1014 users, 1014 sets

Just nabbed that screenshot. I'm happy to announce that Quizlet now has more than a thousand users. That's more than 800 new users in the five days since it launched.

At the same time, Quizlet surpassed a thousand sets. I've been very impressed with the types of stuff showing up on the site. I've spotted Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Basque, and all sorts of English stuff. As far as I can tell, Quizlet has managed this diversity pretty smoothly. If you have any suggestions, post a comment!

And finally:



  1. Neil Kelty

    I'd really not like to see the wiki-like set editing - I think it'd be great to have it for those that would like it but there are some sets I'd rather not have people touching. Is this the plan?

  2. Udi Falkson

    I wrote: "Browse other peoples sets, let people share, let bored people learn random stuff!"

    This is key. You shouldn't make me sign up before searching and browsing existing information. Let me try before I buy.

  3. Andrew

    Yeah, that's coming already. I didn't bother to include it because everyone who reads this is pretty much in already. Hopefully that will be this weekend. Thanks!

  4. Thomas

    Very nicely done!

  5. Pearse

    Another thing I would like is HTML integration. Or atleast a way to put subscript and superscripts in for my chemistry sets.

  6. Ed

    Assigning attributes to sets, including "subject," "term language," and "definition language". Then allow people to sort the list of sets they see based on the attributes. That way, if I am learning Italian, I can see what Italian sets are out there without going through the whole list.
    This will be even more important if expand the user interface to other languages, because then more and more people will be naming their sets in languages other than English.

  7. stephy111

    hello from 20161!! this was awesome

  8. Proverbs_2_6

    All right! That was in 2007, so I imagine there are lots more now! Nice job Quizlet!


  9. TheBeksLambert

    WOW! I can tell that quizlet has changed sssooo much sense 2007. Hahah now theres like 1000000000 people and sets on Quizlet. I wonder how many there actually are. They should make another Blog like this one but with 2016 information. I luv quizlet xD

  10. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    Wow! Quizlet has grown so much with there being 50 million users and 300 million sets!This means instead of being 1 set per user,there is 6.Tremendous to see how Quizlet grew since 2007

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