I'm back in California, after spending the earlier half of this week visiting colleges in Boston. I fortuitously arrived in Boston only several hours before the Red Sox won Game 7 and clinched their spot in the World Series, so my MIT hosts had plenty to be happy about.

MIT students partying in the elevator

The best way to celebrate the Game 7 victory was inside an elevator.

I had a great time in Boston and it feels like a great place to be a college student. My visit confirmed my suspicions that MIT seems like a great fit for me.

So anyways, I flew back on Wednesday, the first day of the World Series. The tension ran extra high on my flight between Boston and Denver (ergo Colorado) - there was lots of talk of "fleeing Boston." United was cool enough to patch in a live but crackly transmission of the game through the in-flight radio.

With all this flying time, I had some downtime to work on Quizlet (for some reason, I can never do actual work on planes). I've got a complete copy of Quizlet running on my laptop, so I can work on it compulsively whenever and wherever I please. What did I do this time? A lot of really good small stuff:

  1. Navigation amelioration: I've gotten rid of those easy-to-miss links added to the main navigation bar on certain pages, and replaced them with a sweet second row of navigation below the title of each page. The Familiarize, Learn, Test, Export, My Groups, Dashboard, and Group pages all got the treatment. Hopefully this will make it easier to navigate Quizlet.
  2. I replaced the Answers.com lookup links with inside-Quizlet lookup links on the Set page. Activate the links by clicking on the little search_right.gif icon next to each term. Just like the Create Set page and the Quizmarklet, a box will pop onto with a list of definitions. So if you see a word you like on someone else's set, you can click on the icon and save it into one of your own sets. Notice the linked vocabulary words in this post - they're set up with this feature as well. Très cool! 8)
  3. You can now delete your account if you need to. There's a link in your dashboard. The delete page gives you the option of leaving your old sets for other people to use, or deleting everything. For security, you'll need to type in your password before permanently deleting your account.
  4. I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3.1 and moved the RSS feeds to Feedburner (the old feed URLs will automatically redirect). You can now subscribe to this blog by email if you like. I guess you could consider this blog the official Quizlet newsletter...
  5. A few speed improvements here and there. I'm aware of intermittent speed problems, and they are being addressed.


Quizlet Queries for Quid has had a few interesting twists in the past few days. First, two of Quizlet's projects are now fully funded and complete! Mississippi's Bay-Waveland Middle School will be getting a LCD new projector and a fifth grade class in the Bronx will be getting six Scrabble games. These proposals were brought to life in part by Quizlet users! (other people not from Quizlet contributed too.) To date, we've raised $550. Impressive...But there's still $1,962 to go!

I've added another proposal to the list to keep us on track for our goal of $2512. This time, we're helping another hurricane-impacted school (this time in Louisiana) get seven Scrabble sets. I'm working on finding more projects I'd like to support - if you browse through the site and find one you like, post it in the comments. Donate now by clicking on the thermometer and clicking Fund Now on one the proposals in the list. And teachers, submit a proposal to the site and I'll be happy to post it under the Quizlet Queries for Quid challenge. Man, this DonorsChoose thing is addictive - even Stephen Colbert is doing it now!

Now, my first college application is due Thursday, so I'm going to go finish that...


  1. jessica

    that is so cool did you get to see the game?

  2. Andrew

    On TV, yes. But after Boston scored a bunch we could mute it and hear the huge Fenway crowd roaring. That was cool.

  3. Amelia Bedilia

    when will u make it so that we can change our user name? I am sooooo sick of mine but i dont want 2 have 2 start a whole new account. I have tried 2 contact u, asking u 2 change it, but nothing has changed. Please help! :(

  4. Toni Twiss

    You are truly inspiring.

    Sorry to add a teacher voice to this, but I just wanted you to know that I will be telling all of my students down here in New Zealand to start using this site NOW!

    Very impressive. Congratulations on an absolutely superb site.

  5. redsox fan

    the red sox rule glad they won beckett, ortiz, and ramirez rocked through all the postseason and remember its redsoctober

  6. danielrun

    I was routing for the indians, but i'm from ohio! :-)

  7. Patrck


  8. Elizabeth

    I hope you get into MIT. As an ex-Bostonian I think you'll have lots of fun in winter *caugh.*

    while I find your site to be absolutely amazing and have been using it for what seems like forever, the teachers at my school dont 'get it'

  9. Leeb

    That's so great!!!

  10. REDSOX

    Red Sox RULE!!!

  11. rek sox are awesome :o :) :( :| ") ') :?

  12. Grant

    Good job!

  13. I heart the redsox's

    i love the red sox!!! they win almost all the time!!

  14. some person


  15. TayTay

    oh so kool (!) **

  16. mustang


  17. Awsomnisiy100

    The redsox are awsome, and i am very sorry that johnny damen left for the yankees a while ago, but they seem to be doing well without him, lol. :)

  18. greg

    ready for '08?

  19. wyoming14

    I AM REALLY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! no homework for us cuz our teacher loves the red soxs

  20. Stupid White Boy

    I so Happy the Red Sox WON they are the best team is Baseball History really i got 45 on my World History test i choose do watch the game istead i'm happy that i got 45 GO RED SOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. RED SOX !

    i stayed up for the whole game-alone bc im the only red sox fan in my family-there all yankee fans-YUCK!
    i was so happy when they won!!!!!

