Quizlet will be temporarily unavailable for about five hours starting around 12 noon PT this Saturday, August 1.

We're making some changes behind the scenes that will improve stability as Quizlet continues to grow. Your account data and study content will remain safe and secure, and you'll see the same Quizlet you know and love when things are back up and running.

It will still be possible to create and study sets in offline mode on our iOS and Android apps as long as you've installed and logged in before maintenance begins at 12 noon PT, at which point our full website and online mobile features (including search and feedback) will be down.

We don't expect maintenance to take more than five hours or so (of course, we can't make any promises), and we'll provide more information on Twitter if we anticipate longer downtime.

UPDATE: Maintenance is over and everything's back to normal. Thanks again for your patience and understanding, and have a great weekend!


  1. mleneejones

    This is a bad time, studying for finals!!!! Most companies do there updating during sleep hours.

  2. rmcintosh83

    Ok.... well will we be able to use our current sets? its finals this week and next week. VERY INCONVENIENT! Especially when I pay for my membership.

  3. HectorProtector

    I've got a big test that afternoon! Oh well, I guess no last minute studying! =D No, it's actually not all bad. I really appreciate what you all are doing with quizlet, making it the best you can. I love the program and the dedicated staff.

  4. HemantS


  5. HemantS

    and 7th

  6. Saad_C

    I have to create sets at that time :(

  7. Saad_C

    I wish it was towards the early morning or towards late night.... Also having the ability to create sets on a computer while offline would be so cool too.

  8. drs0228

    I agree with mleneejones and rmcintosh83. Most companies do their updates at midnight. My last exam and my finals are next week. I sure hope everything goes well with the update without glitches. You've created a super program that I guess I have become too dependent upon. May have to rethink it.

  9. nguyen1234

    i will go really

  10. asuth STAFF

    Thanks for the notes all. Our iOS and Android apps support creating sets and studying them offline, so those will continue to work while we're down. We'll do our best to make the maintenance as quick as possible!

  11. dianweishi

    come on, I need to study tomorrow

  12. SapphireSky7


  13. Raeffion

    If you guys need to study tomorrow, either save the page you need to study from or print it. Sadly the speller and other features will be unavailable, but at least you can study. If you have a mobile device, then that will work fine. Be grateful that the staff are actively working towards making this website better rather than let it sit and gather dust, I know I am.

  14. timotar

    ok cool, ya gotta do whatchya got ta do

  15. Grizzelex

    Ok...if it's to better Quizlet then go for it.

  16. isabelle_davidowitz

    Please wait until end of August when we are not in FINALS!!!!!!! I've invested a lot of time in creating quizlets to use over the weekend to prepare for my finals this week and next. I've been a huge promoter of Quizlet, but now going to see where I can move my quizzes so I can study this weekend.

  17. Big_Red310

    Couldn't come at a worse time. Like many others, I have finals this week, Guess I'll print my sets out

  18. achenry19

    This is terrible timing, like others, I have big finals this upcoming week and need my quizlet sets that i've spent months making. This is a HUGE inconvenience and if for some reason the iOS app doesn't work like you say it will i'm really screwed.

  19. bmg5382

    UGH I have a test

  20. MrsArtemisHoran


  21. Amil_K

    Are you updating the app too?

  22. am1010

    Oh okay.
    Appreciate all the work you guys do for Quizlet, by the way.

  23. am1010

    I need to get back in the game

  24. Finfrock

    Does anybody know when can you move / save your recent activity sets to a specific folder ... it displays "in progress"

  25. jamesd1

    Will all my sets be safe & saved? Let me know.

  26. annafregosi

    i have finals this week. such an inconvenience to be down for so long in the middle of a saturday.

  27. shanjidac7

    Thank God I don't have to do any of my Latin sets during the weekends

  28. Sola6174

    Hey guys you know you can print your flashcards today if you need to study :)

  29. meghanhess90

    Why arent you doing it during sleep time? Im in nursing school and have finals i need!!! this is an awful time, will we be able to use our pre made sets?

  30. mohanthurairatnam

    I am in Australia - what time zone does PT denote?.

  31. biochem19

    mohanthurairatnam - PT is the Pacific Time. Subtract 7 hours from UTC (coordinated universal time) to get PT.

