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Angelica Song shares why college students should upgrade to Quizlet Plus

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Quizlet contributor Angelica Song has used the free version of Quizlet to succeed in her classes for years. Recently, she tried Quizlet Plus, which she said has “totally changed the game” in her studying practice.

In this video, Angelica walks you through all the powerful features that come with a Quizlet Plus account


Creating flashcards in Quizlet Plus

Angelica has created virtual stacks of her own digital flashcards on Quizlet, and has also used a lot of study sets made by other viewers. But Quizlet Plus takes your digital flashcards to the next level. Angelica likes the rich text formatting options, which make it easy to use boldface and italics and to change up the color of the text.

“It’s just easier for your eyes and your mind to pick up when you’re studying so many different flashcards,” she says.

Image and audio features in Quizlet Plus

You can add photos from Quizlet’s library when you make flashcards using the free account. But Quizlet Plus users can also upload their own images. This is really useful if you’re studying a particular diagram or map from a textbook, or a physical handout that your teacher has provided. Just take a picture and upload it from your phone or your computer. Use it for photographs, pictures, illustrations, graphs, diagrams and more.

Quizlet Plus users can also add audio to their flashcards. This is indispensable for foreign language study, or if you find that listening to things helps you remember them. By giving you the power to add your own images and audio to your flashcards, Quizlet Plus lets you organize all your study materials in one place.

Using Quizlet Plus offline

Angelica says the ability to access her study sets offline is her favorite part of the Quizlet Plus membership.

“I get really tempted by notifications … [and] social media, and so sometimes I’ll have to either put my phone in a different room or turn off the Wi-Fi or data so I can’t connect to the internet,” she says.
But Quizlet Plus users can download study sets to their phones and study them anywhere. This feature is essential if you’re trying to minimize distractions, or if you’re on an airplane, or just somewhere where you don’t have good cell service. With Quizlet Plus, you can study anywhere.

Tools that facilitate learning

If you’ve been using Quizlet, you already know about the different study modes it offers. Quizlet Plus builds on that powerful functionality by tracking your progress so you know what you need to work on. Quizlet Plus users enjoy smart grading, progress insights and personalized study paths that recommend things to study.

“The [artificial intelligence] and software is so good, it’s basically like having a private tutor, but with your own notes and flashcards,” Angelica says.
You can try Quizlet Plus for free for 7 days. After that, it’s just $3.99 a month. Try it out and see how you like it. Then leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite feature is.


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