This past week I've been working on a lot of little things, fixing bugs and tweaking some text stuff. Thanks to everyone who has sent in bug reports - they've been very very helpful. But I'd like to take the opportunity to give a quick demonstration of a new game I'm working on for Quizlet - codenamed "Scramble." But I'm not set on that name, because I think it's too close to the already-addictive "Scatter." So here's a very very early rough draft:

The point is to unscramble the letters to form words. Obviously, there should be some text to show you the definition of the word you're forming.

So that's alright, but after playing's not that fun. So I'd like to ask YOU - what do you think would make this game more fun? What new aspects would make it more fast-paced?

And also, if you can think of any other game ideas, I'd love to hear them. Post in the comments... -Andrew


  1. davis

    yay im #1!!
    nyway i think a game where you have to type really fast to get it. like tt.

  2. gameidea

    I think that you could start with just the definition and after a while give a letter and then another letter and then another letter and keep giving letters until either they get the word, or the letters are all given. The goal is to figure out the word before all the letters appear

  3. woojoo

    hangman with definitions would be great

  4. Amelia Bedilia

    Yeah! Do hangman!

    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __!

    Anyone wanna play?

  5. Heiswhoisnameless

    does it have an a

  6. Basheer

    How about a crossword puzzle?

  7. woojoo

    I have another suggestion, and this is much more action-y than hangman.

    This kind of like the "space invader" kind of game that you used to play on Mavis Beacon (if you've used that to learn typing.)

    Words are like different weapons and definitions are your enemies that you have to zap with your weapons. You have a dashboard of word/weapons on the bottom of the screen, and hotkeys (number keys) to switch to them. You can only use one weapon at a time.You see definitions slowly approaching from the horizon (simulating 3D) and you have to zap them with your weapons. If your weapon/word doesn't match up with the definition, it does nothing, but if the current word/weapon matches with the definition, the definition EXPLODES. if the definition gets too close, you loose a life. your high scores would be incremented for each definition that you killed, and would be posted on the set page.

    Good idea? yes? no?

    @Amelia: I'm going to guess... an 'E'

  8. Andrew

    Haha! I like the idea of killing vocabulary... :)
    Thanks everyone, these are great (keep 'em coming)

  9. Magee

    hehe.:) nice woojoo. Yeah, i was thinking hangman, but some1 sed that. Maybe you could do....i don't know. but i like hangman and crossword, but hangman wouldn't work 2 well, with definitions...maybe, i guess. Yeah, i like crossword and hangman, and space invader! :p


  10. Magee

    oh yeah--- if you could find a way, i love to do word searches! :p
    im not sure how it would work, but if you could find a way, great!

  11. jadenbane

    Maybe making a game were some letter or words of a definition are missing and you must fill them in. It could be played like Scatter so you'd try to beat your previous time, etc. It makes sense for things with longer definitions.

    Ie. The game would give you;

    jibni x1 is n__r/close to/ap____mates x2 in _______/quantity x3 (ka/ni)

    And you'd have to fill in:

    jibni x1 is near/close to/approximates x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni)

  12. jadenbane

    As for a suggestion on how to make Scatter more fun, maybe you could have the letters float apart, so you'd have to lasso them into place perhaps. Or glue them together.

  13. Longway

    Great to hear you are expanding the games!

    The idea of “killing“ the words sounds great... if anyone has played games like `typing of the dead` you can see the potential for a really fun game here. Not much time to go into it, but zombies or whatever evil creature come toward the screen with a word floating over their heads, you simply type the word to deal with `em...

    If you mistype the word or definition the monster comes faster but you can try again until you succeed.

    Maybe a bit too ambitious...?

  14. Challenger

    I think a really challenging game could be like a jawbreaker except you have to maneuver the letters of each word, color-coded, of course, and the word would disspapear once all the letters are touching in any direction, including diagonal. The letters don't have to be in order. So in a way it would also be scramble.

  15. A lil complicated...

    but I think there could be this game where you have like a house and a character you move with arrow keys. There are different terms and definitions in each room. More than one can be in one room. You press a hot key to pick up a term or definition and you have to run to get the definition as fast as possible. Once you get the corresponding phrases picked up one after another, they disappear from your "load". Then you have to quickly get all the other ones to disappear. In a way it's like scatter but easier to play and funner because you get to move the arrow keys instead of clicking around on a boring white background. I think I really like this idea, and also the one by Challenger so I hope you do them!

  16. Miss Universe

    I like those last 2!

  17. Miss Universe

    I think what could make scatter and scramble more challenging is to put moving backgrounds and you should be able to pick the difficulty level, like in DDR.

  18. -----

    These are really cool. MAke more, and i like the ideas. I once played agame lith that lol. cool huh?

  19. Henry (Beaner96)

    :(I would like to buy an I please:)

  20. Aleshia

    do something like a game forum so we can play with goup members that would be cool. another cool thing would probably be like a pac man thing bit pacman has to eat the vocab word that is rite

  21. Aleshia


  22. Miki

    I like the idea, but I really think hangman and a clue would be nice, or give some parts of the definitions.

