We're pleased to announce that the talented Anand Sharma has joined the Quizlet team as Design Director.

He joins us from Los Angeles where he previously ran his own design agency, Dragon Interactive, and worked on projects like theory11. He also has previous startup experience and is someone Andrew, Quizlet's founder, has known for many years.

Anand epitomizes pixel-perfect design and he's already started work making Quizlet look and feel awesome for users. Look for big changes over the coming months!

(Real-life photo of Anand's desk at Quizlet.)


  1. allAstudent

    1st! I'm looking forward to those new changes coming soon:) Congrats Anand!

  2. lifeissweet

    Yay Anand! Can't wait to see what you come up with for Quizlet! Love you guys!

  3. cadadasa

    2nd! that would be cool! what changes? i can't wait!!

  4. KingYoshie


  5. Kathy

    Is that Red Bull and a cup of coffee?? You must be working him hard.

  6. Conrad

    If my eyes are not deceiving me, it looks like you have an Android tablet (Samsung tab maybe). Although the web site is great and works on my Android tablet fine, it would be great if you could develop a native app for Android.

  7. Andrew123

    Maybe this includes making scoreboards?

  8. Andying

    6th!!! Changes must be cooooooooooool!!!!!

  9. WriterGirl

    Ya can't wait! Congratulations!

  10. OpHiDiAn

    Congratz Anand! I'm jealous of your Wacom tablet!!! xD lol

  11. 11th

    cool...maybe he can make search better...it is so freakin sloooooooow!

  12. Tmazing A+ Machine

    plzzzzz be multiplayer!!!! u guys said u were gunna make it in the fall

  13. Congratulations! A suggestion is: It would be great if folders could be added to easily organize sets by something other than subject. And if those folders would not only work on the user's dashboard, but also in groups in which the manager can edit the folders.

  14. rrrrbitt

    WOW! a computer, a laptop, AND an iphone!

  15. Anoymous genius

    How many hours do you guys work a day?

  16. MultiplyQuizlet

    Wellif hez so smart then make multiplayer!!

  17. Snivy45

    Congrats! I looking foward to those changes!

  18. ctyonahl

    @rrbitt...AND a tablet!

    It would be good to get some UI improvements on Quizlet. I looked at some of his websites and they look really good! Make Quizlet look like THAT, ok?

  19. CinnamonRolls17

    Congrats Anand! Now, let's see some Quizlet magic! (:

  20. youtube.com/thethirdpew

    2 days and only 17 responses?!?!?
    Why don't people comment on here?!?
    Anyway, congrats Anand! =D

  21. SNACK

    the chat should be faster
    Anyways I cant wait to see what you add to this site

  22. The Joe

    Congrats please make quizlet a better place

  23. Latin...Latin...and...more Latin

    YAY FOR ANAND!!!!!! Make some great improvments for us quizlers!!!!

  24. Andreavega12


  25. Andrea Tang

    Cool ! I think i have a friend that has teh same last name as this dud. Good for u Anand make some new things for us opn quizzlet okay .:)

  26. crisey95

    this is a much better way to study and iv found that its more entertaining

  27. Saif_

    Wow.... Blows away any other computer software designers' desks. Love this site though

  28. austinr21

    I was 100th hi five!

  29. htbvntarsamiya


    this is good to see you by me from india-gujarat-bhavnagar-tarsamiyaVILEGE-primaryschool.

    this is good learning tool
    i m new user (HEAD TEACHER of MY GOVT. School)

    keep it up.....
    Dr. harshvardhansinh jadeja

  30. micaela1962

    Thats nice

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