I'm happy to report that Quizlet just recently had its millionth registered user sign up. That's 1,000,000 people that have joined Quizlet!

This is great news because even though we've helped a lot of students already, we have big plans and want to reach as many people as we can in our mission to be a better way to study.

Quizlet has been around for over 4 years now, but more than half of our users signed up within the last 13 months, and we're growing quickly. This summer, we are preparing for a much greater flood of traffic and even more users once school starts back up around September. We're also working on some really cool features, so stay tuned!

Who's the millionth user you ask? Meet nirugrid, who has been studying SAT vocab words. Congrats nirugrid, you just became a Quizlet Plus member!

How long have you been using Quizlet? How has it helped you?


  1. Sarah

    Ah mann! I signed up today, If only I waited a few hours then I would have been the millionth user :( Oh well. CONGRATS~!

  2. Adele

    That's awesome! Congrats.

  3. farbod

    who is this millionth ?

  4. Stephen

    12 hours later 6K more users, thats pretty crazy!

  5. alwaysswimmin


    Nirugrid, your so lucky! Hope you enjoy Quizlet.

  6. v

    you mean nirugrid got Quizlet Plus just because he's the millionth user? LUCKY

  7. Michelle

    Wow, congradulations, Andrew! I didn't think that Quizlet would be soooo popular! Lucky nirugrid for being a "plus" user!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Luvlittlemacchiato

    Wow that's awesome... ONE MILLION PEOPLE! I'm so glad Quizlet is helping so many people!! Maybe we can get to 2 million in a while! um lets get to that later...

  9. Natalie Keoleian

    wow. congrats.

  10. J. Hawke

    Congrats, nirugrid. That is pretty epic win. XD

    It's good to know this website is helping so many people learn. I'm excited to see where it shall go from here. :D

  11. Meet

    I am super glad we have our millionth user.Tell people to join to get billion users!

  12. diamond

    great ..

  13. HarryPotterRocks


  14. HarryPotterRocks

    Congratulations, nirugrid!

  15. juliaswims

    Quizlet has help me, not only with studying, but also keeping u with friends durng the summer. THANKS QUIZET!!!!

  16. DCollins523

    cool!!!! that is great! Go QUIZLET!

  17. Mme Thomas

    Great news on the millionth user! So then Andrew called him? Thanks for fixing the scatter embed code, Phil :))

  18. Charliehorse

    Wow that is impressive. Go QUIZLET

  19. stinjones

    I was probably the 10th. jk

  20. Erin Silver

    aww it would have been cool to be the millionth user :] oh well<3 i still love this site..it really helps me memorize vocab betterr..;]

  21. Taylor Lautner

    no kidding. haha yup that was me! :D

  22. BrandonG

    Cool!! I wish i could be the millionth user! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  23. Michaella Lautner

    I wanted to ne the millionth user!!! :)

  24. Jennifer

    I got my vocab test all 100% because of Quizlet!:D

  25. trixyprix

    this helped me a lot!!!!!

  26. komusic

    congrats nirugrid! i admit i would have loved to get quizlet plus for free! but i didn't so hey, no biggie! i'm glad quizlet has grown so much! it really does help student with their grades and that's great!

  27. JGDenver

    would like to get quizlet plus too-oh well, congrats

  28. stebosports

    I wanna know what number I was hahaha....

  29. Nirugrid

    Thank you everybody

  30. .


  31. Iceydude168

    I never realized how quickly Quizlet is growing over the past year! Happy studying everyone!

  32. Veritas

    Oh my gosh! Quizlet is so great~
    I was probably close to the 1,000,000 user!
    I am fairly new...
    I still have so many questions! But I finally now know how to use macron settings! :)

  33. Razzledazzle

    How cool! Quizlet is really great
    I have aced every test since I learned about it
    Congratulations Quizlet!

  34. Jerry

    I just joined Quizlet,
    and so did you.
    We'll study harder.
    And eat tofu!!!
    Sorry, I couldn't come up with any better rhymes.... :p

  35. cmontilla

    and jerry sadness:(

  36. Mandy

    lol Jerry ;)

  37. Ben

    Congrats on Plus! I'm currently a "Minus" user :)

  38. mik10


  39. kool :) :) :)

  40. Freakin awesome guy


  41. punkmaster

    this is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. cmontilla

    u know what......
    i really dont know either
    except that
    :D :D ;)

  43. 2ndplace2

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just be came a member today just a few minutes ago and i saw this and thought i would say congrats.

  44. zoe

    thats totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  45. Chrome67

    Congrats on being 1,000,000 user nirugrid!!! :)

  46. McGirl

    Awesome! You go, Q! You guys have helped me beyond compare. Learning Math, Science, and History has been easy and even fun when I'm not stressed! For the past two years my tests have been A's or A+'s! Thanks so much! Without you, I don't know what I would have done about last-minute studying.

  47. nellienoo


  48. queenj11

    thats cool i wish it was me!!!!!!!

  49. cmontilla

    meet ur the millionth
    :D :) ;)

  50. THEBIBLE101

    WOW THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. B


  52. la di dabo

    way 2 go michelle

  53. Brie Moonstone

    awesome for u

  54. 16leones

    awesomeness my school made me get on quizlet and I'm SUPER glad they did because now i don't have to write out my flashcards

  55. 16leones

    its supreme awesomeness XD :)

  56. Sophia

    wow... the millionth user... wow

  57. Evilweirdo

    Wow, a million+ users?
    Keep up the good work, quizlet!

  58. zacky

    ive been using quizlets for about 2 years now
    at first i thought it was a little strange
    but its awesome!!!!!!!

  59. Panther

    that's great!

  60. Fish8077

    AWESOME! Congrats!

  61. Bren

    I just got a quizlet a week ago

  62. Teresa

    Happy to have found this....
    struggling with my program and school.

  63. Cool, Nirugrid !!!!!
    Congrats. But, that gave me another idea Andrew!!

    When we log in, have our member number with our loggin, or on our dashboard, maybe with our join date. You used to know how many days you were a member, now I can not find that old data.... That would be kinda interesting. (at least I think so.)

  64. sgrondahl

    Cool, Nirugrid !!!!!
    Congrats. But, that gave me another idea Andrew!!

    When we log in, have our member number with our loggin, or on our dashboard, maybe with our join date. You used to know how many days you were a member, now I can not find that old data.... That would be kinda interesting. (at least I think so.)

  65. the guy in the van

    i say u make this kinda like facebook

    facebook is really popular right so this may get more popular like that

    u could make private chats and 1v.1 games and u could have a profile page that only people in ur group can look at

    u can have a status and people could comment on ur life

    all of this is based around studying of course

  66. Anonymous

    I have been using quizlet for about A year and a half now and ever since I have gotten all A's. The only thing I wish you could is make a test not only for vocab but otherwise it is the best study tool out there!!!

  67. Kennedy Junior High School in Naperville, Illinois


  68. awesome181


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