  32. VcCi

    Go for it! I am now expecting new and better quizlet! (I'm sorry that I'm Korean.. Please excuse my English..gg)

  33. senait_getachew

    Thanks for the notice you lovely people!

  34. repone

    Bad timing. This is a study-aid program, and yet it counters its own purpose.

  35. domd0tcom

    HORRIBLE TIMING! Why is this being done in the middle of the day? I have tests to take, atleast do it early in the morning or at midnight. Who's grand idea was it to put this at 12 noon???? And its going to be down for 5 hours...

  36. VietPhong94 PLUS

    Pls make its good :3

  37. joscelyn_cole

    As much as I love quizlet the timing of this is pretty poor. It really should be an overnight or early morning update. I also have a test on Monday and was planning to spend this afternoon making new sets for it. Guess I won't be able to. Still a Quizlet fan, just be more careful next time?

  38. jenjennijennifer

    BAD TIMING!!!!

  39. s_kaamesh PLUS

    really! It takes 5 hours!

  40. Tom_Kramer7

    Poor timing. If I made changes to my business at a time that kept my customers from using my product I would be out of business. Downtime during sleep hours would have be much better. Please consider that next time.

  41. joe_rosenberg

    love the program, bad timing, you should do maintenance overnight.

  42. PetePorchos

    Well, whose daytime is it? Not mine. It's always going to be somebody's, isn't it? I can't believe how people can be so negative about such a wonderful site.

    From me, anyway, thank you to all at Quizlet.

  43. thomas_yeung

    Thanks for doing the maintenance guys :)!!

  44. Lee_Mike

    At least I can still view my offline sets from my app :).

    Isn't it summer vacarion now? Why are there any people still having final exam? (I am from Canada).

  45. Lee_Mike

    Why are people still having finals in the summer?

  46. katrom100__


  47. studytime55

    AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL TIMING....during the day and during a weekend? you do know people have finals during the week and the weekend is a time to study for those people..

  48. kelly_honu

    Just b/c its summer, DOESN'T mean people are NOT IN SCHOOL, Duh quizlette37100...Heard of summer school or accelerated programs that go year round?! Geez, Respiratory Test!!! Most inconvenient, MAINTENANCE really SHOULD BE DONE AT MIDNIGHT.

  49. StoneCauldron

    Is it noon at PT yet? For some reason I can still acess my sets and use them on the web

  50. Swim301

    be cool and chill. just find another way.☺☻☺ it will come to you

  51. asuth STAFF

    Everything went smoothly! Thanks all for your patience. We were down for about 1 hour.

  52. Swim301


  53. Raeffion

    Thanks a ton, don't mind everyone else, they had plenty of time to study with print outs/offline pages :p

  54. junekwon

    please use my sets(Its easy)

  55. iamjanethearmeroar

    I just signed up today and my daughter in law has been raving about this site! Thanks for making her life easier and creating such an amazing study tool! She plans to use it in dental school as well!

  56. isaiahshalom

    Oh, I don't need to anything that day. Thanks for doing this, IT IS AWESOME!!!!!

  57. Cam_and_Alex

    For those of you that were saying it should have been done at midnight, it's midnight somewhere, at every moment. Unless you all were to congregate in one time zone, some of you would have been adversely affected anyway.

  58. matti_phyre

    lol MrsArtemisHoran's comment... haha
    btw, love your photo :)

  59. matti_phyre

    100th high-five!

  60. joy_b_bird PLUS

    Howdy would like to find out if I'm doing something wrong with the share option. I've had one friend in particular who's in most of my classes and I'll send her the link for a particular set which she will then tell me she can't get into. I"m not able to see what's going on her end but wondered if I might be doing something. I have some untrustworthy classmates so have lots of private sets. Is that a possible issue?

    Thanks Love this online card set and the reading option is great I can get all my styles of learning involved to help me maintain.

  61. kunger228

    cool.................. i guess whatever im out of here


  62. kunger228

    hey I'm so bared help me (illustriously) thiamin Marine Rear odor will Unarm m. indene

  63. Veeru_swamy

    Quizlet is really excellent application. Sir can you upload medical coding terminology and definitions. Why because it is now a days very much booming jobs.thank you sir......

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