  22. kate

    RED SOX ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007 WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    O YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOX ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [boo yankees!]

  23. kate

    btw, good luck on ur college application :)

  24. kate

    yeah im from MA so i sooooooo support the sox.

  25. GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i loveeeeee AJAX

  27. Red Sox H8r

    GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will always be loyal to my team and my city. No win or loss against some Bean Town team is gonna change that!

    (boo Red Sucks, i mean Sox)

  28. Red Sox H8r

    oh, btw, while it has been 5 years since the Angels won the world series, at least it didnt take them 86 YEARS to do it!

    GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Tommy

    Red sox suck go yankees!!!!!!! you want jhonny back don't you suckers

  30. Julia

    Boo red sox, the rockies were finally winning! (Colorado born and bred so you can't blame me). I bet you'll get into MIT, heck, you've already made an amazing site that tons of people use which is more than most people could do. Anyway, good luck!

  31. patrick

    good job red sox

  32. VJ

    boohoo i cant believe the sox shut out the rockies... :cry:

  33. VJ

    sorry andrew but rockies rule

  34. VJ

    and so do the yankees

  35. 4 ever a red sox

    the red soxs rule and always will rokies suck eggs

  36. PYPFTB

    GO BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Brewers are the best!!!!!!!! Milwaukee is going to win the World Series next year!!!!!! Milwaukee is the best city ever!!!!!!!!! Brewers are amazing!!!!!!!! And for the record, the Packers are the best team in the NFL!!!!!!!!!!! Wisconsin rules!!!!!!!!!!

  37. KKK

    Poor rockies! Oh, and FYI, THE STEELERS ARE AWESOME!

  38. PYPFTB

    The steelers might be awesome, but THE PACKERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. kensie

    yayayayaya red sox r awesome =]


    Go Yanks!


    Steelers Rock Even More

  42. scottaNWEA

    Is ther anyway to turn off the chat thats on this site. I am an 8th grade teacher and my team of teachers love this site but some of our kids seem to spend all their time chatting instead of using this awesome website. We've actually had to ban it because of the overuse of chatting.

  43. response to scottaNWEA

    group managers can turn off a group's chat function. that's one of the new features Andrew put in.

  44. kmarieo13

    I wish the Rockies would've won :(

  45. KKK

    I dont like Red Sox OR Yankees! I dont understand you people. Steelers still rule!!!! :)

  46. KKK

    Yay Steelers!!!! :~)

  47. Dude



    The Red sox are the Dead socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


    Indians :)
    Dead Socks :(


    OSU WILL BEAT MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  52. Sue

    best of luck in your college apps! i'm doing them now too.

  53. Grant

    Are there any plans to make Quizlet work with Google Gears?


    What's Google Gears?
    I rock.

  55. ?

    andrew, ur genius, this site helped me and other 8th graders taking 10th grade science get a's for the qauter... as a matter a fact the whole class did.... and at 1/2 of the class used quizlet.... thank u!



    BUCKEYES WON :) :) :) :)


    who likes michigan

  59. KKK

    NOT ME! Steelers are STILL amazing! :)

  60. Grant

    CAPSLOCK: gears.google.com

  61. RED SOX + YANKEES = RED SOX #1 :mrgreen:

  62. Anonymous

    Does anyone know any other smileys??? I have :) :( :D :P :? :?: :!: :oops: :mrgreen: ;) :cool: :lol: :shock: :mad: :cry: :| :o any more?

  63. Anonymous

    ohh yeah i also have :twisted: sorry!

  64. Anonymos

    This Sucks Who likes the RED SUCKS. yall is gay

  65. Anonymous

    Congratulations Red Sox u rock!! by the way guys i found this one too :evil: anybody else?


    Tune of "Ironman"


    Love ice cream ironman song


    That song's good!

  69. Don't like the redsox, but still cool

    as you can see, i like the yankees, but really, good charity work and all...

  70. Some dude who likes monkeys

    Go monkeyes!

  71. Some dude who likes monkeys

    The're a monkey baseball team

  72. kmarieo13

    I think football is way better than baseball

  73. crazyman369

    Go Red socks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  74. crazyman369

    P.S. footballs SUCK !!!!! ^^

  75. no one

    dude you are sooooo wrong football is way better than football. my sleeping pill is watchingbaseball

  76. wooooooooooooooooooooo red sox rule and so do the redskins and the tar heels


    Let's go buckeyes!

  78. 22thunder3

    That was asome

  79. Cheese person

    NFL's for wusses. Arena football rocks man!!!!

  80. alicia

    it was sooooooooooooo awsome it wasn't even funny

  81. pie man

    redsoxs suck big ones!! go yankees and rockies

  82. chexismexi

    yeah i agree with pie man, i mean living in hawaii we dont have a baseball team to root for, so my grandma (who has been living in NY all her life) makes me watch all of the ball games that the Yankees play and i must say i am sooooo much more impressed with the yankees than the red sox. i mean how many world series have the red's one? like 7...maybe. and the yankees have one too many to count so honestly their players are MUCH better

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