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For Teacher Appreciation Week, we're featuring a few of our amazing Teacher Ambassadors. Nominate an amazing, Quizlet-savvy teacher like Mr. Chambers to win free upgrades for their entire school's faculty and a visit from Quizlet's founder, Andrew Sutherland! Learn more about our Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway here.

Meet Colby Chambers, a 7th grade science teacher at KIPP Heritage Academy in San Jose, CA. He's been using Quizlet for the past three years, after hearing about it from another teacher. Find more of Colby's awesome sets on his Quizlet profile, and make sure to check out his classes' DonorsChoose.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I love working with kids and blowing stuff up! Who doesn't want to be a science teacher?!

What's a day in your life like?

Science! Generally, I teach 4 classes a day for about 70 minutes each class. Typically, we use Quizlet the most in the beginning of a unit and the end of a unit to help introduce new vocabulary and review before quizzes and tests.

What's one creative way that you use Quizlet to engage students?

Every few weeks we play team-builder games in the morning with our homeroom class. One fun way we used Quizlet was by creating a set with various facts about teachers and students; then, we played Quizlet Live to test each other's knowledge of the folks in our class. It was a really fun, engaging, and interesting way to learn more about each other!

What is your pro-tip for other teachers about using Quizlet?

Upgrade to the Teacher account and record your own voice for vocabulary words and definitions. I've found that students learn better and are more engaged when they hear and can listen to a familiar voice. :)

What is your favorite Quizlet study set?

History of Earth: Plate Motion

If you were to write a tagline for Quizlet, what would it be?

"Quizlet: Don't Let the Quiz Win."