Our #ShareTheShirt contest has come to an end — a huge thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us! We had so many great submissions this last week that it was impossible to choose only four winners. Instead we selected ten incredible stories, half of which we are featuring today. We'll reveal the final five winning entries on our blog tomorrow, so stay tuned!

And our first five sets of winners are:

1) Mason Clark, Karli_Sanders0917, Socialstudierox and ImaginedDragon.
Mason tweeted that his Quizlet heroes/teammates are always there for him, and shared an awesome photo of the DCHS Academic Team preparing to win a national championship. Good luck, Mason and team — next year maybe you can rep your Quizlet shirts at the competition!


2) Rhea Zacharia and Simran.
Rhea nominated her good friend Simran, who makes a Quizlet set before every test. She told us that several people use Simran's sets and that she is truly a "lifesaver." Pals who study together stay together, and we're happy to support Rhea and Simran's good study habits and friendship. :)


3) Melanie Lasater and Ricky Stewart.
We got a great tweet from Melanie, a teacher in Texas, letting us know how she created Quizlet sets for Ricky, her former student. Ricky was doing basic training at the time and is now a Seaman in the U.S. Navy. We love seeing Quizlet used for all kinds of subjects, and appreciate Melanie sharing our tools with Ricky!


4) Ava Langara and TheAvocado.
Ava told us about prolific Quizlet user TheAvocado (on the left, in green) who is "constantly making Quizlets for the whole grade to utilize." Even teachers at their school depend on TheAvocado's sets for in-class review for upcoming tests. Ava wanted her close friend to know how much she and their classmates appreciate all of TheAvocado's hard work entering study material into Quizlet each night. We definitely appreciate her efforts as well; keep up the great studying, Ava and TheAvocado!


5) Christopher Darminio, Robert Martin, and Marc Demartis.
Both Christopher and Robert wrote in to recognize Marc for creating study sets for their honors marine biology class. Chris told us that "no one deserves the title of Quizlet hero more" and that the "detail and effort he puts into each individual note card is exceptional." Robert also expressed how lucky he feels to have Marc in his class and credits him for introducing him and others to Quizlet. Marc definitely fits the hero bill, and we're happy to award him with a Quizlet shirt!


Want more Quizlet hero stories? Make sure to follow us on social media and check out our blog tomorrow for the final five winners!


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    Amalia supports the Quizlet team and contributes to product and business operations. Her background is in arts education, with a degree in Studio Art from Scripps College. Previously, she worked at the Museum of Children’s Arts in Oakland and the Alameda County Arts Commission.

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