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We just pushed a change that should make finding the right flash card set a little easier now, which was needed since we now have over 2.5 million sets to choose from.

When browsing any search results, such as our German Flashcards page, you'll notice that you can see a quick "preview" when your mouse hovers over a set link. It will show you the first few terms (including images if they exist), along with the set's tags and description. This will let you quickly scan over different search results to find the set that fits you the best.



  1. James Harris


  2. giovaennchen


  3. mrprkr

    muito obrigado!

  4. catchmeifyoucan

    awesome, makes life easier 4 me!

  5. Annalysa

    This is nice!!! It is a smart way to find better sets of cards!!! I always love when you can find things easier!!!!!!!

  6. linlin47

    cool! this will help

  7. Es MUY conveniente, gracias se

  8. DCollins52


  9. Michelle


  10. HarryPotterRocks

    SWEET! :D

  11. syaas

    hey that is vry cool and it is really easy for me as i an use to search a lot of things on quizlet

  12. iloveshelby!!!

    good to know!!!!!! SWEET

  13. iamme

    Awesome! just when I think quizlet can only get worse from here. this is an amazing tool and time saver when you are looking for a set... its just amazing!!!

  14. Jennifer

    Cool! Awesome~ :D

  15. Phil Freo

    We just made some really major changes to Search. We'll continue to be tweaking it further over the next few weeks - look out for another blog post.

  16. komusic

    i will look out 4 another blog. this new change is cool! Keep up the hard work quizlet staff! :D

  17. silverchain:

    Right on! Qizlets getting better all the time!

  18. silver chains

    quizlets for awesome and fast thinkers it realy helps me in class!!!! :)

  19. McGirl

    Niceness! ;)

  20. soccerchick

    it gets better and better all the time :D

  21. cmontilla

    I only have one ?
    What can top this!!!!????

  22. tawni

    i like this. :)

  23. queenj11

    i cant wait

  24. dayli


  25. dayli

    i like this website

  26. JamesMaslow_BTR


  27. cutie pie


  28. Sarah :)

    Just an idea: On a group page, such as the one I use that my entire grade is on, it would be really helpful to be able to "group" sets by subject. For example, have all of the Chemistry sets and the Biology sets under a science heading, or possibly a folder? It would be really helpful for locating the right set.

  29. Iceydude168

    Awesome! :D This really helps

  30. Panther

    very helpful.

  31. Anonymous

    thanks for the improvement!

  32. wont say name

    awesome :-) :-) :-)

  33. Erin

    thts a really cool feature! i love quizlet!!

  34. Ivanna Humpalot

    I LOVEE YOUUU!!!!!!!

  35. mmhmm


  36. daniela

    it is realy is awesome sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Cwistopher91997

    This cite is Ober Chocalaty Covered Superness

  38. this is really nice and it helps me study my spelling words and terms

  39. angel

    this helps me study my vocab words and the terms

  40. angel

    <3 :-)

  41. peace luv happyness

    cool! thats really useful

  42. perceona

    i luuv quizlet its funn nd it hlpps meh alott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. erinwd

    great idea! lovvvveeee quizlet! i would fail every vocab test without it!!!!!! :)

  44. budisadog

    thats good but i wish they would update the thing where you learn so it would have the words mixed up on the side where you could copy.=)
    it helps me alot!!!

  45. WhoKnows?

    "DAS Alter", not "der Alter" ;-)

  46. Eli 1# fan-Kendall

    Yea its better/easer

  47. dayil


  48. cristy

    lol i no rite

  49. cristy

    yea i no rite

  50. cristy


  51. Myna

    I like it on my lat 5 tests i got all A's so I'm doing good thinks to quizlet

  52. momo

    You guys are so amazing for creating such a helpful website....thaks ALOT!!! :)

  53. Rocking girl 104884

    Rad!!! :)

  54. :) :D :P ;)

  55. Vixer

    Luv it! :mrgreen:

  56. teebaby


  57. the guy in the van

    i say u make this kinda like facebook

    facebook is really popular right so this may get more popular like that

    u could make private chats and 1v.1 games and u could have a profile page that only people in ur group can look at

    u can have a status and people could comment on ur life

    all of this is based around studying of course

  58. JHSwarrior

    I dont think this should be like facebook because it distracts from the purpose of studying!

  59. Kennedy Junior High School in Naperville, Illinois


  60. awesome181

    wooowww how did u make a green smiley face??

  61. donald

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  62. jake

    yeah thats right you are stupid

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