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Quizlet Unconference 2018: now available on YouTube

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Did you attend the 2018 Quizlet Unconference last week? The presenters dropped some serious knowledge with plenty of real-world examples. Best of all, each teacher who attended got a certificate to fill out and turn in for PD (personal development) credit. We enjoyed hosting every minute of it, and we hope those who attended enjoyed watching.

If you couldn't attend the event — don't fret. We recorded the sessions and collected them all right here so you can watch it at your leisure. If you like what you see, subscribe to Quizlet's YouTube channel. We'll keep you updated whenever a new Quizlet video drops.

The Quizlet Story

Andrew Sutherland, founder of Quizlet, explains how the immensely popular study app came to be. This was the opening session of the 2018 Quizlet Unconference.

Getting Started & Creating Content

Are you a teacher but don't (yet) know much about Quizlet? This is a great place to start. Quizlet's own Amalia Nelson walks you through the basics.

Creative Ways to Use Quizlet in Your Classroom

Nathan Hall explores ways you can modify Quizlet in different ways to fit your own classroom style or needs.

Gamify Your Classroom with Quizlet Live

If you've never tried Quizlet Live in the classroom, you're in for some fun. Jessica Pilgreen shows you how to run a game and get students excited about working in groups.

Benefits of Quizlet Teacher: Focus on Class Progress

Quizlet is free for both teachers and students, but teachers can do more with a subscription. But what, exactly? Courtney Osborne shows you how to take advantage of all the paid options.

Quizlet Diagrams & Tips

Quizlet Diagrams aren't just for science teachers. Jessica Pilgreen uncovers all the ways you can use Diagrams to teach your students more — and more effectively.

Engaging All Students for Success

Michael Snead went all in with Quizlet for his students — and the rest of the school stood up and took notice. He shares his experience incorporating Quizlet school-wide.


What's Coming Up Next with Quizlet

CEO Matthew Glotzbach shares his vision of Quizlet and how we can make it even more useful and innovative for teachers and students going forward.

Flip Your Classroom with Quizlet Challenges

Do you challenge your students? I mean really challenge them? Melanie Millard does, and she has some great advice for how to keep momentum up for students over time with long-term challenges using Quizlet.

Formative Assessment with Quizlet

Teachers always ask us about formative assessment and Quizlet. What's possible? How do you do it? Steve Wick breaks it down. Essential viewing for anyone who needs stats, numbers, or proof.

Easy Ways to Share Quizlet (e.g., Google Classroom)

Using Quizlet in a silo works, but did you know there are lots of ways to incorporate Quizlet into an LMS or other system you already use? Colby Chambers talks about embedding and integrations, with a particular focus on how to use it with a favorite tool of many teachers — Google Classroom.

Quizlet for Language Teachers

It's no secret that language teachers love Quizlet. The app is very focused on memorization, and all the extras like speech make it a perfect companion for language teachers. If you teach a language, Stephanie Sheridan shows you why and how Quizlet should be in your arsenal of tools.

Fun (and Easy) Variations on Quizlet Live

Patrick McMillan is known for his game variations on Quizlet Live. He shares a big list of alternate games you can play. Plus, we fire up Quizlet Live with Unconference participants and Quizlet employees to take the game for a spin and show newcomers how it works.

Sharing Quizlet with Other Teachers

Dan Methven knows that some teachers are deathly afraid of technology — but they really shouldn't be. His job is to help teachers break through their fears and incorporate #edtech into their teaching. He brings a ton of personality and inspiration to this close-out session of the Unconference.