It’s time to reveal our second week of #ShareTheShirt winners! Your submissions have been inspiring, and we're happy to share them with the rest of the Quizlet community.

We are running the contest for another two weeks, which means you can still win a Quizlet shirt for you and your Quizlet hero by posting your story with #ShareTheShirt! Learn more here.

Meet this week's winners:

1) Jake Chandler and Grady Johnston. Both are studying to become anesthesiologists and Jake is grateful that Grady makes flash cards for all of their classes. Jake told us that Grady does an amazing job of creating questions, and said, “I can't tell you how many times I got questions right that I would otherwise miss on our exams because we are challenged by his cards. It isn't just memorizing cards with his sets, it is a critical thinking exercise that directly engages the material we are studying and makes studying fun.” Keep up the great work, Jake and Grady — we can’t wait to see you in your Quizlet blue!


2) Our next winners are Leslie Burris and Addi Stroud. Leslie nominated Addi because she makes a Quizlet set for review before almost every test they have at school. That's what we call preparation! Leslie told us that Addi is "one of the best people on Quizlet," and that she knows greatness when she sees it. We believe you, Leslie, and now you can both display your greatness by wearing your Quizlet shirts. :)


3) Next up is a group of 9th graders who work together to succeed at school. They call themselves the “Turpin 9th Grade Quizlets,” and they study for their exams together by adding sets to their Quizlet class. It started with just three friends, but they have since grown to a group of 13! The original three, Jessica Pierce, Kily Egan, and Bridget Lloyd have won the #ShareTheShirt award on behalf of the team. Jessica told us, "Quizlet has been a life-saver for all of us as well as a way for us to help each other." We're so happy to hear it!


4) Our final winners for this week are Jason Luci and Jonathan Lloyd. Jason nominated Jonathan because he is prolific on Quizlet, having made a total of 138 study sets and created a class which has 79 members. He has made study sets for topics ranging from Latin and Chinese to math and science, and Jason says that their entire grade is indebted to him for all of his Quizlet sets. Jason told us, "Jonathan really is a life saver when it comes to Quizlet, and I know I am not the only one who thinks so." We appreciate your support, Jason and Jonathan, and we hope your new shirts help you promote your class!


Congratulations to all of this week's winners! If you haven't already entered our #ShareTheShirt contest, learn how to post a submission for the chance to win a Quizlet shirt.


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    I am leslie Burris. Addi is one of my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you quizlet! When will my shirts come in?

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    My Top 3 favorite video games are...
    1st: Minecraft
    2nd: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
    3rd: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
    What's your Top 3 favorite video games?
    Cos' I want to know ;)

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    Congrats to the winners. I use it for my Intervention Class to learn Prefixes and Tier 2 words for the past 4 years. The kids love it... Thanks to the creators of Quizlet! You are making a lot students succeed from your creation.

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    Could you win a t-shirt if you had a good story about how Quizlet helped you? Quizlet helps my sister win spelling bees... She's going to the state spelling bee this Tuesday (3/15/16) and she does all her work by herself. If she were old enough, of course, could she?

  169. the_persanator

    Also, congrats everyone who won! You totally deserve it!! I hope you and your 'Quizlet Heroes' enjoy your shirts!

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