A lot of people have been asking for some way to hook into Quizlet on other sites to use its data and functionality. This is, of course, a great idea. So I'm in the process of gathering ideas on what an API for Quizlet might do. So far, I think:

Embeddable lists:

  • JavaScript embedded code that displays a list, also with data available via JSON
  • List of your own sets
  • List of all terms for a certain set
  • List of all sets for a certain tag
  • Most recently created sets, most studied sets, stuff like that

Some limited studying functionality would be cool too - maybe an embedded version of the Test mode or Familiarize mode.

If you want to have Quizlet on your website, send in your own suggestions! I'm in the very beginning stages of planning an API, so anything is possible. Let's hear it.


  1. kchan

    I'm new at the web-building side - but I'd love to be able to put the flashcard practice(s) on my site with a simple embed tool like one can embed a youtube video. Is that even possible?

  2. Andrew

    Sure it is. I consider pretty much anything possible. So you would like the flashcard functionality, just as it is on Familiarize, on your site? That wouldn't be too hard...

  3. Chad

    How about a widget that shows a random word from any of your sets like the one you have on the homepage

  4. Kate

    BTW, Andrew - I love the test generator too. Really - this is quite impressive. Thank you so much for this effort! =D

    And... I second the idea of the random word from specific sets as a embedded object too. Since I will use this for my classes, thus various topics at any given time, can this be set to show a word from a specific list?

  5. Andrew

    Great suggestion. Random stuff is always fun, and narrowing it to a certain set or set of sets wouldn't be hard.

    Keep it coming!

  6. mike

    not really related to this, but can we get somethings that tells us how much we still know a certain set? So like we can look and be like, "o wow I need to study that set!" Maybe make it an option? So we can pick certain sets for it to track how much well we know them?

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  8. Arthur

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  9. Arthus Erea

    I would like to be able to hook my Quizlet data into my other applications. This is particularly important aince my English teacher often wants us to do complicated stuff to words. I have written PHP programs to do this but would love to pull the words in from Quizlet where I already have them all.

    P.S. If you need any help with the API Dev, I have built a few in my day.

  10. vince

    an api would be awesome to use a widget app to tap into the users sets or a regular native [ and/or adobe air ] type app that can tap into the users info and sets.

    the ability to embed my sets into my own website or social web page doesn't entice me as much because i can easily have the quizlet window open.

    ... just a couple of my desires

  11. moneloum


  12. Alan

    provide a programmatic interface to build a quizlet deck. this would allow for integration with interesting data gathering applications. check out dapper.net to see what I mean.

  13. Maulik

    Is the quizlet embed code up yet? I run a website for my english class and i use quizlet to study help people study for vocab tests. I would really like to have this feature.


  14. moedbet

    Credit you - this is awfully constructive !

  15. RafielK

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