  23. Andrew

    Good stuff guys. The more ideas the better.

    I was recently sent this game: (I've copied the source onto my own server because his seems to be down).

    It seems like a great starting point for a game. What do you think? It would have to provide more help - like hinting or partial revealing of the answer. But it's definitely got that fun feel.

    And lastly, I'm surprised no one has noticed that little unassuming menu link that shows up in the demo video :)

  24. p

    hi hi hi
    cool ish idea

  25. person

    you r awesome

  26. davis again

    how'bout aflash game where the term/ definition pops up and you have to click on the definition/term which are moving around. make there be the right answer and four or five wrong ones, or you could fix the glitch in scatter where you drag the right term over the definition and nothing happens and you have to re-drop it, or the one where you cant take a term high up and bring it to the bottom, b/c theres an invisible wall there...
    but hey, just do what you gotta do
    p.s. tt= turbo typer

  27. Sandy

    What about word searches that give you the definition as a clue and then you have to find the word.?

  28. Sue

    did you read the feedback i sent in? it must've been a week or maybe 2 weeks ago?

    i didn't suggest new games, but asked for the ability to play scatter with all the words in the set. also synonym/antonym features.

    so those aren't really games, but suggestions :D

  29. sam

    heyy umm creator dude i have commented to u before , how do i like talk to u in private cause i need to ask u a ? about this site
    oh yea and do like charades! ON THE COMPUTER

  30. Nik

    Ahh, you are ambitious, Andrew! It'll be cool to have new games. Frankly, I don't play the game you <em>do</em> have right now too much, or really use any of the learning modes except, well, "learn". It's not that I don't like them, or that they're not well done - they certainly are - but I just don't learn like that. Everyone approaches this stuff differently, I suppose, and everyone absorbs information through different activities. My point? It's fantastic that you offer all these alternate way to learn, and it's even better that you're adding to them consistently. I've talked to plenty of people who use Quizlet, and they all utilize it differently: some, like me, rely on "learn" mode, while others love "familiarize," are in the process of beating their amazing "scatter" scores, or think collaborating to print flashcards makes studying so much easier.

    Anyway, games are fun. There's no denying that. Bemmu's game is great, but it tests typing speed, not knowledge. You could do something similar, with definitions scrolling past and having to type the term – but that's really just an animated version of "learn," isn't it? I think a well-done version of word search and crossword puzzles would be fantastic, and quite different from anything else offered right now on Quizlet. Plus, they're aren't many well done puzzles online, and certainly none which use the sets you've already made on Quizlet. I think those are the games I would make first, and then come up with some even more original ones later.

  31. Andrew

    Hey Sam (and anyone else): <a href="" rel="nofollow">send me a message here</a>.

  32. beaverfanka

    crosswords sound good

  33. jasonkhalili

    what up quizlet (and Andrew). My idea for a game is hangman, but a bit different. There will be a word you gotta unscramble, then after that, the hangman begins. You have to enter the right letters, or else the hangman GROWS and you LOSE!! Thank you and have a straight up day.

  34. Magee

    sweet! lol, got 235 pts on that typing game. THANKS ANDREW

  35. alicia

    I think you should have a game where you're in a race car and there are around 10 definitions. As you drive the car you have to type the word that fits the definition as you drive up to them. You have to beat the computer (other car) to the finish line. You could make it really hard. For example a ton of obstacles in your path like brick walls and there could be power-ups too like in Mario Cart. And if you get a high score or something then you could have trophies. There could be a thing in My Dashboard that says My Trophies and shows little pictures of them. It would be really cool. I know I'd play it.

  36. Magee

    yeah, me too! cool game!

  37. Angela

    The typing game could be a start--I got a 305 on that :). Anyway I like all the suggestions that everyone put out. It would be a good way to end your craving of computer games, while studying at the same time!

  38. Andrew

    It must be all that programming - I got 875...I love how it gets a lot more tense as it goes. [edit: oops, "more tenser" isn't English]

  39. snifty

    How about Memory? That flip-the-cards over thingie. Except the cards could have either side of the entry. Hmm, maybe that would be too hard, heh.

    FWIW, I think Hangman and Crosswords would both be fun.

  40. JP

    This doesn't work on my cpu!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Please make it so that the game uses an earlier version of Quicktime

    [ed. note: it's just a movie of how the game works. It won't need Quicktime for the real game...]

  41. woojoo

    Haha I got 898 points.

    I'm sorry JP.

  42. Zyfo

    Great suggestions, though I think the focus should still be learning, typing words quick is fun, but it's hardly educational.

    PS: 1042 points!

  43. happy_bomb2

    crosword puzzle or word search or hangman

  44. happy_bomb2

    would be great!!!!

  45. Harmanas (

    Ok, here's an idea. Everything is more fun when there is competition involved. You feel me? So make a beat-the-record game where you have to correctly define/translate a given set of terms while you are being timed. Once you finish, you are shown your time and a high scores list with the fastest players. It'll sort of be a combination of LEARN and SCATTER.

