed to the virus. Since 1988, World AIDS Day has been recognized around the globe.

In all, more than 35 million people have died of HIV or AIDS, and millions more live with the HIV virus. World AIDS Day is an opportunity to wear a red ribbon, make sure you know how to protect yourself against HIV, and learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS and progress that has been made in fighting the epidemic.


  1. Charcole_Edwards

    I respect that

  2. Paulina_Peace

    I have a person in my family who has AIDS. The fact that you're taking time to remember these people is really nice of the Quizlet team. :)

  3. Lerice11


  4. Terminator-101


  5. swimfast7


  6. Juliet_Joyce

    Freddy Mercury from the band Queen died of AIDS. He will be forever missed.

  7. Adigo720

    I'm sorry to all the Families who have lost a member due to AIDS. May they forever be in your hearts.

  8. MrSaiko

    sorry 8th and now 9th and I think it is super nice to remember the people who died with Aids and who have Aids because it is a serious thing.

  9. Mysterios69

    Happy aids day.

  10. Kyle_Yuen

    and i feel that it's respectful to remember the people who are died with Aids

  11. lucy94103

    this is super nice of the Quizlet team. It means that they are respectful to the ones fighting the HIV and AID viruses

  12. Nathalie_Vazquez8

    That is awesome that a day is dedicated to these particular illnesses

  13. Jackson_Daniel2


  14. Kai_Durrant


  15. Cauterizer_Code


  16. Cauterizer_Code

    is something to be respected.

  17. infernalcalamari

    I agree

  18. JJ_2169

    Indeed Cauterizer_Code

  19. SteveOpp

    We shall keep it in our memories.

  20. Mrader34

    Such a sad day :(

  21. TheMagicPlook

    AIDS... respect STD's its really serious GUYS

  22. SteveOpp

    It is...

  23. abiddlebug


  24. Proverbs_2_6

    Hmmm... This is certainly the first time I've seen a day set aside to recognize a disease. I agree that it requires respect and thought. I respect all the people who have died of AIDS, and hope that the people who are fighting it (and so many other illnesses) may continue to battle this terrible disease.


  25. TrueCobalion

    Why can't AIDS go away like Smallpox?
    I second this.

  26. Kaleb_Cassada

    Hold f to pay respects

  27. Jonathan_Cruz-Cortes

    I respect this

  28. Ajanae_Brent

    Mom passed away from this. high respect. Bless up

  29. Andrew_Tracy7


  30. Ethan_Shoemaker3

    hello aids

  31. tokyogoullover

    that is sad my aunt cairn died of cancer i support all types of cancer and i heard that video games help some cancer

  32. Quentin_Miller5


  33. bosanemm000

    So glad quizlet cares <33

  34. Cameron_Cox6

    I though Aids killed less the 35 MILLION!


  35. Jonathan_Davis123

    I like chicken

  36. Jay_Jay2002

    This is super sad. Super glad Quizlet is taking care of this

  37. Jesse-Khalifa

    It's nice that your recognizing this day.


    Nice post, I was the 140th person to high five it. How come Quizlet got rid of the high fives on all of our personal sets? The new update on how the sets looks is cool and I like the solid fonts and refreshing colors, but.... I hope Quizlet is thinking about putting the high five backs as seen as they're still on the Quizlet blog. :)

  39. labrador36

    yay comments are back

  40. labrador36

    this is really cool! I appreciate that quizlet cares about this. you guys are great.

  41. TheOnlyBagel


  42. jacobinabottle

    Theres a national Aids day, whens herpes day

  43. Lxney

    r e s p e c t

    find out what it means to be

    r e

  44. jessicaperson

    I give my respects.

  45. Voltoid


  46. Baraa_Sleman


  47. furryburry2

    my unckle died of stage 3 cancer and my other unckle died in his sleep on dec. 16. 2016. RIP. you will be missed.

  48. posiegg

    Nous devons rendre hommage aux victims du sida et VIH. Vous êtes tous éternellement dans nos cours.

  49. marksofmatthew

    why were comments banned? lol

  50. Zachary_Zehring

    I respect that!

  51. Zachary_Zehring


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