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Quizlet’s Refreshed Honor Code

Quizlet HQNews · Posted by Matthew  December 13, 2021
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Quizlet believes in students. No matter how hard the material might seem, or how much time is left to study, we know that everyone can make study choices to be proud of. To help guide students and instructors in honest learning on Quizlet, we maintain an Honor Code.

Today, Quizlet is refreshing that Honor Code. Conversations around academic integrity have always been stressful for students and educators alike, and the pandemic has not made them any easier. When learning and testing went online, the pre-pandemic norms and expectations didn’t always translate well. Returning to the classroom in education’s “new normal” means making hard decisions about what should stay and what should go from the remote learning experiment.

Educators didn’t have the opportunity to plan this experiment out in advance. Remote learning was forced on teachers and schools, many for the first time. Now, the transition to the next phase of education, with remote, hybrid, and in-person instruction all still playing a role, means we all need to assess what worked and what didn’t. This kind of reflection requires an honest exchange between students and instructors, especially when it comes to crucial conversations surrounding academic integrity.

We know that students want to do the right thing, and our belief is that a new version of the Honor Code will help shine some light on how everyone in the classroom, virtual or physical, can work together to establish clear expectations and set themselves up for success.

The updated Honor Code focuses on three key concepts:

  1. Instructors decide what’s permitted in their classes, and the rules may vary from one class to another. Students and instructors benefit from having an open dialogue about those rules.
  2. Every student can succeed with honest study and the right support.
  3. Students are responsible for the content they share. They should be confident that the material they upload to Quizlet does not go against their instructor’s rules.

We invite you to read through our refreshed Honor Code.



Honestly, i thought this was a good refresher for all of us, students and teachers alike. Thanks for reminding me to always have integrity


The whole world could use more integrity. (if there is any still in it) Thanks for this reminder.


i have a magnificent tumor


omg yes thank you for making quizlet so fun and enraging for my students!


all i care about is match tbh


muchas gracias




is it now

avmonet7  plus

Although honor is not seen as a big deal in our society today it is appreciated that some people still have it and would like the new generations to obtain and maintain it as well. Thankyou