Because of the all the big changes listed below, many of the files on Quizlet have changed (71 of them, in fact). If you have any issues with Quizlet's looks or functionality, you probably don't have the right files. To make sure you have the latest copy of all the files, you'll need to empty your brower's cache. See this page for instructions for various browsers.

You have no idea how long I've wanted to post this:

Scatter is here!

Scatter shows you eight random terms from your set, scattered all over the page. You drag corresponding items onto each other. It doesn't matter if you drag the term onto the definition, or the definition onto the term. When you make a correct match, the two items will disappear. Keep going until all of the items are gone. It then gives you your score, and compares it to your record high score. Warning: Scatter is highly addictive! Instead of releasing this update, for the last two days I've been wasting my time playing Scatter all day. Or rather, I've been hoarding it all to myself. Hey, it's called testing! ;)

It's embeddable, as you see above. That means you can copy the HTML code and insert Scatter into your own page. The embedding code is at the top-right hand corner of the regular Scatter page. Should be cool to see what blogs it turns up in :cool:.

A few miscellaneous things about it:

  1. When you drop one item onto another, it won't catch the drop unless your mouse is hovering over the target term. So if you have a giant definition and a wee bit of it is overlapping the target term when you drop, it might not work.
  2. Embedding will look best on pages with WHITE backgrounds. Sorry, people with other colors.
  3. Dragging performance might not be optimal. It runs fine for me and my testers, but your results my vary. Let me know if it's hard to use.
  4. The "scattering" code randomly places the items all over the place. It finds random coordinates, checks to see if that space is free, and if it isn't it will try 7 times more, then just give up and do the overlap. Think of it as overlap-resistant, as it won't be perfect all the time.
  5. It's sort of easy to cheat. I"ll leave it up to you to figure out how. Except, when I was testing I was able to get faster times by actually knowing the stuff than cheating.
  6. I may add High Scores so you can compare with other people. It's hard to decide, because of how easy it is to cheat and manipulate any high scores board. And also, I'm unsure about encouraging competition on a self-improvement website. I'll be listening for reactions on this subject.
  7. It will show 8 terms everytime (or if your set is less than that, it will show all of them). In all my testing, that seemed like the perfect balance of numbers. Every new round of the game will show a random selection of the terms in the set.

The second-best new feature is the networking page, which lets you connect with friends by sending them email invites to your groups or finding your friends by username/email address. Very nice.

Other things that are new:

  1. Overhauled the discussion box code so it's less frenetic when it gets really long or when the page loads.
  2. Changed "Saved Sets" to "Favorited Sets" - everything is the same except for the name.
  3. Made the Getting Started page have bigger text, and more information.
  4. Changed the top-right help logo from (?) to (help). I think it's more direct that way.
  5. The Print Flashcards page now tells you how many pages it will print for you. It's still 5 terms per page.
  6. When you add a term on the Create Set/Edit Set pages, it automatically scrolls to the bottom for you. I love this one.
  7. If you aren't a member of any groups, the My Groups page will show you the most recently created groups and links to see all groups.
  8. Upgraded to Mootools 1.0.
  9. Quizlet should now remember your Ignore and Prompt settings for the Learn and Test pages.
  10. Export page now lets you recreate sets inside of Quizlet.
  11. The home page is now more consistent on what sets it shows. All users will see the same list, when before they would see only sets they could access (private sets included). Now, a "Just Me" set will never be on the list. "Only Certain People" sets and "Everyone" sets will always show now (the former with a lock icon showing). Note: this does not change any privacy settings of your data, just what set titles will show in the "recent sets" list.

As always, let me know how she's running.


  1. NeilKelty

    Andrew - this is amazing. The things you've done with the technology - the fades and "slides" are gorgeous. Simply Amazing! Job well done.

  2. Tom

    Love it, great game and nice improvements. It's weird to get addicted to learning french vocab though ;-)

  3. Tom

    Already got an idea for improvement: Make an option "Don't display stuff in ()" or automatically adjust the font size (eg. the longer the term, the smaller the font), because some of my words look like this:

    regarde = schau mal, sieh doch mal (Imperativ 2. Pers. Sg. von «regarder»)

    or even:

    toi = du (betonte Form des Personalpronomens. Zur Hervorhebung der Person, die du ansprichst, kannst du «toi» vor einen Satz stellen, der mit «tu» beginnt.)

    That clutters up the screen pretty fast, try to play that set on a 15" screen. Everything else is great!

    Nice workaround I just discovered: Add "&embed" to the url (eg. …ter.php?id=5712&embed) to get the embed version, which is basically the same, but with smaller fonts.

  4. alicia

    I'm totally addicted to the Scatter game! I keep trying to beat my high score over and over and over and over...

  5. Amelia

    I love the scatter game! Sooooo addicting! Buuuuuuttt.... i found out how to cheat! :D

  6. madonna

    i hope more games come soon

  7. Alice

    Haha you're a genius...:D

  8. Lani

    I wasn't particularly looking forward to studying for my geo test this weekend, but something tells me it might be a little bit less boring now. As far as a high scores board goes, I say no. I think it's enough to compete against yourself.

  9. Nik

    I can see now why you were so excited about this, Andrew! You've really done a great job. The UI is user-friendly, it flows seamlessly, and (most importantly) it's the funnest way of learning vocab that I know of.

    From a tech standpoint, of course, you've accomplished something great in that this isn't flash. It flows as if you used flash, and yet it's ajax. Nicely done.

    I must say, I agree with Tom. But then there's the consideration that you didn't want to have options and clutter things up, which I understand. I would, however, include, considering how much easier it could make life for some people. Just do it in your normal, well-implemented way and we should be fine.

    As for your other additions, of which there are many, I have to say I'm most excited about what would appear to be trivial things, but when using Quizlet actually prove to be quite important. First, I'm really thankful for the automatic scroll to bottom when adding new terms in edit or create mode. Remembering Ignore and Prompt settings is great, too. They seem trivial, but will make using Quizlet even nicer, if that were possible.

    As always, a great update, Andrew. If only I could figure out how to cheat in Scatter...

  10. Kris

    This is great, I'd love to see more games soon! Perhaps something like Matching.

  11. Kris

    after playing scatter a few times while I love it and it's highly addictive, I think it would be better if it had an option to click on 2 of the terms/definations rather than having to drag one, because sometimes eventhough I have the right combinartion, it wont fade right away and I have to try it again. It is also particularly hard using a track pad. So I think if there was an option to eliminate 2 terms by clicking them instead of dragging it might improve the game for some users.

  12. skinnygirl01

    hey all you guys that are out there reading this!!!!! i just wanted to remind you that i love you lots and lots!!!!! okey dokey!!!!! bah-bye

  13. fish_hfd

    It's nice

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  17. leftbehindcrazed84

    this is great! I'm on quizlet every single day! It's addicting! Not just Scatter, but all of it! Great job. Quizlet is truly amazing! :D :D :D :D :D

  18. how do you cheat

  19. gfaout

    You highlight the text of the term, and its definition becomes highlighted as well

  20. gsneor PLUS

    my god this is so freaking old

    how did quizlet survive during that time

    now i'm using the current version

  21. gsneor PLUS

    scatter just launched then. now, we have gravity, scatter/match, test, and so man new things

    jesus christ if andrew could have seen what quizlet is now back when he first launched...

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