  46. brian

    definition/translation space invader = : ), im not sure how much it would help learning, just recollection speed, but it might be fun.
    idk, maybe something basic, where you build a building out of definition blocks. If you get a definition right, you get to add a block, if you get it wrong, a random block is removed. You start with a basic building, and try to build to the sky. if it falls, u lose. hmmmmmm

  47. Anonymous Coward

    oooh a "Forums" link haha

  48. Evie


    That looks like fun. I also like Amiela's idea. Hangman is awesome, and great if you have to do a spelling test or your teachers are really picky about you spelling words right and stuff.

  49. Thomas

    Well why not have a simple game to start with like checkers or chess and to move you have match the definition with the term

    A greeting

    1 hi
    2 bye
    3 beat
    4 fun

  50. Thomas

    This is just a really complicated idea. Have a "rpg" and you have to kill the term with the definition. You have a sword(not for school tho) and you go on to the next lvl (next word) Have it animated. The kids would love it

  51. Pyotr

    A crossword puzzle generator would be great, having the definition as the clue.

  52. JP

    ooooo sorry

  53. JP

    by the way an rpg? that's not goin to work with vocab

  54. JP

    sorry thomas.

  55. Thomas

    ok lol just a pretty weird idea

  56. Kate

    its kool

  57. Kate


  58. pollysmiles

    hangman would be cool

  59. m

    What about a sort of tic-tac-toe?

    You need to write the answer in a box to make your move, if it's wrong you can't go.

  60. beaverfanka

    how about a game where you are a rocket and you get a definition and then you have to fly to the right term. you use up gas every time you fly up and if you get the answer right you get more gas. so you are not continuously flying there could also be landing pads.

  61. Tansen

    Just wanna brag: Got 1254 in that animal typing game. GG

  62. freshman

    We would like to see a consentration type game

  63. I think you should put lots og games on here so more people can talk about it and you can have more people come on here

  64. Ashley

    games are fun
    get more

  65. l3t1c1@

    how about a crozzword puzzle!!!!!!!!!!

  66. a crossword puzzle would be pretty sweet
    or a fast paced version of a word search where like one word was in each puzzle and the definithin was on the bottom of the screen would be pretty cool
    or hangman because everyone loves hangman
    or memory with terms on half the cards and definitions on the other half

  67. Rocubr

    Do a word search with the definitions!

  68. JP

    on a different note, ive been thinking.
    how about a thing that's kinda like sudoku? where its like u have three avalibile terms and definitions. it may be pretty complex, but methinks it MIGHT just work

  69. Megan

    HANGMAN! Hangman would be fun! But you could mix it up by giving Either JUST definitions or JUST the words. Or you could choose both.

  70. Amanda

    I am thinking of spawn for 360 awesome huh?

  71. jaymaster

    a game that the defitions or terms are on flipped over cards and you have to match them.

  72. yappyyo

    Memory right.

  73. I think you should just have a regular scrabble

  74. katymogle

    i think you should have a memory or concentration game

  75. illegalimmigrant

    one word crosswards or you could have a game where you shoot the word and you have the deffinition at the bottom of the screen

  76. StarFire17

    I think that you could maybe do some sort of memory game. You know so it gets the brain really thinking. Okay I found this now what is the match? Oh ya!!! Now where was that?? Ya know what I mean???
    Well that is just what I think. I glad people will take some time to read/input.
    I love Quizlet!!!!

  77. debbymatei

    i want to play hangman

  78. debby

    this is dumb no one will play hangman with me please the game


    Hey owner we haven't heard a lot from you got anything?

  80. Andrew

    Hey, I've got some things I'm playing with but nothing I like quite yet. I've also been weighed down by finals and tons of tests at school. Sorry about that!

  81. somebody

    Can we call you andrew

  82. somebody

    any a s debby

  83. Dave B

    I'd love use quizlet on my mobile phone. Like, a program that could let me play vocabulary building games while I'm waiting for the bus. Presumably it could be written as a J2ME application that could download my sets from the quizlet database.

    Do you guys have anything like that in the works? Any takers?

    Muchly enjoying quizlet as it is nonetheless,


  84. Ehsan F

    I think the scramble is a good idea... My latin teacher tests us by scrambling the word so we have to unscramble it and then translate it and i always do badly.... maybe you could help me with this scramble thingo

  85. Brenda Brom

    A suggestion for a new playstation 2 game that is kind of like Transformers but you get to pick the car you are though the cars are guarded by other transformers and you have to buld an army to defeat another army.

  86. Anonymous

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEE add more games scatter is addictove but gets old sometimes a new game would really spice up the site

  87. Mysterio

    there should be dogz3 for wii. i mean dogz2 for wii is blasting fun! the evil wolf should break out of jail or something and do more damage so there could be more adventures!

  88. Mysterio

    please ake the game dogz3 please!!! ill do anything for that game

  89. Memmorium

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  95. Dude

    @Devaris this is not NBA Live

  96. austinr21

    You should so do hangman!

  97. Olivia_Poucher

    Ya! new games that's awesome. send me some new games

  98. doni124

    I revived this post ayyyyyyy

  99. aalbuerne


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