The Quizlet team continues to grow, as we now welcome Robert Deaton! Robert was the 91st (!!) Quizlet user, starting back in 2006 when he was a student at Caesar Rodney High School in Dover, Delaware. Robert is a remarkably accomplished engineer. While a student the University of Delaware, Robert worked closely with a nearby middle school to develop a library of educational online games for its students. A true expert on network infrastructure, Robert has even presented at DEFCON. We're pumped to have him on board!

We asked Robert to tell all our Quizlet users a bit more about himself:

Quizlet: If you could learn to do anything, what would you learn?

Robert: I would learn to speak all of the world's languages. I think it would be amazing to travel anywhere at any time and be able to communicate with anyone you run into.

Q: What was one thing you wish you could have changed about high school?

R: At my high school, AP classes counted for GPA purposes just like regular classes. This led to students competing for class rank by taking non-AP classes, because it would be easier for them to get better grades. I think we should have had weighted AP classes, because I think people should be encouraged to take classes that would teach them more.

Q: Why did you decide to work at Quizlet?

R: I decided to work at Quizlet because, in addition to the team being awesome when I first visited, I knew that it would give me an opportunity to really make a difference in the way people learn. When I was able to work with middle school students and see how excited they were about new tools for learning, I knew I wanted to be able to continue to do that. Quizlet is giving me that opportunity.

Q: What's the most useful thing you've ever learned?

R: The most useful thing I've ever learned is how to motivate and teach myself. School has always been important and taught me a lot, but being able to learn more about the things that interest me has been one of my greatest joys.


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    Fine to know that there are people such as Robert Deaton in your team who are enthusiastic about learning languages and who are able to motivate themselves ... and others: I for myself must admit that quizlet has given me a lot of new impulses and fun for learning by playing knowing that the students will definitely get hooked to it, even learners of the French language which is less liked than English; with good reason unfortunately, but quizlet may change this a bit, hopefully!



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    Welcome to Quizlet! :D

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    Good job Robert!

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    NINTH!!! Excellent.

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    Also, thank you for making the / key a star shortcut in cards.

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    Nice to know. Welcome to Quizlet!

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    Love that your excited about making good tools and getting people learning!

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    13th Welcome!!!

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    i was 15th!!!!!!
    But this one is 16th.

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    Congrats Robert!!!!
    (18th...hey that's my age yaay!!)

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    Welcome to Quizlet. I hope you like SF. :)

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    21st!!! congrats on the new occupation!!! :D

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    Welcome to quizlet!!! I hope you enjoy the time!!! (24th comment!)

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    25th :p

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    26th! not exactly sure why im doing this but 26th!

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    27th! by the way, can someone try to beat my highscores on the scatter game having to do with the states of matter and stuff like that, because i signed up about a week ago, so i really want some competition! :)

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    Welcome, Robert! So glad you joined the Quizlet team!

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    Welcome Robert! How grand that you are working for the team that has helped you in the past. I'm many languages have started learning so far? I'm working on French.

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    Welcome, and have fun!!!!!!! ; )

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    Welcome Robert

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