We made improvements to the set page to make two really powerful features, your progress and stars, much more prominent, and therefore more useful for Quizlet users. Along the way we made some design updates to make this page simpler.

New study mode buttons

We redesigned the modes buttons from circles to squares and made them bigger targets on the page.


As you get progress on the individual study modes, you'll see it show up underneath the mode name.


You can also see that we changed changed the Test icon. The old icon was an A+, which made it unclear whether the icon was an A+ or your score on the test was an A+. The new paper icon represents a test just as well without this confusion.

Easier to view your progress

In the past, your right and wrong answers on the terms in the set were on a separate tab that only became the default once you'd answered all the terms in the set once. We've now integrated the main list of terms with all your progress data.


Now as soon as you start working on a set, you can see which words you're struggling with.

The original ordering (as well as alphabetical) is always an option at the top of the terms list.


When you're studying, we also show you that this progress data is waiting for you back on the set page.


Starred study sessions

We introduced stars so that you can easily study just the terms that need the most work. With these updates, you can launch right into a starred session from the set page. Star the terms you want to study and then choose study starred terms on the top of the terms list.


Now you can click on the gold Learn mode button to launched into a starred-only study session.


A new format for image-only sets

We added the option to view your terms list as a grid because we wanted to show off images more. However, we've realized that cropping issues make the image unintelligible in many situations. And so we decided to limit grid view to just sets that are only an image and a term (with no definition) and then optimize how we display images.


Now we show the whole image for every term so that it's easier to really see the content of the set.


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    Cool! but the problem is that my sets keep disappearing when I add them in the folders

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    Quizlet is the best!
    I have just few words as comments.
    1. ‘Starred study sessions’ very useful option but it would better to add third button in the line “Study all” + “Study starred” + “Study not starred”
    2. The same option is very need to be added in Android. I think it is more useful than redactor's function in mobile you already added. I think more people to use mobile for study than for creating or editing sets.
    Thanks for Quizlet!

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    Why do you do this Quizlet?
    I wish there were an option to go back to the old setup... It was better in my opinion.

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    Also, I won my state geography bee this year :)

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    The Quizlet is amazing!
    I've studied here 3 weeks, and I'm still filled with enthusiasm. Sometimes I even prefer to study rather than watch some interesting film.
    And there is always some improvements on this website, even when I think it's already ideal and there is nothing to imrove.
    The Quizlet is not the only website which I use for learning English, but undoubtedly the best.
    Thank you!

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    Quizlet is awesome!

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    @pikachu168 - could you write into our feedback center about this issue? quizlet.com/feedback

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    This is a good update, Quizlet.

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    Cool changes! I'll be sure to check them all out. :)

    Keep working!

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    Some of those ideas are good, but don't like the new" As you get progress on the individual study modes, you'll see it show up underneath the mode name." - old version with circle displayed it more elegantly and it visualized better how much needs to be done. Don't like the new Icons that much either. I'd like to have Grid also in sets with definitions - it's useful for me during classes as I can display more content on the screen without scrolling.
    One thing I'd really like is to have the system like in many other (worse of course;) ) flashcards systems - 3 levels instead of 2. Usually it's - 3.I know and don't need to revise 2. I need to revise 3. I don't know at all and need to revise. I'd like to have 3 levels instead of only starred /unstarred. How about red star - need to repeat badly and yellow - just need to revise? I hope you get what I mean;0

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    @joanna_17000 Thanks for the feedback. We all appreciate it. I'll follow up with you via email.

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    It's all right, just a minor change to jazz things up. Nothing too big

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    I noticed that the audio performance on my iPad is greatly improved these days. Also, the words are just in a different color with being read, instead of highlighted with a banner. Nice job to whoever worked on that feature. Makes it much more useable for me.

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    Can u make this website to where u can text?

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    Really good changes and I appreciate the work done with Quizlets and allowing me to use of the Quizlets website. And I like that I can share them on Facebook page so I can see what I have gotten on the tests Thank you .

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