Hello summer friends! Just wanted to keep you up on some of the latest news about Quizlet.

Fun news: The Mike and Juliet show had a rerun yesterday, so there was a nice boost in traffic on the site. Here's my blog post about that experience.


On Friday, I'm going on a two week vacation to France with a friend from my Americorps crew last summer. I'm not taking my laptop, so it will be a great (and much-needed) getaway from the keyboard. And France will be beautiful. I can't wait.

But what have I been doing with Quizlet? I've been making a lot of changes under the hood. A new revision is almost ready to go live, but I can't let myself go away for two weeks while y'all suffer with any bugs I introduce. So they'll have to wait until (soon) after my return. Most of the coding is done, but the making-sure-the-site-still-works part isn't 100% done.

One of my major projects has been reducing the number of HTTP requests and the weight of pages. In my current copy of Quizlet, each page sees about 10 less HTTP requests and about 30-40 KB less downloading. All this is accomplished without changing a bit of functionality. This should especially help those in networks far away from Quizlet's California servers (yes, multiple!) and those with spotty or slow internet connections (my high school had a bad one).

My other project has been to finally tackle Learn mode. It's the premier feature of Quizlet, which means that while it's still innovative in my opinion, the code behind it is a small mess. I've decided to scrap the very cool but ultimately less functional learn mode I dreamed up all the way back in January. Instead, the new learn mode will be very similar to the current one, but a whole ton faster and with a better design for keeping track of your progress. And once that project is taken care of, I'll be free to tackle some more exciting and innovative ideas that have been somewhat restricted by Learn mode 1.0's inefficiencies.

So yeah...nothing to announce for you guys today, just promises for the future. :) Hope you're all having a wonderful summer.



  1. josh c.

    cool have a good time

  2. Andrew J. Leer

    Ah yes, by all means clean up the code Andrew. That will ensure that the future features you speak of have a future!

  3. caviking15

    have a good time in france

  4. shijin

    You're really working hard on this... Thanks! just want you to know it's highly appreciated :D

  5. shijin

    PS. Have a nice time in France

  6. Towelman01

    have fun in france

  7. Suzanne

    I'm new traffic from the M&J show! I think what you've done is great - not just for yourself but for me, too! Making flashcards is such a waste of paper...

    J'espère que vous ayez un bon temp en France! n'oubliez pas le mot "chat", d'accord?

    I look forward to the new features, as well. I'm using the learn function more than my actual textbook.

  8. educ8rnik

    I'm also new traffic from the M&J rerun. I love Quizlet! I teach fifth graders and will use it this year. Did I say that I LOVE Quizlet?

    Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  9. Donna

    Chances are you decided to take your laptop along after all, so you probably won't have to wait until you get back home to read this and, since I actually live in France, I'm pretty sure you're having as great a time here on vacation as my middle school English students have been when using Quizlet. We love it! Keep up the great work!

  10. Aaron

    haha yea hope you use your French. Afterall it was French class which inspired quizlet in the first place. Have fun. I heard it's beautiful

  11. clubpenguinluver

    i've been to france before. lille is a nice small pretty town to go to.

  12. Pollyanna

    I'm in fifth grade and had to memorize state capitals, bones,... and this really helped thanks and have a great time in France:!::lol:

  13. you wish you knew

    well have fun!! quizlet rocks!!

  14. cloroxed

    hope france is wonderful!!!i hope u have a great time!!!quizlet is awesome!!! :-) bye!

  15. xatu

    come back soon

  16. v

    ehhm... what are you doing just now? New version? Or is the problem with me? All of a sudden clipping doesn't work the way it did before and I can't select the groups to which the access to new sets should be restricted to. Anyone else experiencing this? I've got the problem with both IE and Firefox.

  17. panictime

    it was working fine like 10-15 minutes ago
    then i went to take a test
    and it wouldn't mark
    so i was like o the test ain't working

    but noooooooooooooo
    its the whole thing
    Familiarize = no words
    Learn = blank
    Test = won't mark
    Scatter = blank

    quizlet don't do this to me please!!

  18. v, panictime

    Exactly the same problem over here. Firefox 2 & IE 6. Andrew, plllllleeezzzzz help us out! I need Quizlet desperately the next week :-O

  19. sprachenfreak

    sorry, last posting was from me, "v, panictime" should have been in the first line instead of the name field

  20. panictime

    u need quizlet desperately next week?
    *crosses fingers* PLEASEEEEEEE fix ....PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  21. Andrew

    Hey-site isn't working very well right now. I'm working on it. :o

  22. panictime

    haha thanks!!! :D

  23. sprachenfreak


  24. v

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks, you're great

  25. joe jonas


  26. aa


  27. Brian

    The TEST on the presidents of the United States is in error with respect to our twenty-first president. I correctly spelled Chester Arthur- but the program scored me incorrect, stating that it should be Chester Arther (which is, in actuality, an incorrect spelling of our twenty-first president's last name.)

  28. LEE


  29. sandrar

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  30. angelina jolie

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  31. megan fox

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  32. Brittany

    I luv yur site!!lol it's awesome :)lol have fun

  33. ok.!

  34. liz

    oh la la................cher amie%

  35. liz

    id like to your friend

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